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Marijuana Poem

Discussion in 'Music' started by lukey boii, Apr 11, 2011.

    lukey boii

    lukey boii Active Member

    i wake up every morning and go straight to my room,
    maybe my plants have grown please let it be something new,
    so i open the door and to my surprise, i find a fruitfull forrest infront of my eyes,
    i take a wonder in and im wondering,
    maybe ill get lost in here let me grab some spin,
    so i pack a lunch and take a step inside,
    this magical place is so far and wide,
    where do i go now as im looking back,
    ive lost my way and i lost the track,
    oh well now that ive stopped might aswell roll a blunt,
    i take a hit and think shit this is beautiful stuff,
    just as i feel like im gonna pass on out,
    i wake up to hearing my crazy girlfriend shout,
    get outta that bed u lazy bafoon,
    fuck this man im headin of into my room:joint:

    MasterHemp Well-Known Member

    What strain you been smoking? :lol:
    lukey boii

    lukey boii Active Member

    northen lights, had me smashed haha

    MixedMelodyMindBender Active Member

    haha....its happens :)

    Stay Green

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