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Marijuana Light Spectrum

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by pauliojr, Mar 30, 2007.


    donkeyshow Well-Known Member

    I think this thread is years old! However I cannot answer your question.

    Cru3l Well-Known Member

    Dont mean to hijack this thread, but I'm currently using a 600w HPS Digilux Bulb & Nexgen Digi Balast.

    I'm considering swapping out my 600W with: 12 32-watt T8 5000K Full Spectrum Bulbs.

    I bought the hood/ballast from Home Depot, then put in the T8 bulbs purchased from my local hydroponic store.

    Any thought? I'm focused specifically on flowering.Here's some pics of the lights, and previous grows.

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    Throwin Member

    Looks like I'm using the exact setup for flowering Cru3l. I'm not getting big buds or a great quantity of buds. The plants look great but are not producing a great quantity of bud compared to the size of the plants. So now I'm looking at upgrading to the Quantum Badboy T5 12 lamp. Hoping the boost in lumens will increase bud growth. How are yours growing with the 12 T8?

    DrGREENthumb85 Active Member

    I disagree....I believe 600watt HPS Cool tube = best grow light ever

    RalphCurtis Member

    Well if you look at the chart you will see that is exactly what he is saying.

    RalphCurtis Member

    I think most of the pot farmers have gone a bit past thinking of light in Kelvin scales. Withe the advent of LEDs true spectrum, in nanometers, is now whats happening. True, the warm white CFLs have more red in them than the cool whites making the former a better flowering light and the latter a better vegitative selection, but they both are hodgepodges that contain a lot of useless light. HPS is a rediculous choice given whats out there now.

    I think the LED thing will get past the herasy stage and folks will see that making light that a plant can use..not making light it cannot as well as not making heat..the way to go. I use 720 watts of LEDs with a red bias for flowering in a 3 by 6 foot room and about 500 watts with a blue bias to veg. LED lights are OK ...Blackstar and the lot...but you can spike them with blue and red 3 watt high power leds and really rock. You can bias a flowering LED with coolwhite CFLs as well and cut your equipment costs.

    Given the fine tuning you can do with LED light..you will put most of your electrical consumption into the plant.

    There is little add on costs here. Heat..is largely gone as is its management and the HPS equivelent of 750 watts of LED is about 1500 watts or more. 1500 watts of HPS in a 3 by 6 foot grow tent would be an oven..

    growlife1 Member

    Interesting and confirms what I have learned. I'm a newbie about to jump in and am ready for a setup like yours. When you say you "spike" with 3 watt high power leds do you mean UFOs that are all red or all blue?

    cam1000 Member

    Im trying some autos, my lights are a 600w hps two 4ft by 6 bulbs T5s. T5s work great for veg on some seeds a friend had move them to hps for budding got some shit but not much bud would t5s help with buding with my hps?

    wheels619 Well-Known Member

    i disagree. 1000 mh in an xxxl aircooled hood=best grow light ever. hps for flower. :)

    HerbalHobby New Member

    I say just use all the spectrums muhahahaha! I have a couple CFLs mixed in with my HPS, and my babies love it!

    harley420 Active Member

    1000 watt hps + 400 ceramic metalhalide best lamp combo ever. Hands dow the colour of my plants are unreal.
    Mikey Trees

    Mikey Trees New Member

    If this is the situation why is halogen so bad and we use hps i thought flower was 22700-3450 my bad thanks for the lesson can you elaborate more?

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    If you haven't noticed, this thread is 4 to 7 years old
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    The last guy's right.. This thread is now a zombie. You brought it back to life.

    You have something to consider.

    How do you beat the sun's spectrum?
    The plant has evolved for millions of years eh?
    So it's evolved to work best under what it gets outside.

    THAT is what you want to go for..... Not just "what works"....
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    Mikey Trees

    Mikey Trees New Member

    i have been doing countless research for an experiment a large scale small oxy moron experiment would one the doc or Blake be willing to help in regards to some ideas i am tinkering with Is there a way we could correspond privately?

    I'mBatman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. I gave up n just mixed my cfl's. I figured it couldn't hurt much.

    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Is anything better than the power use/cost/simplicity to reward ratio of mixing or swapping out red/blue cmh lights?.

    For example 1 600hps swapped out for a 315 ''blue'' and 315 ''red''. Would easily cover 4x4 (more effectively than the 600 3x2 imo) with a far better spectrum to reduce stretch and increase potency/reduce flower time. What's the avg cost to do that with cob?.
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