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Making you weed more blue

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by natmoon, Jan 16, 2008.


    natmoon Well-Known Member

    I just found out that flower growers make some flowers go blue by adding baking powder to their soil for its aluminum sulfate content.
    Apparently soil that has been treated with this helps to lower ph levels in garden soil and can sometimes cause flowers that are pink or white to turn blue.
    Has anyone else ever done this or heard of it?:blsmoke:

    squigggs Well-Known Member

    im starting a grow in a few days.. and one of the plants is going to be a "test plant" ill try it if you want?

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    Yeah man i am also going to test it and see what happens.
    Real problem is i don't know how much to add???:confused:

    squigggs Well-Known Member

    thats why its a test... lol. good luck.

    Taipan Well-Known Member

    i know if you grow a potato in water with blue food colouring the sprouts and leaves will have a light blue colour i dont know if this would work with a hydroponics system, interesting experiment subject though

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    No thats not what this is about.
    Using food coloring is not acceptable to me anyway.
    This is a soil additive that helps to turn the plant blue naturally.
    No rip of stuff.:blsmoke:

    flyawaybird89 Active Member

    Some marijuana have pheno's that are naturally purple or blue. Other times you can cause coloring by exposing to night cool temperatures.

    I hope this helps


    natmoon Well-Known Member

    I already have blue weed.
    This technique does nothing to alter the weed in any way and does not dye it a different colour or make it blue due to it being to cold.
    The aluminum sulfate content of the soil allows the plant to take up this element through its roots and sometimes helps to change a white or pink flower into a blue one.
    Here is some guy talking about turning hydrangeas blue.
    I dont even know if it will work on weed.
    I will try it using the aluminum content of baking powder on a weed that i know is blue already and see if it goes bluer and on a weed that i know is not blue and see what it does.
    Im going to add 1 teaspoon of baking powder a week to these 2 plants water and see what happens.

    greenthumbin4:20 Active Member

    i would like to learn about growin potent pot ?
    does anyone want to give me advice?
    it would be an honor.

    greenthumbin4:20 Active Member

    i have grown before using bubbleponics.
    my weed turned out looking good but it did not get me very high at all.
    actually it barely got me buzzed off of one whole blunt
    i was growing in my closet using stealth hydro bubbleponics
    iwant to grow indoors though

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    id like to see how it works but it does say on their to do it on plants that are 2-3 years old

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    Yeah thats for adding pure aluminum sulfate powder to outdoor plants at a high level of 1 tablespoon per gallon because of outdoor conditions.
    Apparently because of rain and other outdoor conditions this needs to be put on this strongly and fairly often after 2-3 years old as the substance of pure aluminum sulfate powder even in water can burn of the roots of young plants which is why i just want to increase the blue of my already blue weed with the small traces of aluminum sulfate that are in baking powder.

    I am going to mix some baking powder into my fresh soil say about 10% baking powder and then water with 1 teaspoon full a week in their water and see what happens.

    I don't recommend anyone to try this or do so at your own risk.
    Dont blame me if your plant dies.
    For all i know it will either do nothing at all or kill your plants so watch this space if you want to know what happens to mine first.

    My weed is already blueish and i just want to see if growing in soil with a higher aluminum trace element can help the blue to be more pronounced and brighter:blsmoke:

    kRYl0NtHC Active Member

    well id like to see if this lil experiment works :) if so ill do it 2 mine n sell it as blueberry yum yum haha

    Black06Si Active Member

    bump, did this ever come out successful?

    very interesting...

    diemdepyro Well-Known Member

    hydrangeas will change with al sul
    but pot will likely die. That stuff just makes the ph change

    greenesthaze Well-Known Member

    so no blues from this then

    bajafox Well-Known Member

    Do you have a grow journal or logging this experiment anywhere? I'd like to sub to it, thanks.

    I currently have room for 2 test plants in my new grow tent and would like to experiment with this also. :leaf:

    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Cannabis plants are purple already, when exposed to cooler temperatures some of the chlorophyll dies, uncovering the blue/violet colors beneath. Strains like Blueberry and Mendo Purps are colored naturally trough genetics. You can cause deficiencies in late bloom that will give you good violet, sometimes maroon colors, this is done because the grower is focusing on maximum production and potency, not necessarily for the color. Sometimes when a pot plant has had a 'dry spell', the next time they get watered they will suck up more material than necessary out of a survival technique... maybe this could be used to suck up a food coloring or the baking powder? ...generally plants only intake nutrients and chemicals that they need/use, unless there is nutrient lockout/pH imbalance or irrigation problems.

    Superstutts1 New Member

    Usually certain strains have the ability to change color when the temperature stays below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I grow alot of blueberry autoflowers and as long as I keep the temperature just right they will turn blue

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Old thread.

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