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making honey oil with co2 instead of buetain

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by crazy7605150, Jan 11, 2010.


    oilmkr420 Active Member

    Wow does this thread need help or what? I've been using co2 as a solvent for extracting cannabinoids for 2 years now. Its the shit. Has many pros over any other solvent but subcritical water. That's where I'm looking to next for even more savings.

    neiderlaander Member

    I think I might be able to clear this up: First off Co2 collection and hash is a reality - if you can afford it. Basically you have to get the Co2 gas to a "supercritical" state. This requires having a pressure vessel that can take the 3000 psi needed to reach that state. When the gas is pressurized and then released it becomes "supercritical" and will cause the trichomes to dissolve much the same way that a solvent like butane would but without adding any additional chemical to facilitate the melt of the trichome and it's essential oils. Presumably you could build something capable of doing this, however it would be quite dangerous if you were not completely sure of the pressure ratings of your fittings and other equipment. Also releasing this amount of carbon dioxide is most likely going to be dangerous/fatal if done incorrectly. Machines that create supercritical fluids are out there, but in my research I couldn't find a pre-built model for under about 10k. Anything purchased from a lab company or science supply chain would be monitored by the federal govt. because supercritical fluids can be used to make some chemicals used in bombs. When done correctly this type of oil can reach something like 70 to 80 percent THC content. Butane is commonly used because it is both a solvent, and can be made supercritical at only around 120 p.s.i. as opposed to the 3k needed for carbon dioxide. You would be best off just sticking to the regular bubble method because you are going to make a HUGE initial outlay of cash to support a system that can manage the pressures needed for supercritical Co2. I hope this clears things up.
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    slayer6669 New Member

    when u used to shoot paintball i used high presure compressed air tanks and right on the side of them it said do not fill with liquid CO2, im not saying ive seen the stuff but my tank said not to use it so there must be some kind of liquid co2 right?

    Stoner4daze Member

    Please Answer Someone. I want to know also

    rzza Well-Known Member

    You need a Supercritical extractor, if your lucky you can find a used one for 20 grand ...Not one thats capable of running multiple pounds of starting material however, those are upwards of 100 grand.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    from what I have experienced lately (found a dispensary with co2 on the regular) is opposed to butane, co2 hash is MUCH smoother and cleaner with less flavor and more smell (somehow) and possibly a better, stronger high.

    weedqueen13 Member

    Just tried a quick blast of co2 into plastic juice jug(wear gloves) to produce dry ice shards. first tried shaking thru 75micron bag then 220 It wont produce oil but nice texture keif:peace:bongsmilie:bigjoint::spew: 046.jpg 049.jpg 052.jpg
    Next time buying dry ice for sure! wasteful this method but only took 10 mins:)

    SUPERbudDWC Member

    Most of the CO2 extraction you find is still "Sub-critical" and not "super-critical" the pressure of the vessel must be well over 4000 psi in order for the CO2 to completely extract the oil glands from the buds. Super-critical extraction CO2 is used to extract caffeine from coffee beans and some other products. THC has a way stronger bond then Caffeine to coffee, the reason being you have to have pressure way beyond the Super-critical point.

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member


    Water is polar. Oils and greases (including THC), are NON-polar. As the old saying from chemistry class goes, "like dissolves like"; polar dissolves polar, non-polar dissolves non-polar. That's why we can make cannabutter; non-polar fats (butter) dissolve non-polar THC.

    Ethanol molecules have both polar and non-polar sides, which means they dissolve both polar (chlorophyll) and non-polar (THC) molecules.

    Like a few have mentioned, CO2 is actually an excellent solvent if you have the proper equipment. Decaf coffees and teas are products of CO2 extraction.

    tobinates559 Active Member

    one thing i hate about this site is people preach stuff like they are an expert like all the fools at the beginning of this thread trying to convince people you cant make hash with CO2, im sitting like damn ive smoke CO2 oil and it was great what are these guys talking about?? thats called misinformation and people are spreading it around RUI like a damn virus and i must call it out every time i see it as should you all...

    ilikecheetoes Well-Known Member

    if you were the one that decided to go out and get the materials and do this yourself you are officially the second coolest chick ever. my wife is the best obviously. ;)

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