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Making Co2 with Eggshells and vinegar?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by TyPo, Oct 18, 2007.


    TyPo Well-Known Member

    heres a link I found that tells you several easy ways to make Co2...

    Gases - Science

    Is the Eggshell way effective? how many eggshells should I put in the bottom of a 1gallon jug? then how much vinegar should I put in?

    say I buy yeast tomorrow. If I go to the local food market stores, what type of yeast and vinegar do I need or does it not matter.

    how long will the co2 be activated in a 1gallon jug and how many times should I expose my plants to this process?

    How can I tell when they have had too much Co2?

    any reply's appreciated.

    I have a 7foot tall x 3 x 4 foot box inna closet with decent ventilation. If I put two Co2 jugs at either end of a bubbleponics system (6 plants) will they take in the C02 fine, or should I just put one jug in at a time?

    Klo$etBreeder Well-Known Member

    for a small grow room I use yeast water and sugar 1 cup sugar to 5 cups of water dissolve the sugar in 1-2 cups of hot water then mix witht the rest of the water being cooler so that when its all mixed its about room temp if its too hot when you mix the yeast (2-3 tsp. ) it'll react too fast and fiz up...use a two liter and poke a hole in the top...put some 1/4 inch tubing in the top that way the 2 liter catches all the Co2 and you can put the tubing in a fan so it evenly disperses it or just put it above your plants due to Co2 being heavier than the air around it.

    bdomina Active Member

    how long is the yeast meathod typicaly effective for before you have to change? in lets say a 2 L bottle or a gallon jug?

    think2toke Well-Known Member

    What i have learned from using yeast and sugar is the more yeast the more co2 the less yeast longer co2.:shock:

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