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Magical Butter Machine Reviews ?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by ProfessorPotSnob, Feb 6, 2013.


    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Ok I am standing in front of 6 Magical Butter Machines and am curious if anybody else here has given one a try ? Reviews > ?

    I will be taking one home today and checking it out . I worked as a Sous Chef by trade (15 years) and I like Kitchen Gadgets ... I will post a review as soon as I get home and run this machine ! images (2).jpg
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    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    I don't know, Chef. But I'm subbed for this one. Searched after I read your post and found their web site. Thanks!!!!!


    HelpHub Well-Known Member

    This looks pretty cool, I look forward to your review!

    Did you get it any cheaper than the $150 the web site lists?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    And note that the web site is sold out. No surprise there if it works as advertised.

    gioua Well-Known Member

    not a chance would I buy it.. way to freaking small...

    $29.99 for a 7 qt crock pot ($10 used)
    Blender $20.00

    leaves me +-$100.00 for about 33.5lbs of butter....

    gonna me myself a cannabutter Sunni.!

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Thanks for the interests in my review .. I can understand those who think it is over priced and too small .. I did manage to push the machine to its fullest capacity and I am impressed .. The review will be posted below momentarily .

    And yes Help , I did get a discount on the price at the local Hydro Store .. Paid less than 150 with tax and I just might buy another one for what its worth ..

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Ok here is my quick review on the Magical Butter Machine . I ll keep it short as possible ..

    Over all Impression : High Quality and it works with ease 4 Stars for me .. I decided to use boiling water to wash the left overs and make it easier to strain using a a bubble bag ..

    I maxed the machine out with 2.5 lbs of butter and close to 50 grams .. Next time I will make Black Out Butter consisting of 4 ounces to one pound of butter ..

    This machine is a nice addition to my kitchen , it even makes milkshakes and cleans itself .. I ran just one run this time and allowed the machine to do its thing in two hours .. I even had time to make a small batch of Oil for a patient .. Not bad , not bad ..

    Efficiency all the way with this machine , I didnt even break the buds up , it has a grind feature for pre blending if need be .

    P2065159.jpg P2065161.jpg P2065164.jpg P2065167.jpg P2065181.jpg P2065183.jpg P2065187.jpg P2065190.jpg P2065191.jpg P2065192.jpg P2065193.jpg P2065194.jpg
    P2065186.jpg P2065189.jpg
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    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    This is what I was able to do while the machine made butter .. I killed two birds with one STONE !
    P2065173.jpg P2065174.jpg P2065175.jpg P2065176.jpg P2065177.jpg P2065178.jpg P2065179.jpg P2065182.jpg

    smiceis Member

    Hey now, just wondering if you used the pre-grind feature or not? Peace

    oldesthippy Active Member


    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Yes and it worked very well .. E

    Ae77's Melt Down and some Jack In the Box lol Two great free birds that I killed , cloned them first though lol :)

    gioua Well-Known Member


    HelpHub Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the report!

    hugaddiction Active Member

    Its been a month since you posted this, are you still pleased with your purchase?

    Brokeoldbloke Active Member

    A couple of questions. What temp does the machine heat the butter to or does it let you control the temp like a Sous Vide? Can you freeze the container/whole unit and do two or more heat/freeze cycles without removing the butter?

    edit: One more question, can you remove and use the machine without the blade assembly? I'm thinking more about the idea of using it as a small Sous Vide with vacuum sealed bags.

    MzMyst Member

    I just purchased this machine, directly from the website (disappointed to hear that it CAN be purchased for less than $150, but oh well...)

    Anyway, used it for the first time to make canna-oil, and it seems absolutely fantastic! No pregrinding necessary whatsoever, BEAUTIFUL final product, and with the clean-up setting, it simply could not have been any easier. I'm an MMJ patient and am new to medibles, but I am never satisfied with what I've been getting in the stores in the Seattle area, hence my eagerness to start experimenting for myself. With last night's oil I used a simple, store-bought cake mix, and made some cupcakes that are really helping me. I had rotator cuff surgery a week and a day ago, and have been having terrible muscle spasms on my opposite side, and since making my little cakes, I am virtually pain/spasm-free, but not all loaded - perfect. The machine doesn't come with a lot of direction, and they almost compulsively avoid referring to the machine being used for anything other than LEGAL herb, which limits their ability to answer specific, cannabis-related questions. I feel I will have to do some experimenting to get the most out of it. That being said, it's potential seems ENORMOUS!! I am thrilled, and really looking forward to working with it some more. Could post additional if any others are interested...?
    - Cheers to all!

    MzMyst Member

    I have this machine, (just posted to the general thread a few moments ago). In answer to your question, the unit has a carafe piece and a "head" piece. The "head" to the unit has the grinder and electronics, etc., and will not separate so that you could do sous vide in it - no way. Sorry, but at least now your know!!

    Brokeoldbloke Active Member

    Thanks MzMyst...I was trying to justify spending the $$. Good luck with your new machine. :)

    dolamic Well-Known Member

    $175 now, fuck that I'm part Amish anyways. I'll hand churn the shit.

    Samantha420 New Member

    I have this machine and I think it's great. My butter is much stronger than my crockpot method which I used for years. Making butter was a chore now it's easy. I was impressed cleaning cycle got it most of the way clean. Overall very pleased with my purchase and would buy it again.

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