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MAG def?? +rep with pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by bigweeds, Nov 25, 2009.


    bigweeds Active Member

    hey peeps can anyone diagnose this for me i believe its MAG def its spreading please help, i know im annoying with this problem so appologies in advance!! :wall: Plants are now 11 days old!!

    room temp 60F
    dwc setup with a ph of about 6.5
    400watt hps about 12 inches away
    1/4 strengh nutes
    oscilating fans

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    Little Tommy

    Little Tommy Well-Known Member

    Can you move the plants away from the HPS light to take pictures. It is hard to see in the HPS light.

    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member

    thats a very low temp. maybe thta has the humidity too low with the fans running. i cant really tell if its magnesium, but if it is some molasses should work well. any unsulphured molasses will work.

    bigweeds Active Member

    this isnt my plant but its like this, just not as bad as this!!
    The temps could be too low however they have not stopped growing theyre actually doing really well growth wise.

    il try the mollasses and some epsum salt


    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member

    just go with the molasses. its good for alotta things, i use it with every watering. 1 tbs/g
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