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Lowest Temp an Autoflower can grow! Help Please!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by nash420, Apr 13, 2011.


    nash420 Member

    Hello, I am located in Tennessee and thought we were well into the warm weather, but i was mistaken. I have three feminized easy rider seeds all of which have germinated. One was put into the soil yesterday, but low and behold the temperature dropped a solid twenty degrees and will be dipping into the forties at night. Will my seed make it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I figured the ruderalis in the plants DNA might make it a little more resilient to the cold, but at such a young stage of development if fear not:cry:
    Little Tommy

    Little Tommy Well-Known Member

    As long as you don't get a hard frost, you should be okay.

    kallabungo Member

    i've started auto's outside from seed in frosty conditions - just stunts them, doesnt always kill them.

    Vapekush Active Member

    You may want to surround them with some mulch to help hold heat at night.

    Hopsnmalt Active Member

    I planted one Short stuff MI5 outside at 4 weeks in early feb, here in norcal. It took several light frosts and a ton of rain and showed NO damage at all. About to harvest her so winter autoflowers may take quite a bit longer....almost 14 weeks. Still pretty fun, winter and all. 2.13.11.jpg
    The one on the right is the MI5 2/13, put outside to fend for itself.

    4.13.11.jpg Same plant, 8 weeks later, no nutes, nothing exc what was in the cheapo Supersoil. 2 Gal pot. Gonna give it another week at least, even though I'm at 13 hrs 7min as of today.

    Good luck,
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    nash420 Member

    Thank you so much everyone for the feed back! Hopefully my little girl will make it, but Tennessee gets some crazy weather... 80 degrees one day, the next we have a torrential downpour and the temperature drops to below freezing. Sounds fake but has happened many a time before.

    nash420 Member

    Thats a pretty plant you got there Hops. Hit me up with a smoke report if you don't mind if you get a chance!

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