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Long Peaks Blue

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by jesus of Cannabis, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Got a cutting and doing some background information, does this strain really take 70 weeks to flower?

    Longs Peak Blue is a mostly indica variety that has blueberry and skunk background courtesy of its parents Old Blue and Rare Dankness #1. This is a high yielding hybrid marijuana that emits strong skunk aroma when it matures and especially when the leaves are brushed. It is relatively easy to grow and can adapt to either indoor or outdoor growing. Sea of green and greenhouse are very ideal for this weed plant as these methods can maximize its yield and growth potential.
    For indoor growing, it is advised to use a good filtering machine to mask the odor coming from this ganja. Longs Peak Blue will need about 70 weeks to finish its flowering stage and while at it, it tends to be really stinky inside the grow room. It will grow buds that are elongated with good flower to leaf ratio and decent amount of sticky resin crystals. Yield is high and the grower’s patience is amply rewarded when harvest time comes.


    i am assuming a typo, meant at 7 weeks..........I hope or i pull it now
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    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    I like mine at about 56-60 days.

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    That's the rare 70 week pheno.

    Just be patient .......
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    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    I've had a few plants around a year later. That's when I've re-veged and flowered a second time though.

    Noticed that Dutch Passion sells regular blueberry seeds and fem. I'll check out any of these newer high yielding blueberry hybrids. That 'blue satellite' w coarse branching was wicked. So dense I got budrot like w chocolate chunk. I'd try that again though and the bluebonic.

    Any other good Blueberry hybrids around?

    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    I have a bubbleberry x reefermans sour D. You can totally taste the berry and the Diesel and it has a funky almost fermented smell to it. The longs peak is sweeter and smoother. I like the contrast between the two because with the Longs peak you can also totally taste the berry and the OG in it but it is completely different than the BB x RSD. Both are distant relatives of each other and none of the goodness from the berries, or the OG, or diesels is gone yet still so totally different! I believe glad got a little of the BB x RSD and has the same Longs Peak.
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    I was just looking into this strain, you plan on doing a grow journal or anything?

    mammothgrower Well-Known Member

    I just received some cuttings from belle and glad and will be posting pics frequently. Will try and get some posted tonight.
    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    Typo... Should be 70 days. Don't get your panties in a ruffle. It is not a year and a half flowering time.
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    bowlfullofbliss Well-Known Member

    I just finished up a run of them....I pulled them at 65 days, they were prob 25% amber, and they were very likely the same mom.

    hey JOC....make sure you set up either poles in your plant pot, or put a scrog type screen above them for support. these things swell up and get really heavy. they were unable to support themselves after week 5. I had to find many of them laying over on top of themselves and do this the hard way.

    I couldn't believe their thirst for nutes!
  10. panties arent in a ruffle...
    Rare D MI

    Rare D MI New Member

    7 weeks would be way early. Like I said 70 days is what it should say. That or 10 weeks.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    All the same LPB mother. Buds swell, is fuckin right! Love this strain.
    70 days (or close to it.) This is one of those strains you do not want to take early because they swell up so much.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    The smell of the LPB in flowering is great! Other than that, it was too leafy, not above average in potency, likes to foxtail due to the RD#1 (Grows like a beast but can foxtail) and lost a lot of the blueberry smell after it dried. I'm not a fan of old school weed and that's exactly what it reminds me of. The only old school looking weed I keep around is Chemdawg D. The LPB yield was good but I think there is much better out there. I did enjoy the RD GTH#2 in everyway!
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    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    I am surprised you say that. But you do have access to much more than I do, that's for sure, but I love the LPB.
    Hopefully I just have a good mother cuz I know that old blue smell is strong as fuck after it's dried and It
    gets me ripped. I bet that Chemdawg D is bad as a motherfucker too!

    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    Gonna pop 10 more LPB sooner or later, if I find a better one you can have it Glad. The one you got is nice and I haven't totally dialed it in yet!
  16. i am happy with what I got last week, thanks Glad and Belle. Hope to do it again!!

    infinitalus Active Member

    I got in on this LPB train, thanks to TheMan13. My babies arent quite as big as yours yet, but theyre working on their third node =)

    Cant wait to see how it goes

    silusbotwin Well-Known Member

    Just picked up a couple of teens of this yesterday along with a bunch of others. Excited to see how it turns out. Luckily, they're ready to go to flower already :)
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    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    There's a strain I haven't ran in awhile.
    Make sure you use lots of supports.
    It's always fun watching those colas swell at the end of flowering.
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