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Long jar cure vs faster cure

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Jamesbong96, Oct 12, 2017.


    Jamesbong96 Member

    I was curious if there was any real evidence, or anyones experience out there who can argue one over the other. My curiosity stems from the Jungle Boys who don't abide by the longer cure, and their flowers are pretty amazing in my opinion.
    Heil Tweetler

    Heil Tweetler Well-Known Member

    How does the fast cure technique work?

    Jamesbong96 Member

    By faster cure i just meant that they don't throw it in a jar and don't touch it for a couple months, instead they burp it for hours daily until its ready. Which I'm pretty new, so I'm not positive what the optimal cure is because I haven't had much room to experiment yet. Just curious on others experiences on it.

    onionslinger Well-Known Member

    Ive been curing for two and a half weeks now and its my first time really paying attention to this stage of the grow than at any other time before. Dehumidifier, hygrometers for jars, controlled environment, you name it. One plant ive been smoking lower and mid plant buds all the way up through today. It went into jars at 84 rH and over 2+ weeks ive brought it down to a steady 65 and thats where ill keep it. No mold probs and wow.. has the flavor and aroma improved over the run as has the high. I plan to continue the cure on this and all my other plants for as long as i can.

    Id say slow and low is the tempo with this process. Ive fast dried using a few different methods and it has never compared to what im experiencing now.

    Heres a sample..


    Breaks apart like those foam popcorn things used for packing boxes.. spongy and then at a certain point just pop off. Never had a pot like this before and i couldnt imagine getting this to.happen fast drying. Why bother?
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    I will definately say that flowers cured for long periods get a smell and taste profile that can't be achieved with a ((fast)) cure ....potency I'm on the fence about .....but strains that are known for fruity smells shine after about 6 months in cure .....I have some dream star that's been curing for 8 months ....fruity pebbles when the bags are opened ....so a long cure for taste and smell is where it's at ....just my opinion over lots of years of doing this .....not to mention the visual appeal ....hope that helps ...

    mistermagoo Well-Known Member

    The way you do it, how long do you burp your jars before leaving them cure for the six months

    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    I do that when I need to get a plant ready faster. It works but does not always give the better results of a good slow jar cure for a couple of months.

    But some strains are great with a fast cure or even taste good out of the drying closet off the branch. Fruity fast flowering indicas seem to taste better faster. Peppery Haze for example takes longer to smooth out.

    My toxic Blue (sour diesel hybrid) we just sampled yesterday after 8 weeks cure. I was only opening up the jars about once a week at this point. It has become perceivably more potent and now has a much more sour fruit flavor than fuelly.

    And it was very smooth. It was harsh a few weeks ago.
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    I've done it so much I can feel when it doesn't need burped anymore .....I start my cure wetter than a lot of people....but basically il bag the flowers and check em every 6 hours ....you can feel the moisture ...when they feel damp/spongy I lay the bag on it's side ....and that obviously cause the buds to lay flat in a single layer ....il leave the bag open until the buds feel dry to the touch again ....at first this could take an hour or more ....once they feel poky/dry to the touch ...I close the bag and leave it for another 6 hours or more in a dark spot .....so basically a good long air out/burp in the morning and then another in the evening ....after about 5 to 7 days if this you'll notice the buds feel somewhat dry when you open the bags in the morning ....once that happens il do a single 45 minute burp for 2 or 3 days ....after that I just check em once every 2 days and exchange the air real quick in each bag .....as long as they no longer feel wet after say 2 days ....Il let em go a few more days between burps .....at this point you'll notice there is no heavy odor or feeling dampness in the bags when you open them ....after burping a few times at 5 day intervals with no noticeable change in the way the buds feel .....I just close em up and set a calendar on my phone to check em every 10 days a few times .....after that I don't open them unless I wana smoke or my patients need em .....I've notice after a few months the wet smell is completely gone and the real smell of the flowers start to shine through ....six months is where I start getting excited to pop bags ...especially breaking open a nugg that's been cured for that long correctly ....the aroma has been locked inside and it just rushes out when you bust a nug for smoking ....it's awesome .....I suggest you try it on some ...takes patience and a lil extra work ....but well worth it IMO ....

    Here's some OGK going into cure

    After a long cure

    Busting that nugg will turn a house into a stoners Starbucks ....deep heavy coffee skunk ....and tastes and smokes awesome and smooth ....GL

    mistermagoo Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming your using brown paper bags the whole time? This harvest was the first time I used bags, I dried for 7 days in optimal environment, right to the spongy feel but branch snapped, put some in the jar, and some in paper bags burping similar to the way you described, for s couple days, then into the jar, holding 60% steady
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Il do the first day or so in brown paper bags ...then I go into food grade bags for the next bit ....after that it's big food grade buckets with a rubber seal in the lid for long term.....they work awesome for volume ....I've tried the large totes years back ....but they just aren't air tight enough ....and the ones that are just aren't big enough .....the big food grade bags work awesome ....you can long term a few P's in each with no issue... ....

    I can do the whole process in a food grade bag...however, there is a lil room for error starting in a brown paper bag ....they're not fully air tight ...and the paper can take the moisture ....obviously plastic doesn't.....going to burp my flowers now actually ...
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    onionslinger Well-Known Member

    That sounds like an interesting technique. I might steal a bit or two from your method. If you dont mind me asking.. what do you think the humidity of the buds would be if you were to jar some up immediately after you cut? Sounds like you almost bottle immediately after the big cut down. Or do you hang the plant or stems for a period of time before cure?
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    Oh yes I hang them .....I hang them until the buds get that poky/dry feeling .....I like the stems to break on the inside but not snap in half.....so I dry them about 4 to 7 days ....then they go into the brown paper bags for the first step of my cure process explained above ....I fill the bags a bit less than half way....I have no clue what the humidity is tbh ....I've done it so long it's all by feel and smell for me .....like I said before it takes a bit more work....but the end product is well worth the extra few steps ....biggest thing to remember is give them a good burp the first few days ...if the buds feel poky/dry ...close the bag ....if there spongy/wet feeling ...open the bag and lay it on it's side until the buds feel poky again.......also, remember to layer your buds in a single layer when burping them at first .....I have strains that are so sticky that when they're curing at first ....the whole pound will look like one giant nugg ....gotta carefully pull the buds apart and lay them in a single layer to burp .....you don't want buds stuck together for long periods of time ....after a few days the buds will seperate just by turning the bag slowly rolling the buds ....but the first few days be very vigilant and make sure to seperate any sticky buds by hand ......my GG4 is a pain in the ass the first 3 days ....buger sticky...but it's well worth my time and effort ....it would be terrible to lose all that GG4 aroma and sticky goodness by over drying .....I've got some GG4 that's about 3 weeks into cure .....sling shot ammo it's so dense ....not to mention the heavy tire fire dank when I open even a small nugg ..((delicious))

    Last but not least ......you'll notice a smell that's not very appealing the first month or so ....I can only explain it as a moisture smell ....don't be discouraged by this ....after the buds are cured for a while that smell will totally disappear ....you'll notice the buds will have a light aroma of whatever the strains smell profile happens to be .....but when you open a nug or squeeze one between your fingers ...all that awesome aroma you've trapped inside by curing this way comes pouring out ....it's awesome ...GL
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    TacoMac Well-Known Member

    There's a reason why the more expensive, finer things in life take longer to achieve.
    • Fine single malt Scotch
    • Cuban cigars
    • Fine cheese
    • Fine wine
    • Smooth bud
    They all take time.

    All these "speed" cures I've heard of are desperate attempts by amateurs who are jonesing so bad for a high they throw quality under the bus, but since that's what they did they HAVE to swear by it as the best.

    Anybody telling you "quicker is better" has probably never had properly cured bud in their lives.

    They've probably never kept a woman around for long either.

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