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List of Flip Flops from Romney

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChesusRice, Oct 30, 2012.


    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    my cock is tiny.

    you suck at life.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    *lemonade stand
    *lawn mowing
    *landscape rock raking
    *phone sex operator
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    ChesusRice Well-Known Member

    Failed 4x?

    All Obamas fault...right?
    Dr Kynes

    Dr Kynes Well-Known Member

    so since i doint care much for your jumping and wailing and posting of DOCTORED photos and poorly done doctoring at that, so therefore:
    im politically correct, (which is a first for me, hooray!)
    i dont knbow what happens when a kid grows up without a father (wow, not even from my own personal experience? amazing! ill have to inform my momma that in fact my father did NOT bail out in 1974, she will be surprised, to say the least)
    im "defending the relationship" between obama the youth and a communist blowhard from the mid 70's?
    what if it turns out Obama's Pee Wee softball coach was a communist too?
    or his Pop Warner footbal coach was an anarchist sympathizer?
    he lived in hawaii, did he surf? cuz if he did he might have hung around with Gidget and Moon Doggie, and those bastards were fucking Beatniks!!
    maybe he picked up a Cursed Tiki Idol in a volcanic cavern and now needs a native shaman to help him free himself from the horros of ill fortune that are causing the economy to stay in the crapper despite his best attempts...
    perhaps Wrong Way Feldon crashed his plane in the lagoon and gilligan fucked up one more shot at rescue for the economy?

    >This Space Deliberately Left Blank for inclusion of more 70's TV tropes<

    obama has proven his plans dont work, he has demonstrated that he has not the leadership skills to raise the natin from the shitter, but neither does romney who is in fact, a tool.

    obama being a jackass does not make R-Money a big time playah pimp by default. they can actually BOTH be failures.

    obama is a socialist (note the little "S") by his own deeds and his own words. he believes in government "solutions" to government caused problems. he also believes More Of The Same is the cure for all ills. he is in fact a jackass. labeling him a comunist manchurian candidate kenyan secret moslem infiltratorwho was chosen by karl marx as part of the glorious 115 year plan to bring about world socialist revolution and usher in the glorious communist workers paradise just makes you look like what you are, a dumbass with a personal axe to grind, not a thinking voter.

    romney on the other hand is a tone deaf aristocrat with no comprehension of the life of the working man, and no interest in learning why the working man thinks he is a dipshit. romney's stated plans will bankrupt the nation as fast as obama's diametrically opposed ones, but it doesnt matter to me if we go broke building a massive social welfare system, or if we go broke building a massive military arsenal we dont need. we still wind up just as broke, but in R-Money's plan we can also indulge in foreign adventures and foolish attempts to create an empire as well, so thats a plus. your support for R-Money and his plans for a pimped out OG Fresh military industrial complex is just as poorly thought out as your hatred for Obama for being what he is, a product of 60's hippie radicals and an internationalist upbringing.

    wow, i didnt even have to post any web videos to say that, INCREDIBLE!

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    Havent failed yet!!

    The first one was a military manufacturing plant making embroidered name strips for the US military... Really cleaned up on Desert Storm... Burned through a lot of tan webbing for a number of years. Government contracts are feast or famine though.

    That was long before Obama...

    ChesusRice Well-Known Member

    So you admit you were a loser way before Obama became president

    LeafGnosis Active Member

    From an earlier comment, from the member NLXSK1... I just want to ask, did Bush want Osama dead?

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    I am not sure what bush did or didnt want but it would make sense that he wanted him dead or captured.

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    How does what I posted make me a loser?

    How many companies have you started again Chesus?? You can include the ones you failed at....

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    you and your mommy did some sewing together?

    how cute.

    LeafGnosis Active Member

    That is what I thought... given your comment: Truth be told

    edit: and if it was so hard.. how did Obama accomplish this in his very first term!

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    dude, you've been caught in so many lies that no one believes you anymore.

    so much for your sewing circle.

    beenthere New Member

    This is fucking priceless!
    Bucky pays 25% in taxes.
    His leaves turn brown after he trims them and Sacramento is not in N. California! LMAO

    You're a joke dude.

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    Why do I need your belief in me again? You choose to ignore facts that contradict your reality... You are too much of a pussy to bet upon who will win the election when the downside is just admitting someone else is right.... LOL!!!

    Talk about sewing circles. Trying to get rep here because nobody believes your shit IRL??? Pathetic flounder..

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    produced proof of the 25% withholding.

    leaves do turn brown after they are cut off, check outdoors during autumn.

    whether or not you consider sacramento to be in norcal is opinion.

    try again, you yapping halfwit.

    for example, tell us more about why you pressed the 'like' button on a post asking me to draw iran's route to the sea.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    when have i ignored facts that contradict reality?

    was it when i asked you to draw iran's route to the sea?

    oh, woops. other way around :lol:

    beenthere New Member

    You are a major failure, kiddo!

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    I didnt realize you CUT ALL THE LEAVES OFF YOUR TREES in Autumn... LOL!!!! Fucking priceless flounder....

    I think it was all the ammonia from your cat shit that turned cut leaves brown cause they dont do it on their own...

    AndrewDeeKing Active Member

    UncleBuck = MysticClown part 2

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    someone is clearly a sock puppet.

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