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Lighting for veg, MH or HPS?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Earlytoker, Nov 2, 2008.


    Earlytoker Well-Known Member

    Ok now i know that using a HPS throughout the entire grow WORKS.
    Ive HEARD its better to use a HPS AND a MH for veg. Or just a
    straight up MH. The reason i ask is because before i got my 400watt
    HPS im using for my current grow, i was using flourecents only and
    it seemed to be growing faster ie, more nodes, leaves etc.
    So im asking someone with EXPERIENCE ie you have used both
    MH and a HPS for veg and which produced better results.
    A HPS all through veg? a MH? Or a HPS AND MH?

    Edit:I have a 400watt MH & HPS conversion ballast

    docd187 Well-Known Member

    if you got the dough i'd go with a mh for veg and hps for flowering. you could also do a switchable ballast and have the best of both words. if i had to just choose one though it would be the hps as watt for watt it puts out more lumens than mh, it's the correct spectrum of light for flowering where your girls will pack on the most size.

    Earlytoker Well-Known Member

    Yea i forgot to mention that i have a conversion HPS&MH so
    would it make a big impact on the growth of the plant if i were
    to get a MH?

    docd187 Well-Known Member

    i don't think it will make a huge difference in your yield. the mh bulb will be better for vegging because it has the correct spectrum of light, more light given off in the 6500k spectrum, but at the same time your getting more lumens with an hps. it's really up to you. either way is fine.

    weedyoo Well-Known Member

    mh cost to much to run and i get better faster plants with t5 floUltralux 4-Lamp T5 Fixture w/bulbs


    earlymorninstonepeomp Well-Known Member

    after using both i no longer use my mh....hps just as good and makes for a fuller thicker plant.

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