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life is getting way too expensive

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by I2icho, Dec 10, 2013.


    I2icho Active Member

    Hey guys Firstly thanks for reading my rant I really need to get this off my chest.
    A bit about myself I'm in my late 20's living with my fiancé in our mortgaged house. Nothing too flash a 300k mortgage a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs. We have been here for 5 years and the last year all our bills have gone up at least 50-100%. We have a combined income of 100k and are really struggling to live.

    For example 5 years ago our quarterly elec bill was $200 give or take. Today our bill is $900 a qtr. Water bill was $100-200 5 years ago and our last bill was $477.

    I just can't believe how expensive things are these day its almost not affordable to live. Take groceries for instance. Weekly food bill has gone from $100 to now $200.

    Thank god I don't have to pay for weed these days.

    Anyone else feel like they are getting ripped off?

    End of rant

    Thanks for reading (if you made it this far lol)

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Yep, prices are up:wall:
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Sell your weed to the highest bidder!
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    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    You're exactly right!
    Prices on everything continue to rise.
    People working are getting taxed to death while the ever growing population on welfare, disability and immigrants rise.
    Obama and Democrats want this to happen.
    We will soon be a socialist nation if things continue.

    I found an old pizza shop menu from 5 years ago.
    Large pizza - $5.95 and that pizzaria made good pies.
    To bad they went outta business.
    Prolly would have raised the price to $9.95 or more in todays economy.

    slowbus New Member

    Cut out wife's beer?

    Seriously though,sounds like its time for you to downsize or move.I could never afford your water not to mention anything else.Property prices are crazy

    I2icho Active Member

    More like the red wine lol

    But yeah things are getting ridiculous. I don't sell my weed just have enough to smoke myself and enough to give my sister some.
    Well I give her weed and she buys me growing gear ie upgrades nutes etc.

    Seems ridiculous to think I might need a 2nd job to pay the electricity.

    Thanks government for screwing us all to the wall

    clint308 Well-Known Member

    Yo totally agree , don't get me started !
    Every bill has doubled in a couple of years here
    I got a $677 power bill , $250 for water and so on
    I'm not working due to illness at the moment(it's been almost 12 months now) , so trying to pay rent , power , water ,gas , phones(home and mobile) , internet , foxtel , school , vets , food ETC
    With the big price increases it's almost impossible to live !
    I'm on a disabillity pension and my wife was on a carers pension that just got cut off .
    Like normal smoke prices now $115 for a carton (i remember paying $50 some years ago )
    Petrol / gas prices WTF , they are ripping in to everyone
    A tube of toothpaste almost $10 , Fruit for my daughter for school (apples $6.99 kg , plums $12.99 kg , cherry $26 kg ETC)
    For 1 half decent size beef scotch fillet steak $10 , for 1 small ass cooked lobster up to $60
    we are getting destroyed by price rises , tax rises , new taxes getting introduced , the list goes on !!!
    Thats some of what i have to say on this subject
    see ya
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    I really can't blame Obama when it's happening worldwide.
    It's really all part of a plan that happened many years ago.
    They are eliminating small business and anyone who has any money.
    Only big stores and corporations will rule the future.
    The government will be up your ass until you die, if we let them have their way.

    I2icho Active Member

    Yeah man you must be in Australia like me. Yeah we are totally getting screwed by the government.
    I thank god we have this beautiful plant to keep us sane.

    clint308 Well-Known Member

    Like i said don't get me started !
    I know of around 10 small businesses that have had to shut the doors
    Including mine , A sheetmetal factory specializing in Race car trailers , any other custom made trailers , Industrial fans and blowers , tool boxes for back of utes
    ute trays , truck mods and tool boxes , Roll cages for rally cars and race cars , we did everything and after 18 years we had to shut down .
    Your dead rite about small business going down and the big one's will be the only one's left.
    It's a damn shame ,
    I need a break , be back

    clint308 Well-Known Member

    I thought i reconised aussie writing , way of speech !!!
    Yeah bro another australian , we are getting slowly getting our rings pushed in
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    It's turning worldwide.
    I have a friend in Germany that says the same things.

    cc2012 Well-Known Member

    Happening ALL over peeps! Things so bad in the UK2..costs more to Heat your Home than does to EAT! Fu*ked up!!

    I put it down to BAD Governments the World over! Over Population/Immigration and Greedy Energy Companies.

    We need to take a look back at how our Forefathers lived and survived through much worse times....

    Thank God for Da Weed!!!

    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    That's right.
    We elected them.
    Time to get rid of them while we can.

    clint308 Well-Known Member

    It's a full global thing now , The rich will get richer and the not so rich will go poor , and the poor simply can't survive .
    It's a nasty thing going on and no 1 can stop the roller coaster weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    maybe it is like Matrix the movie ?
    we all live in this little bubble that can get tossed or passed around like a marble
    we are the ants of this universe ?
    maybe the dinosaurs are on another planet laughing at us ?
    Who knows
    Nutes and Nugs

    Nutes and Nugs Well-Known Member

    It's like you said about our forefathers.
    They didnt have a nanny state to rely on and fought for their rights.
    The people need to take back their say in the govt, not walmart or exxon.

    cc2012 Well-Known Member

    Stoked! I'm going with the Dinosaurs Laughing their ASSES off at us on another Planet! :mrgreen:


    Logges Active Member

    Yeah things are quite expensive. Lately I've been thinking a college education might not be worth the cost in time and money.

    But you can't say " America will end up socialist" or the like. That is just bonkers. It maddens me when i think about the people that actually lived in a socialist/communist regime and first world people here say they can't pay the electricity bill.

    Life is expensive because we like to drive our car alone to a place a couple of miles away, then have a cup of coffee served by trained workers. We like to eat off-season vegetables. We like to be able to extend the time we can store "food" in a frigid box; powered with borrowed electricity from resources running scarce.

    We have developed into a society spoiled with materialism. Hell even the poorest nations have materialistic values.

    Poor is somebody who can't afford the life he wants.
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    CaretakerDad Well-Known Member

    Well said Pilgrim. :leaf:

    mkbinc1971 Member

    Logges has got it, I agree totally,but you sometime's have to cut the fat. cell phone's are not mandatory,cable or sat t.v., much cheaper and healthier to cook at home than eat out or get fast food. I could go on and on but who want's to hear that. Our family get's by and live's pretty well on not that much.

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