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Led Users Unite!

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by project fuoro, Sep 11, 2009.

    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    These Vero COB's are treating me very well. Here's the latest example.

    Pineapple Chunk
    Pineapple Chunk online.jpg

    cyoho84s Member

    I know everyone hates on the plug in play blurple lights. They did pretty good for me. 1 450 watt and 1 600 watt viparspectra.

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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    How much wall watts, mate? We know you can grow weed with such lights but in reality they are not better as HPS in terms of effiency, which means 0,75-1g/w in the best case.
    You could probably get twice as much weed from the same wattage if you would use latest COB's or strips.
    There are a good few how-to's here and on youtube showing you how to convert such a Vipar blurple into a white COB unit using the build in drivers. You need only a few COB's(2 Citi1212 or 1 Vero29c per driver) and you can continue to use the heatsink, drivers, and chassis.

    cyoho84s Member

    Thanks for the info. And i was not saying that leds are better than hps just showing all the haters that they grow and you get good yeilds from them i will post how much after harvest.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Many here have personal experience in the not so long ago with the blurple. I still proudly hate blurple. Nice buds!
    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    How big of a space?
    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    I have a 600 vipar that I’m not using now BUT the strains I grew with it were very resinous and I’m a noob.... pushing one year anniversary. I grew Purple Kush, black cream, afghani #1. I think the red flower switch helped. I run a CXM22 light now. The black cream and bloody skunks I have grown with the CXM22 3500k were not as resinous as before, could be pheno difference..... just conversation but I’m going to ad a bit of red with some clu1212’s one day or bring the blurple back for supplemental
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    Unit Farm System Supply

    Unit Farm System Supply Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Wow, look at those decent purple ladies.. Love them:weed::weed::weed:
    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    I have a COB light... and a blurple vipar600. That vipar makes some frosty nugs!! It works for me

    Dave455 Well-Known Member

    grow inefficient but they grow ! use for veg light and get quantum boards

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Hey, one of my strips burnt out . Is it ok to unhook the burnt one and just run 15 out of 16 strips just dialed back a bit?

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    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    I just bought some Solar storms 550s x 2 with controller, I can keep you all posted if you like.
    What I have read and did research on they seem to be Okay lighting system. They will be replacing my 2 600 watt HPs running off Phantom ll ballasts.
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    Dave455 Well-Known Member

    Look at COBS , strips or quantum boards...... solar storm the past !

    FunCatLady2017 Member

    I am using LED Lights for my current grow. 3 MK Ultra, about 4 weeks into flower. Having good luck so far. I think your idea of a LED Group is a great idea

    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    What do you mean the past ?
    these are the newest on the Market and carry a 5 year full warranty along with a 90 day test period, and if I am not happy return with no hassle.
    This isn't the old units, brand new with all the goodies.
    by what I read and California Light Works sent me I feel I should be happy, but I will post on them to let others know how they work if not no loss on my part.
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    Go go n chill

    Go go n chill Well-Known Member

    What kelvin

    innerG Well-Known Member

    I tried an Optic 4 on my last run and it worked great. I think I’m going back to the SK400+ next time though, I just like the coverage and dimmability.

    Someone above was posting about the Viparspectra 600w reflector series - I have one of those as a backup. Only ever flowered a Cookies bagseed under it, but it came out very dense and awesome for what I had expected from it.
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    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    Well Hi all,
    It's been 6 days since I changed to my new Solar System LEDs, The ladies look good so far, I am always nervous changing something this big in my Grow, but with that said, They are looking real nice, I do have to say, if these work as good as they are looking, I will be happy with my Electric Bill, not buying HPS lights every 8 months and less heat by far, matter of fact I have to turn heat up in room now which is crazy, I am not used of that at all, Feels kind of weird because all the years of the heat from the HPS lighting,
    What I am seeing now is good Growth I will post pics soon of the LED Progress. But what I am seeing only after 6 days is exciting to see, but still hard to believe. I am a very skeptical person trusting anything new, but they look great. I'll keep you all posted if anyone is interested in seeing pics.

    120-240 volts AC
    3.3 Amps at 120 and 1.65 at 240
    power draw is 250 to 400 watt draw at box depending on how you set up the full specs
    total PPF at full 888 watts
    uMoles/s/W 2.2
    the 2 are over a 5'x8' bench
    18.5"x 8.5"x4" Light dems.
    Power factor >0.95
    90 day no hassle return W/ 5 year full warranty on Lights.

    Any ?s let me know I can try and help if I can, Thanks all :)
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    skoomd Member



    313w F series strips, going for uniformity with this light. HLG 550 for a 4x4' is 20"x26", this DIY strip light for a 3x3' is 24"x30" :)

    PPFD @ 18" is at least 900 umol/m^2/s

    Can't wait to throw some good genetics under this

    skoomd Member

    Also thinking of maybe adding in some far red pucks from rapidled, mostly for emmerson effect but also to initiate flowering a bit faster.

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