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led help

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by tystackz, Feb 25, 2013.


    tystackz Member

    I was told to stay away from led lights all together.. Id like to hear from some people who use them.. Im creating a grow box two and a half feet by two and a half feet and 3 feet tall.. If i were to go the LED route.. what type of light should i be looking for that about of space and how many of them would i need? Im planing to grow an autoflowing stain.. and how many plants woud you suggest for that amount of space?

    alongtimegrower Member

    I would recommend 4 or 5 5000k PAR38 LED Lamps like philips 5000k 19.5 ambient LED @ 1300 lumen per lamp for vegetative growth.
    Will put out as much light as 70 MH.
    They worked very well in a 2 X 2 X 4
    Pic of area with 5000K lamps on...

    Plants set to flower cycle with addition of philips greenpowerLEDs and 5000K lamps last week.
    Pic with all lamps on.


    4 - 19.5 W 5000K lamps
    4 - philips W/DR lamps
    1 - philips FR lamp

    166 W replacing 2 - 70W HPS @ 180W. Best part limited heat.
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^ Sweet setup you got there 'Alongtime'. :)

    mrrippey Well-Known Member

    Hey I am looking to do a very similar set up this weekend. I went to HomeDepot and saw a few 2700K and 5000K Phillips bulbs. Can you give me the actual model of the one you used? Did you use the 5000K and 2700K in flowering or did you switch out?

    Sweet set up


    alongtimegrower Member

    The white floods are Philips AmbientLED PAR38 1300 Lumen 19.5W 5000K. They were highest power.
    They also come in 3000K @ 1200 Lumen and 2700K @ 1100 Lumen, I have not used them.

    mrrippey Well-Known Member

    @alongtimegrower, thanks for the information. What are the other lights you are using for flowering? I thought people would use the 2700K (as that is what I did when using CFL's)

    Thanks again


    alongtimegrower Member

    The red lights are philips GreenpowerLED White/Deep Red. I would probably be using 2700K lamps but was able to get the Greenpower LEDs on the internet for about the same price.
    I also did a bit a research and found the GreenpowerLED may work well in how I'm using it with other light. Still 6+ weeks away to know.

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    LED lighting is changing so fast, as is our knowledge of what spectrums mmj likes/needs.

    I find the PAR bulbs on the expensive side, so I opted for globe type. My Utilitech RP 3000K @ 22w provides 1650 lumens ($40 at Lowes). Also using a Philips RP 17w/1100 lumens (~ $20, on sale)

    I am of the mindset that < 10% blue range is all that is needed from start to finish. Well, maybe a bit more blue during the first 3-4 weeks of growth. Remains to be tested/seen, and likely strain dependent. Indicas being grown in more blue light regions, probably want more blue than sats.

    However, for the last month+, I have been using only WW leds (3000K, so more blue than 2700s), some bulbs are SM, some RP globes

    Pics from yesterday. Plants are 2 months old. Who says leds don't penetrate below the canopy? HA!

    Plants are not pale, just look that way under the yellow dominant spectrum

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