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LED Grow V.S HPS Grow Question!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by webb107, Apr 19, 2010.


300watt LED panel or 400watt HPS?

  1. 400watt HPS

    32 vote(s)
  2. 300watt LED

    45 vote(s)

    webb107 Well-Known Member

    Every time I hear about LED V.S HPS its allways the same thing 90watt LED UFO compared to a 400watt HPS bulb. It is obvious that a 400watt HPS will out do a 90Watt UFO.

    But my question is how would a 300watt LED panel compare to a 400watt HPS bulb?? which one would be better for flowering?
    bong hoger

    bong hoger Well-Known Member

    I think 400w hps will outdo a 800w led!!!!!!!!!
    bong hoger

    bong hoger Well-Known Member

    coz the lomes per what is ALOT more with hps!

    figtree Active Member

    Its not about lumens when your talking about LED..... Its about the photons that are put out. Lumens are a measurement for the human eyeball, not for the amount of photons being produced.
    A 90 watt led will equal a 400 HPS. A 300 watt LED will out do a 400 HPS anyday. HPS are not very efficient, where LED is more of the exact spectrum (wavelength) the plants desire, its all about efficiency.
    This is the future gentlemen, where I am they are phasing out incandescent and HID lighting...... pretty soon you will not be able to purchase a replacement bulb for your HPS, MH or your new digital ballasted grow light whatever the wattage.
    Ian Singerdale

    Ian Singerdale Active Member

    yeah "pretty soon" being ten years. *maybe*. Until the prices come down on LEDs, HIDs will be king. And personally, for environmental lighting, I'm gonna hoard Incandescent bulbs. I HATE the light from CFLs for getting normal things done.

    They still haven't perfected LEDs either, most of the mainstream marketed LEDs are crap with inferior spectrums. I feel like you really have to build your own and/or spend over $2k to really get anything decent. By the time you spend that much you might as well have 32 High Output T5s

    that said, I'm excited to see what they can do in the future.
    MJ Crescendo

    MJ Crescendo Well-Known Member

    I just recently stumbled upon LED's and I also concur that it is the future. I was pretty serious about purchasing them until I did the comparison test of prices with HID lighting to LED lighting. The only LED's on the market that seem to exemplify the superior wavelengths that plants want run pretty high in price. They may save in electricity and have no problems with heating, but when you are just a personal grower running a 250w hps, do electricity cost really hurt your pocket that much?? Even commercial growers make so much money off of high yields that electricity cost is just a fraction of the profits. A good 5 spectrum (new tech) that I found was running $350. I do believe that these lights would work and yield decently, but when taking into consideration the price, I say go with HID.

    edit: http://www.prosourceworldwide.com/product_p/illuminator ufo.htm

    That's the link to a light that I believe would do work for a small grow.

    I guess everyone is different though and maybe someone with more money then time, a LED setup would work well, considering that heat ventilation will be one less problem. I look forward to see'n more grows with led's, but for now, I would say it is a safer bet on growing with an HID lighting. I personally, will be getting a 250w mh/hps conversion ballast lighting system for a 2'x2'x5' grow tent and I see it working out very well.

    To anybody seriously considering getting an led light. Start a grow journal! I know many people are waiting to see more results and we need pioneers haha

    webb107 Well-Known Member

    but witch 1 would give me more yeild
    MJ Crescendo

    MJ Crescendo Well-Known Member

    I've heard led's yield fluffy nugs, but that could have been genetics and the grow environment. I do believe that supplement flowering with an all red spectrum (600-650nm) led then it would produce some good nugs. I'd say hps is going to get the higher yield, but someone prove me wrong with a high yield led grow. Just my 2 cents

    axjnkee Well-Known Member

    Seriously... The 300w LED will produce on par or outproduce a 400w hps. I'm tired of hearing "I heard this or that". Unless you have used them you dont know and shouldn't even have an opinion. And to all you morons talking about lumens, you shouldn't even have the right to grow. Plants dont see lumens, light meters mesure the green yellow spectrum of light wich if you know anything is USELESS to plants. So why dont all you hid AssClowns do some reserch before you spout your ignorant words.

    By research I mean bite the bullet and give LED's a try with an open mind, just as I have. You might be suprised with the outcome. I read in a hps friendly thread, " the more you spend the more you'll produce". So why does this not hold true when it comes to LED's? Go out and buy some good led's and not some garbage ebay leds that are a 3rd of the price of serious led's.

    axjnkee Well-Known Member

    subscribed, I'll be waiting to see some serious open minded responses. I posted up an all LED grow journal and found most of the typical haters had nothing to say. To me thier silence spoke volumes...LoL.

    alexonfire Well-Known Member

    LED = less heat

    stoneyluv Well-Known Member

    I just starting using a 120w led for a personal use grow. it is to replace 4 23w cfl's. in 3 days i already notice a difference in my plants. I hope this light works half as good as the manufacturer claims i'll be set for many years.

    BudBaby Active Member

    I have just spent £1165 on 3 LED lights. 2 x 140 watt for floering and a 140 watt veg light. Ive done some research and a guy is custom making them for me in spain. This is the true wattage aswell.

    I have faith in this guy when he tells me they will match a 600watt HPS.

    These are 5 band lights with a special light blue light which creates nice tight buds.

    I will be keeping a journal while i do this and the guy has garanteed the best LED's on the market will be used so im pretty confident.

    From what i gather alot of people have bought inferior, cheap LED's and arent happy with the results they have got. Mine are expensive but ill only be running 420 watts total.

    He told me that a 400 watt HPS puts out 140 watts of useable light, each of my 140 watt LED's gives out the same so im expecting good things.

    classicsmoke Member

    I have used LEDs and I intend to do so in the future; however, from my experience I would not use them for flowering. To be honest I tried for over a month and the light just wasn't sufficient-not even with supplemental fluoros. For a single light that would do all that you needed I would side with the HPS. If you can afford both though I would be tempted to get the 300w led for veg and a 600w hps for flower-the combination of the two would produce the greatest yields in my opinion.

    When I say I tried to use them for over a month that means in flower they had been under them for a month to veg prior to that. . .
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    IF the highest grade LEDs are purchased and IF they are purchased in sufficient numbers and IF they are used correctly they will beat any other form of lighting for both vegging and flowering.

    The thing is most people do not purchase the highest grade of LEDs and they do not purchase enough of them to do the job in flower and they expect to much from them and do not use them properly and the result is LED have gotten a bad reputation when they do not deserve it.

    What causes them to be insufficient is the grower/user, not the lights themselves. IF the highest quality LEDs were purchased in adequate numbers and used the best way possible for cannabis growing they would outproduce any other form of lighting. But due to cost of true high grade LEDs, few if any purchase them and fewer will purchase them in adequate numbers and they tend to not be used in a way that is needed to grow taller plants like cannabis plants.

    convict156326 Active Member

    led sucks, its all hype. i have a seedling under an led panel, and seedling of same strain under dcf'ls there is a 1 inch height difference! the led is gangly and too 2 days more to show true leaves. i was seriously dissapointed. as for flowering? my bro halloween used one, he got 1 zip dried from an entire girl, she looked stunted the entire cycle, cause of the led. my exp? stay away from em
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    You need to research the tremendous success NASA has had, both on earth and in space, growing plants (not cannabis plants) using nothing by LEDs.

    It all comes down to this ... purchasing the highest grade LEDs available, purchasing them in sufficent quantities for them to be used to grow cannabis plants, and knowing how to use LED to get their maximum potential out of them.

    If someone were to do that, once they saw their results they would throw rocks at every other form of grow lighting and never consider wasting their money on any of them ever again.

    But almost no one does it that way, almost no one does it correctly and the result is a bad rap against LEDs when all the blame for the failure that resulted from the attempt belongs solely to the grower, the one who never should have attempted to use LEDs because they could not or would not or did not know how to do it right, the way it needs to be done that if done that way will give someone spectacular results and incredible success.

    CallmeTex Well-Known Member


    classicsmoke Member

    I want to say that while it's a compelling argument you're talking about a hypothetical grow that really has as of yet to happen outside of the government. With that in mind we can assume that it would most likely be extremely cost prohibitive.

    While quite a few people discredit them entirely like I said earlier I don't, but in reality they are not a viable option for most growers, and even by your own estimation would require not only research but probably quite a bit of experimental tweaking before ever being truly competitive.

    Luck is with you though in this one as it is almost inevitable that they will improve them to the point of viability.

    In the mean time though you should probably assess them as nothing more than what they are. A fairly expensive alternative that will eventually take over, but due to lack of sufficient tech advancements will be regulated to a speculative toy for at least another few years.

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    the LED did well,better than i thought it would to be honest.shame about the herms,but atleast you still got some good smokable bud.
    i might get a LED for my summer grow,but at this time of the year my HID keeps things at the right temp in my wardrobe.

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