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Laws About Outdoor Growing?

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by Fas1, Jan 7, 2011.


    skiweeds Active Member

    good advice. i bet a lot of grow ops in people's closets or bedrooms would be easy to break into. my old grow op was in a tent in a locked bedroom at one of my patient's house. after breaking inside the house it wouldnt take a very strong person to say fuck the door and lock and kick through the drywall when no one is home. as long as you dont hit it where the studs are, it's not all that strong.

    Drampire Active Member

    I have a stick built out building about 20' x 8' I was thinking of taking the 5 windows from the side and putting them on the roof and going with that. Would assume it would be in full compliance.

    abacadaba50 Member

    do you have a link to the forum? just wondering because a greenhouse would be nice

    deprave New Member

    Na sorry, I think I saw it on the MMMA website it was a forum(not internet forum) MDCH had about the intentions of the law, they released a video of it online

    abacadaba50 Member

    thats ok i've done alot of research on them and found that its a city by city choice pretty much. for example niles michigan says no to greenhouses, but my home city of fenton is still discussing it and its looking good since one of the local big greenhouse owners is pushing for it so he can lease his own commercial greenhouses, which would be sick. by the way is there a way i can get an email letting me know if someone responded on to me on the forum?
  6. as long as it is an enclosed locked facility no city can say no.

    hic Well-Known Member

    Still alot of grey areas in the law. I for one cannot wait for the laws to be a little more clear. I am not saying to add on to the law. I am simply saying I wish it were a little more clear as to clear enough for the state police to comprehend.lol

    Peragro Member

    I don't see how any "areas" are "gray". An "enclosed, locked facility" is just that; foundations/floor, four walls, and a roof (with a securely locked door). If you ask me, the "hoop house" made of welded fencing (above) is all of those things. Especially when you consider that it's well off the beaten track. But there's no way that I'd try that in the city -- especially in my neighborhood (where street dealers and cops take it in turns to patrol the streets). That, my friends, is what basements and HID lighting were made for...

    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member

    Up under thread tools, when you subscribe to the thread, the next page where you select, thats where you pick from the dropdown menu to get emails about responses.

    deprave New Member

    yea for real, not something you want to try in my opinion in the city or suburb

    Peacefulfields New Member

    HI everyone, this is my first post here on this informative forum...

    I own about 50 acres in Ottawa County in West Michigan. First of all is anyone here from this county or area that has any trouble with Law Enforcement here?

    I'm looking to build[SIZE=4] a legal locking grow cage out of steel hoop house rings & [SIZE=4]wrap[SIZE=4]ping [SIZE=4]chain link fence around the ring[SIZE=4]s. S[SIZE=4]imal[SIZE=4]ar to the one shown above[SIZE=4] but [SIZE=4]metal rings instead of wood..

    Also I want to build a locking 18x14 10' tall wood fence around it if necessary too and more privacy and an extra lock don't hurt.. I'm also planing on using electric fence amp to electrify the chain link fence, for added security at night etc... Maybe even add a motion security camera for entertainment.. I'm only planning on doing my 12 that's it... So it wont have to be that big I'm thinking 12x16 max.

    Is this really worth my $$$ & time o[SIZE=4]r is it too m[SIZE=4]uch risk involved[SIZE=4][SIZE=4]? How much approx would it cost? [/SIZE] Do I talk to [SIZE=4]state or county before I build?[/SIZE] [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Any input would be appreciated...

    PS here is a quote about the law...

    Posted 08 April 2013 - 12:04 PM
    Ken Stecker does not want to be quoted on his advice regarding whether the outdoor grow needs a top. I was directly involved in the language on outdoor grows, and it was definitely Rep Horn and Cavanagh's wishes to have a top. It says "enclosed on all sides except the base".... that seems clear that if you consider the base a side (and clearly they do as they mention it specifically), then it stands to reason the top is also a side.

    GregS Well-Known Member

    Depends only on your motivation to do that. Congratulations that you have an entirely workable plan. You might have a contractor give you an estimate. You can estimate those costs yourself by spending a little time at Tractor Supply. They are more than happy to help.

    I'm a believer that people who don't need to know, don't.

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