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Jwh Extract

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by stickyicky666, Nov 27, 2010.


    stickyicky666 Active Member

    so i made 50 grams of spice (all damiana leaf) used a little under a gram because i had to try the jwh 018 by its self before i made some lol, but anyways i disolved the jwh in acetone intill there was no more powder, i was going to spray it on the damiana but the dude at the local headshop that sold me the jwh said he just pours it in with it and blends it around with his hands, so i decided to do that and after everything was wet i left it sit intill completely dried, smoked, and the most i got off it was a slight buzz
    so i tried pouring acetone over all the spice, strained, then let the acetone sit and dry and scrapped up the remaining green goop its pretty gooey but wont dry anymore, should this be safe to smoke? just trying get something off it since i spent 40 on a gram of it

    KronDonSmoker Active Member

    I would just smoke some good green that 25 a gram, 40 a gram and you have to work to get it to a smoking state Ill pass on that

    stickyicky666 Active Member

    40 a gram and itll probly get you high 40 times unlike than a gram of good would, and you dont have to put it on spice, but this was meerly for shit n giggles
    i do love some weed though

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