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Just wanted to post my BHO and method

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by turbocivic6776, Jan 15, 2012.


    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    @WattSaver Butane's boiling point changes when it is trapped inside a viscous oil. The whole process cannot be done below freezing. 130F does not degrade the oil at all, idk where you're getting that info.

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    n-butane will always boil at 31 F at atmospheric pressure. If you increase the pressure at which it is contained the boiling point will raise. You can have trapped butane in oil but if above its boiling point it will be in a gaseous state.


    At what temperature does THC oil boil? What temperature should I set my vaporizer at?

    Michael G.,

    THC has a boiling point of 200°C (392°F). However before the THC boils, other parts of the oil evaporate and boil.

    Here are some important temperatures: At 21°C (70°F) the most volatile terpenoids start to evaporate, lending a pungent odor to the air.

    At 31°C (87°F) the less volatile terpenoids start to evaporate, lending the air even more pungent odors.

    At 39°C (102°F ) vir tually all of the terpenoids undergo evaporation fairly rapidly.

    At 50°C (122°F) THC-Acid decarboxylates as the water molecule held in the carbonate form evaporates. This activates the THC.

    At 66°C (150°F) Cannabidiol (CBD) melts and starts to evaporate.

    At 185°C (365°F) Cannibinol (CBN) boils.

    At 200°C (392°F) THC boils. Clear vapor from a vaporizer.

    More info on THC and temp http://www.drugsandbooze.com/showthread.php?t=19290
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    BullwinkleOG Active Member

    that expalins why my grow room smells so damn good when its hot where did you get that from?....nevermind i see the link

    EDIT: so if the most volatile terpenoids start melting, would cannabis be more effective or better tasting if temps never went above 70? although this is quite cold to mose climates it is found in to be a stationary temp.

    BullwinkleOG Active Member

    hmm that article is interesting about putting weed in the oven to heat the weed to convert THC but if you were do put it in an oven at that temp would it really make your weed more potent? sorry its kinda off topic of the thread, maybe ill start a new post

    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    Exactly...so you'll still have trapped butane in your product if you don't use heat or a vaccum.

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    YES.... If you scrap it all together as soon as most of the tane has evaporated. Any thick layer of a very low viscous oil will entrap a gaseous substance.

    Now consider leaving the oil in a thin layer and evaping at cool rm temp for days. How many more terpenoids could be retained??
    I'll stop here, (just took a few rips) I'll present a low temp alternative in a new post in the semi near future.

    washedmothafuka Well-Known Member

    The oil with be solid at room temp and wont evaporate the butane. The cold temperature makes the oil too hard to allow the tane to escape, even if spread thinly. You can still get some very flavorful oils with lots of turpenes using heat and vac. The only advantage to this cold purge method is what?

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