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Jesus OG

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by T Ray, Dec 21, 2012.


    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    #2 is going to be dank as hell....

    ColdArmySoldier Well-Known Member

    Killer as always! I can't wait to start flowering my lil' Jesus girls.
    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member

    Update day 87 from seed. Day 48 12/12.

    Another week. Filling in nicely. Resin content is getting better across the board.

    Number's 2 is fucking amazing when you look at it under some nice lighting. My pic's aren't even doing her justice.Straight up sugar coated buds. Might beat out the Chernobyl I had in resin content and that's saying something. I find myself sitting there studying the resin content and before you know it 20 minutes went by b/c I can't stop staring.

    Can't wait to get a few runs of Jesus OG under my belt and hone her potential in to it's fullest. I am not counting out 1 and 4 at this point, but based on smell and resin I am mostly concentrating my time on 2 and 3 and thinking those will get many runs before I let one of them go.

    Smells still strong menthol lemon lime on 2 and 3. 1 and 4 have faint floral smells, nothing I can still put my finger on. I am happy so far with the progress of this cross, the resin and smells on number 2 is still making it the leading candidate, but number 3 is making a nice run here late and packing on some nice resin.

    Some fading is taking place as they are starting to run out of gas and just starting to yellow up. Hairs are starting to turn and we are getting closer. Still thinking in the 9 week range (60-66 days).

    Jesus OG- side by side (in numerical order)

    J-OG sbs.jpg


    J-OG 1.jpg

    J-OG 1-2.jpg

    J-OG 1-3.jpg

    J-OG 1-4.jpg


    J-OG 2.jpg

    J-OG 2-1.jpg

    J-OG 2-3.jpg

    J-OG 2-4.jpg

    J-OG 2-5.jpg

    J-OG 2-6.jpg

    J-OG 2-7.jpg


    J-OG 3.jpg

    J-OG 3-1.jpg

    J-OG 3-3.jpg

    J-OG 3-6.jpg

    J-OG 3-7.jpg

    J-OG 3-8.jpg

    J-OG 3-4.jpg

    J-OG 3-5.jpg


    J-OG 4.jpg

    J-OG 4-1.jpg

    J-OG 4-3.jpg

    J-OG 4-4.jpg


    nugbuckets Well-Known Member

    i love how the shortest one is the frostiest one...rare....lovin #2

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Great shots... they definitely look a lot like the og kush i grew out before in bud/plant structure. Those buds'll be rock hard and dense when they're done if they're not already. You gotta top the shit out of those bad bitches to really get crazy yields though -- would probably be great for mainlining.

    oceansider Member

    Beautiful shots T Ray I have a five pack myself and it makes me look forward to getting them going was wondering is anyone out there running Mickey Kush Testers?????? I got some of them from the LA cup 5 out of 5 sprouted and are looking really good but I was just wondering if anyone has any picture of what to expect. I plan on getting a journal going but haven't had the time yet to put the pictures on.
    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member

    Update day 94 from seed. Day 55 12/12.

    Everything is looking good and getting more colorful and smelly. From where these started in size to what they have become (especially considering the stretch) I am more than happy. I have some in the next round in 5 gallon buckets to see what they can do in a bigger container with some more topping and training.

    Smell wise numbers 1 and 4 are gaining a smell but its a mostly faint floral smell, nothing overpowering, but pleasant. 2 is a more fuely lemon lime menthol and 3 is taking a more dominant lemon smell the later it gets, both of them have very strong smells though. Resin wise 2 is the leader and 3 and 4 aren't far behind. Structure wise they stretched a good bit, but they packed on solidly and held their own weight pretty well.

    These will be coming down in the next 5 days/weekish pending on the trich's.

    I am going to have some tough work ahead of me deciding which one is my favorite.

    Jesus OG -

    Side by Side (in numerical order)
    Side by Side Jesus OG.jpg


    Jesus OG 1a.jpg

    Jesus OG 1b.jpg


    Jesus OG 2a.jpg

    Jesus OG 2b.jpg

    Jesus OG 2c.jpg

    Jesus OG 2d.jpg

    Jesus OG 2e.jpg


    Jesus OG 3a.jpg

    Jesus OG 3b.jpg

    Jesus OG 3c.jpg


    Jesus OG 4a.jpg

    Jesus OG 4b.jpg

    Jesus OG 4c.jpg

    thump easy

    thump easy Well-Known Member

    how is the smell??? whats it like???
    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member

    I have covered the smells in the update description. 2nd paragraph starts out with "Smell wise...." and further continues to describe the smells going on.


    Cannarchy Active Member

    Those Jesus look dope, T-Ray. Who doesn't love some Limonene!?

    69Bandit Active Member

    been 7 days since update, me want more

    moeseph1980 Member

    agreed, we want more.
    T Ray

    T Ray Well-Known Member


    Ok, sorry for the delay, but sometimes real life gets in the way.

    Hopefully for you it will be worth the wait.

    Harvested @ 63 days. They are getting pretty dry and are getting ready for their final manicure and then hitting the jars. 1,4 both are dense not too intense in the smell, but have solid yields and nice trich coverage. 2 is fairly dense, pretty good yielding, has a real nice lemony menthol smooth smell and is trich'ed out to fuck(serious eyecandy).3 has a very similiar smell to number 2, but is more airy and has more leaf with plenty of trich's.

    I have more of each pheno going in 5 gallons and looking forward to seeing their progress now that I've seem em' once through.

    Smoke report and more photo's to come after a solid cure and plenty of smoke testing.

    Drying shots of my lead dog pheno #2.






    T Ray
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    bamacheese Well-Known Member

    I'm so glad I ordered this strain!!! All i really have to say is......JESUS!!!!!!!

    kushking42 Well-Known Member

    really nice work as always T

    Cannabinoids Member

    Where did you order it from?

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    nobody fucks with the jesus


    bamacheese Well-Known Member

    The Mantis

    The Mantis Active Member

    hells angel og - this has been under 1000w shps. it's at day 48 flower now and i put outside about a week ago and it slowly faded purple. dense nugs and hairy. strongest grapefruit smell i've ever sniffed on ganja. fingers still smell an hour or so after a bud rub.

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    oldschoolstoner272 Member

    Beautiful ...... Simply beautiful:clap:

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