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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    This thread will discuss and dissect my new crop.

    As I have been doing so far, I have spin the tumblers, coming up
    with a new approach to try.

    I am using 5 gallon buckets in a 3x3 array again, but I am using
    straight hempy formula from Mo's thread. (3/4perlite+1/4vermiculite)

    I will also be trying the many-stakes approach of supporting the ladies.
    The one-big-screen from the last grow was problematic.

    Here is the line-up:
    DNA Genetics LA Confidential
    Reserva Privada OG Kush
    Reserva Privada OG Kush #18
    Reserva Privada Skywalker Kush
    Reserva Privada Purple Wreck
    Reserva Privada Kosher Kush (my first mainlined needs more Veg!)
    Reserva Privada Sour Kush AKA Headband
    Cannaventure Seeds Purple Berry BX II
    Sensi Jack Herer

    Here they are as of this morning:

    I have a lot to add, as I am trying mainlining one, and a couple already
    might need some advice. :0)

    That is all for now,


    P.S. I am also about to start a new thread to discuss my Crop #6
    the beans of which I popped just today.

    papapayne Well-Known Member

    First one here! Grabbing a chair and getting ready to enjoy the ride!

    papapayne Well-Known Member

    Hey JD, I was wondering what made you change your mind and not do another SOG?

    Javadog Well-Known Member


    I am happy to have you along.

    As I wrote, I am in "pre-season mode".

    If it works, then try something new. :0)

    I only wish that I had two flowering tents.

    I would use the second to take a known winner,
    grow it out, take a ton of clones, and do another SOG.

    My Crop #2 yield, the AK-47 SOG, way out-yielded
    my subsequent crops.

    ...but I want to learn to better Veg plants, and to better train them.

    I am also interested in building a RDWC system at some point.

    I think that vertical is another way to go.

    LOL. You see the problem.

    This crop I am doing true hempys. At this point, I am trying
    to deal optimally with the run off. can take a long
    time for a well fed hempy to stop dripping!

    Take care,

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    Fenian Brotherhood

    Fenian Brotherhood Well-Known Member

    Subbed Dog..

    Just from curiosity, What are the advantages between SOG and Vegging Phat plants?
    From your Perspective :fire:

    Looks Good. Take Care
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Well FB, all I can say is that my yield was higher overall.

    ...but then again, I am still too new to comment authoritatively
    on best practices.

    I am sure that if I used my t-8 driven Veg area to Veg out plants
    *while the previous crop is in the tent* then I should be able to
    do well with larger plants.

    BTW, I thought to create a new thread for my Crop #6 today,
    as I popped the beans for it, but I figure that there is so little
    to say that I will just comment occasionally on those beans here.

    To begin with, note that the list is insane:

    Breeder's Boutique Smelly Cherry
    Breeder's Boutique Sour Cherry
    Breeder's Boutique Dog
    Breeder's Boutique Psycho Killer
    Breeder's Boutique Cheese Surprise
    Sensi Blueberry
    Sensi Hashplant
    TGA Jack's Cleaner 2

    GHS Chemdog
    GHS Super Lemon Haze
    DNA Sour Kosher
    HSO Blue Dream
    HSO Lemon Juice Express
    HSO Lemon Thai Kush

    OK, now, here's the kicker: I did one bean of each.

    This means that there is every reason to expect that four, or so, of
    the first list of beans will not make it into the tent.

    If I do not get a bitch (female Dog ;0) then no worries. I have 9 more beans.
    If I miss the "Lemon Pledge" pheno of Psycho Killer then " " " " " .

    I will go from cup to small pots, then into larger pots, all before the tent.

    Take care,

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    papapayne Well-Known Member

    Its my understanding that the dog is s1 so feminized. So you should get a female :)

    I am really hoping for a lemon pledge phenotype to :) I got 3 of those going, so here's hoping!
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    I want that Lemon too! :0)

    My Dog is the newer BX and is regular, IIRC. I missed out on the S1s.

    It will be a good crop. It has Blue Dream and Chemdog to begin with.

    Take care,


    papapayne Well-Known Member

    Oh my mistake. I guess I got lucky then :). I am very excited for the up coming crop, as I am sure you are to. What was your yield of your latest crop? For comparison how did you do on the sog yield?

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Dude, my SOG doubled the take on my last Crop.

    These were nicely grown out plants and I am really enjoying
    the nugs, but in terms of yield there is no question.

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    papapayne Well-Known Member

    wow. doubled. That's intense. Refresh my memory, you used 2 gallon smart pots right? How long was the veg time again?

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Subbed for results... Good luck!
    Fenian Brotherhood

    Fenian Brotherhood Well-Known Member

    So I am putting Money on the Hash Plant and The Kosher :D

    Although, I didn't see the Kosher on List number two...

    Doubled huh... That's intense! Does plant count drive you away from that just a Little bit?

    Honestly,,, between the Two I'd have to say Hash Plant haha :)

    I've always loved them

    DLOPEZ1420 Well-Known Member

    Subbed up.. cant wait to see that sour kush and jacks s cleaner..

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard.

    I can report that my mainlined Kosher Kush is popping up
    nicely. I was concerned that I will need to flip the tent soon,
    but I am confident that I could flip any time.

    I just want these new heads to finish setting themselves.

    Here is a shot just taken:

    Take care,

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    I am finding that, as usual, when one grows a series of different breeds, that
    one will end up with one or two plants that seem weaker than the others.

    I find that it is also true that some plants just make a plant that is, well, to
    the eye, weaker than other plants....with pale, parchment thin leaves,
    and relatively slow growth.

    I am thinking that in these cases, that there is some fix that could be used,
    but that I am not yet aware of...i.e. to pH the soil up or down, etc.

    For my last crop, this was my PurpleBerry. For this crop again, the female
    PurpleBerry that popped is growing the pale plant that I recall. ...but this
    one might be a tad stronger:


    This PB is actually a tad stronger than my last, and I am hopeful for some decent buds...
    ...but compared to the genetic strength of the AK-47 or Blue Cheese this is still feeble.

    But it is the Purple Wreck that I would really like to help get stronger:

    This plant is growing, and it very lovely, but I get the impression that it is

    If you recall, when I popped beans last time, I had some seedlings that lagged
    behind the others because of the soil they used. This was one of those weaker
    seedlings. It improved when I up-potted it, but is still lagging.

    I did a search on this breed but only found a few threads. (you were the only
    respondent in one of them Bass)

    If anyone knows of any good threads that discuss this breed, then please let me know.

    Take care,

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    papapayne Well-Known Member

    Looking good JD From the looks of the tracking info I should hopefully have my attitude order today, so cool to have the same strains going as you :)

    keep em green my friend,

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    papapayne Well-Known Member

    It could be just that the particular strain doesn't like mainlining. Some strains just can't handle the High stress training.

    That purple wreck though looks like it could use some cal mg

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    LOL, then I will chuck some cal-mag at it. :0)

    I am happy to try anything. If it dies, then the
    Jack Herer will happily gobble it's space up. The
    JH is exploding.

    Thanks for taking the time.


    papapayne Well-Known Member

    For the quickest results I like to foliage fed the cal mg.

    out of curiosity, if your yield was so much better with the sog what made you change your style?

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