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Jack Skellington reviews -- is it worth it???

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by ReefBongwell, Jan 19, 2013.


    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Has anybody seen any completed jack skellington grows/reviews yet? I haven't managed to find any... curious if it's worth the extra $$ to go ahead and order these before they're gone... looks awesome but there are a lot of TGA strains that do and can't order'em all...
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    are any of them worth it at that price? i guess it depends on where you buy them but still.

    i grew out 2 jilly bean and both were male. i have 8 more beans left.

    Oriah Well-Known Member

    the answer is hell yeah, they are all worth $10 a bean easy.

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    My question isn't whether it's worth the extra money. My question is is it worth the extra money when I have a lot of other strains on my list... also I believe it's a limited run so may not be around forever... has anyone actually grown it out and posted their results yet?

    That's a bit much smoke and coke... tga beans are $75 per 10 pack at hempdepot... jack s is $90 -- that makes TGA on the value side of seed pricing. Growing out 2 beans from a pack proves nothing. My female rate with TGA genetics is about 65% on average. When the other 8 beans all turn up male, let us know :) Hope you have good luck with the jilly bean -- i've read a lot of reviews recently and it seems to either be a strain you really love or a strain you wish you hadn't grown.... I guess depending on what pheno you get and what your expectations were :)

    My only point with this thread is not to knock jack s, but just saying if I got a lot of tga beans to buy, there's no reason for me to buy Jack S for more unless it's really that good... I'm sure it is dank if sub is putting it out, but i'd love to hear from other growers of tga beans how it compares to other things they've grown. The extra cost is not even really enough to worry about compared to the overall cost of the orders I put in, and i'd rush out and buy it if I saw a lot of others saying how great it is... but I haven't found much of anything yet as far as people who've grown it out yet or even many jack skellington grow threads at all. With it being a limited release, I definitely DO wanna rush out and get it if it is that badass.

    ZBubbaKush Active Member

    I have been meaning to post pictures but right now I'm about 6 weeks into a pack of skellingtons that Dioxide gave me at the Seattle cup. So far I am seeing 2 different phenos. One is JTR dom being a little more stretchy with a fruity lemon stank. The other one that I have very much leaning towards G-13 with huge block head colas that looks as wide as hockey pucks. I say any pack of TGA seeds is "worth it" because you are bound to find at LEAST 1 winner!

    Budologist420 Well-Known Member

    I've got a ten pack and I'm thinking about running it outdoors this year. Looks like a great resin producing strain based on the pics at tgagenetics.com

    Would love to see some pics of your girls zbubbakush, or anyone else with pics for that matter.
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    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Same here :)

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Hey all, just a note that if you want to see a regularly updated jack skellington grow besides zbubbamaster's, mr. spliff and his associate venomgrower have a jack skellington grow going that's 1 month in -- just go to youtube and check mrspliff420 or venomgrower420's channel for video's labeled 'Race to 420' -- guessing they're planning on harvesting by 4/20 :)

    I'm half tempted to buy a couple of packs just because not that many people are growing it yet and almost no one's completed it so it'd be kinda cool to get in on something new...

    on the other hand if I'm gonna do that maybe I should just get some more ace because I miss that bcs so much.

    ZBubbaKush Active Member

    Whats up Reef? Just wanted to clear something up real quick. I think you have mistaken Mr. Spliff for our friend Farmer John. Farmer John is doing the race to 420 with 15 Skellingtons on his youtube channel.

    drolove Well-Known Member

    ive heard nothing but good about it

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    You're right, farmer john... was watching some mr spliff stuff too -- oops! Sad part is I wasn't even high...

    Also got our name wrong :) Your name and some seeds I have got merged ;)

    SpliffAndMyLady Well-Known Member

    You gotta do this, I had the same idea! Can't wait to see someone make some skellington outdo bubble :-)

    EirikN Active Member

    damn tga has gotten expensive wasnt it like 70 dollars for a 10 pack a year ago? remember sub saying something about that he wanted to keep it cheap and he always only made 10 dollar per seed pack or something, what happened with that?? kind of pricey for space queen f1 crosses...

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    It's $75/10 pack now from hemp depot for normal TGA beans. JS is $15 more -- it's a limited release. Tons of other breeders selling their gear for $100-200/pack.

    Sub does not set dispensary/seedbank pricing.

    the issue for me isn't that it's expensive... gonna be buying tga beans either way just whether it's worth the extra for the JS.

    ErikN if you think <$100/pack for beans that are going to yield you multiple oz (really one 10 pack done right i'm sure you can yield over 1lb) then you're just making up shit to bitch about because you wanna rag on tga. The cost of even expensive beans is small compared to what you get out of them.

    EirikN Active Member

    True ReefBongwell i just want to rag on tga, you got me. I know sub released alot of great genetics before but there is just something off about it now, subcool being an asshole is one of them, i used to be a "weed nerd" and watch all of the shows on youtube etc, i remember him talking about not liking the sour diesels and chems and OGs, then he moves to cali and suddenly smokes it all the time and brags about matt rizes ice wax that was made from those strains? after i traveled the internet and read other breeders way of handling negative critisism or questions, i really feel you should do the same. check out seeddepot, check out canna collective, see how the breeders there interfere with their customers, its a total different world, IF his "strains" were really that potent and i only had to grow out a 10 pack to find my keeper, 100 dollars would be no problem, but i would rather spend 130 on 7 raskal beens or 70 on 11 bodhi beens or 50(!!) on 12 hazeman beens and get most likely better results. Also for the fans of apollo 13 check out motarebel he has an f4 wich is getting restocked at TSD very soon. I like that bodhi used the same concept that tga used, pollen chucking with a good male, but he has a crazy clone selection muuch better then TGA and still releases the beans cheaper, the breeders that im refering to often have their stock sold out pretty fast too, i know thats because they dont make as many as TGA, but that gave me something to think about. I also remember sub bashing on alphakronik for making his own space jill and releasing it, i remember sub saying he was gonna pull it from the selection, but check at the attitude you can still buy them? that was a long time ago now. Also in alphakroniks LVPK bx you would still find mostly space queen dominant phenos from what ive heard, is that what you want when you are searching for the LVPK? not bashing alphakronik here rather the spacequeen. i know you "weed nerds" are going to hate on me for saying this, that is also one of the problems with weed nerds they are so protective over sub, like he cant defend himself? and the way he defends himself is by being an asshole really, and when people ask him questions he answers by saying ive allready answered this question a million times i have 43 mails to read everyday blablabla... Im so glad i did some research on strains before i bought mine otherwise i might have fallen for his good sales tricks. seriously check out hazemans catalogue, he doesnt use either a spacequeen male or a JTR male, he has an arsenal. Weird how sub never bashed motarebel for his apollo 13 f4 when it was just as much of subs creation as the spacequeen was? spacequeen is from Vic High, wich also liked to do pollen chuck and create f1s.

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    We'll have to agree to disagree, but I think all the haters need to evaluate why the waste their valuable time coming into subcool's forum to hate. I'm guessing like me, the people who defend sub don't care to dwell on petty little stuff like some of the stuff you're talking about. Sub dissed someone for selling sub's strain? Don't really care -- and it wouldn't prevent me from getting the other guys version if I was interested. I don't have anything against other breeders I usually do not run tga exclusively, it's just what I prefer to run. Why? Because the TGA stuff I've grown is way better than most of the other stuff I've grown non-TGA. Your experience of not finding a keeper in a pack is not mine. I've had nothing but good luck with TGA. i've run several other breeders (none of the ones you mentioned) as well as some indie non-seedbank breeders this year -- nothing's been as good as the tga the only thing that was close was Serious white russian.

    Seriously though, you and the other haters should evaluate what it is you are getting out of picking fights with his fans in his forum or on his youtube channel. I think the thing you and a lot of haters also forget about sub is he'll give you the respect back you gave him. If you come at him acting disrespectfully, you may get a disrespectful response back. If other breeders don't do that, that's cool for them they can run their shit how they like. If you don't like sub, move on and hang in the other breeders forums rather than wasting time on whatever this personal obsession you guys have. Or smoke another bowl or something since the stuff you got from someone else is so dank, right -- shit :)

    oh and PS - about the space jill, yes i did notice that too... although he said he wasn't making more seeds, not that he wasn't going to restock seedbanks with his existing stock... so i don't know whether the seeds just haven't run out or if he just changed his mind, but seriously... seriously... seriously, are you seriously going to tell me dude that in all the years you've been smoking out... you've never had an idea while high that you meant to carry through and then later said fuck it or changed your mind.... are you seriously going to say you're giving sub crap about the same thing pretty much every pothead does at one point or another? why the FUCK is this even an issue to you, ask yourself that? that's what most of us subcool fans don't get about you haters, is your little obsessions over petty BS, and i'm sure that's the shit that pisses sub off too -- that's why you don't get much sympathy from any of us. Not trying to hate on ya, just telling it like it is, because it doesn't get said often enough.

    I literally do not have enough time in my life to deal out the kinda hatin you guys do.

    TGA vs non-TGA ;)


    EirikN Active Member

    Whats that last quote there?? Also quit the passive aggressive tone its laughable.. seriously serious seeds white russian was the closest you came to tga standard dank?? you know simon lost his parents in the y2k raids right?

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member


    EirikN Active Member

    lol, great movies tho!

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    You're coming at me about passive aggressive tone? Reread your lil subcool bitchfest -- that's laughable.

    Yes, serious seeds is the closest in quality of the seeds I grew this year to tga. Every tga plant i've grown has been vigorous with dank buds. Can't say the same for the rest other than the serious. Actually the sour kush that I didn't get to finish from reserve privada looked like it was going to be some serious dank a real super bush -- would have made up for their OG Kush (not the #18 which i hear is good) easily the worst I grew this year.

    Oh and I'm guessing simon is part of serious I'm not really familiar with the breeders/history of the company, just it's reputation -- never heard about any Y2K raids either but I was not in the seen til 2005 (or was it 2003... that was an awesome period when i first started growing so high ;) ) started on Overgrow and CW. I wanna get a pack of the AK-47 and white russian to grow out in the coming year... but serious seeds are almost $200/pack so it's kind of hard to make that jump when TGA is $75/pack.

    Now that I think about it it was probably 2003 because we were SOOOOO blown out for Shock and Awe.

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