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I've Done DWC For 17 Years!

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by William Wonder, Jan 19, 2012.

    Flo Grow

    Flo Grow Well-Known Member

    Now that you have my brain fired up, I could probably cut 4 inch squares (more like 3.75) in a new lid and squeeze the cubes in that way.
    That should be able to hold them for a grow.
    As long as the plant weight doesnt cause it to fall through ! lol

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    you've been asked to post pictures politely so where's the pictures? People here tend to not believe you unless you have photographic proof. This is probably why you thread has been rated so low, anybody can come on here and say " I grow award winning weed" but unless they produce some proof it's mainly written off as bullshit.

    RL420 Well-Known Member

    QFT, btw i called subcool but he didnt answer ;-)
    William Wonder

    William Wonder Active Member

    It's been ten years...don't bother Sub. It's simple. Grab a 7 gallon rubber maid or sterlite tub. Both manufactures make the right size. When you fill it with 5 gallons of solution it comes up about 4.5". This is important and these are very hard to find these days but Ebay has them. Now listen--->99% of all 4" pots are made to thin these days. Everyone is cheaping out but you can still find them if you look. You need 4" pots that are 4.5" tall and cut the bottom off. Turn it upside down and place the 4 x 4 x Rockwool cube on top. The bottom of the 4" pot has two cuts that the 1/4 air hose slides through and holds it in place. The rockwool stand(4 inch pot) holds the airline down. The water level comes up just past the bottom of the cube. The tub is coverered with tin foil. It is so cheap and simple no other hydro system can beat it. I can't tell DWC people this enough. PLEASE NO AIR STONES! NEVER air stones! You are sabotaging your system. Does this site host pics? I'm not talking photo-bucket.

    howsweetitis Member

    you can email me the pics and i'll post them for you... 97supra4sale808 @ gmail.com

    other wise when you hit "go advanced" SCROLL down a bit past where you type in the post box and you will see "manage attachments"... thats where you can upload pics just for us.

    burrr Active Member

    No airstones? you gotta be kiddin me!

    BigBuddahCheese New Member

    My apologizes if he produces pics.

    faller200 Well-Known Member

    I just throw the pots away any more.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    I'm still trying to figure out wtf is new/unique about this? :/
    Wtf is the gimmick/idea of this thread? And still no photos to explain just what the fuck you're talking about.

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    so from what I understand.....you have a 4 inch rockwool sitting on a 4 inch netpot turned upside down sitting on the bottom of your dwc (or swc as you say) res with a airstone run into the netpot on the bottom of the res? I assume you have a top on the tote eh? and then how do you seal out light around the stalk? I just don't understand what benefit this has over say something that doesn't use rockwool at all, aero.

    burrr Active Member

    I've been doing DWC for 17 months!
    and in that time I've learned that there are lots of ways to get it done. Willys setup sounds really ghetto, but also very functional. But come on now, tinfoil is so 80's.

    I agree that red pebbles suck ass, and I use less now that I use a 6" rockwool block in my basket.
    Airstones are just fine if you clean them once in a while.
    I think one of the best things you can do in DWC is feed a low ppm level.
    combining rockwool and DWC is a real convenient way to veg then flower your plants.
    Rockwool performs really well when top fed frequently for short durations.

    I get 1 gpw under a 600 using these methods, but sometimes I only get .5 gpw using these methods.

    evertroy Member

    You say "You need sterile and clean tap water with chlorine from the city" That statement contradicts itself 100%. You cant have sterile water with chlorine, expecially from the city. Everyone says to let your water sit for a day if you have a lot of chlorine in it.

    Why no air stones? How does this "sabatoge" our systems. Please, explain why you suggest these things, they go against everything I've ever read.

    burrr Active Member

    This method was discussed in the december 1986 issues of hightimes. Kelly Bundy still topped the "pot 100 list".

    Willy probably needed a little chlorine in his water to prevent root rot. I add chloramine ( DM Zone) to mine sometimes in the summer.

    sqydro Active Member

    i to dont use airstones in my dwc they seem to like it lol this is one plant still 5 weeks of fattening to go!!


    dbkick Well-Known Member

    oh thank you sqydro, you brought my attention to wtf the OP was on about. I didn't read the entire post completely and thoroughly ! I'm gonna try this some time although I already do in a way when I spray water thru misters using the same type of pump OP talks about. I could easily kill the air pump more than likely but won't.
    William Wonder

    William Wonder Active Member

    1. Air stones ruin pumps and clog fast with salts but that's not the worst part. They reduce agitation which tends to close water surface tension resulting in far less oxygen in the solution. Also as stones clog they don't airate as well and it happens fast.

    2. I'm not talking ghetto, I'm talking the best and easiest. It just happens to be ghetto. I've never seen healthy DWC roots in another system so I stopped looking years ago. For instance in this very thread the fellows pics clearly showed where the roots turned rosey as they fought through that awful net pot.

    3. Get net pots out of your mind. I would never use em under any circumstance. They are root inhibitors even under the plant. I'm talking about solid 4" pots that can take the weight of a tree on it with a 3/4 inch to 1" stem.

    4. I get 6-8 z's like clockwork every 9 weeks(total INCLUDING veg time) of stuff better than the original Cindy 99 because it is 99.25. Cup winner stuff hands down. Deep Cindy pineapple funk cut with Vics Vapor Rub. If you are producing more quality bud faster don't listen to me, because you got me beat.

    sqydro Active Member

    Im having trouble understanding what
    U mean with the pot with the bottom cut
    Off mate can you do a painting or pic ir summit im intruiged lol

    BigBuddahCheese New Member

    LOL.. I love this thread it's like a sitcom.

    VoidObject DWC/Bubbleponics Mod

    It's like talking about a sit com that never airs :lol:

    hegem0n Member

    Mr. Wonder,

    First off +REP
    Some questions please?

    How are you watering/changing water for your system? Recirculating system?
    What is your floor/lighting (Wattage, Type, etc.?) arrangement?
    Any more advanced techniques used? Like FIM, LST, SCROG, anything?
    How do you keep the light from reaching the roots? How do you hold the Rockwool in place? Cutting a square in the lid?

    Any detailed info would suffice in place of pics I'd think - a picture is worth a thousand words but perhaps enough detail lends credence to your system. I have been looking long and far for something as simple and easy to maintain - would love to discover I've finally found it! If so - could use all the help setting it up on a slightly larger scale.

    Thanks Mr. Wonder!

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