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Is weed that has or had Powdery Mildew still smokeable..??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ogreballerina, Apr 17, 2010.


    oddboy Active Member

    So I agree with potsmokinsumbitch....Who has the real world experience with this? My harvest has some plants with PM issues.....No one really has a good answer for this it seems, so I'll throw my two cents out.....I've been smokin some buds w/ a case of PM after removing contaminated leaves and trimmings.....Been a couple of days and I'm typin this so I'm alive......I will say after a couple of days I do feel a slight irritation on the roof of my mouth and my nose has been stuffy/yellow mucus........Last night woke up with a heat flash ,and then chills, and then heat .....I have felt nausea and sort of disconnected sensation/dizziness... not normal for me being high......I am an avid smoker , I smoke everyday and have been doing so for 15+years.....My experience leads me to theorize DON'T SMOKE PM buds......Solve the problem before harvest/drying or Seems like making FOOD products might be your best solution.....Or toss em...... just make sure you hold yourself accountable for your actions and not what someone else said! I'm gonna try some ISO hash myself with my buds......cuz darnit that's my head stash I need/ can't afford to toss\\\\\\

    Mold that comes @ curing though... is a Toss 'em.... no questions....that will kill you...

    marcu5 Active Member

    i'll tell you this much. once you've cured bud w/powdery mildew, you can spot it in other bud. pretty sure i've smoked more than my share of bud w/PM over the years now that i know what to search for. sucks but that's what happens when you don't grow your own flowers.

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