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Is it safe to take some weed on an Amtrak train in 2012?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by famicube64, Jun 26, 2012.


    famicube64 Member

    I've been reading up on it but everything I've found has been from a few years ago. I accumulated a little over an eighth while visiting my dad and I've stashed in my bag but boy it still reeks. The train back is tomorrow.

    backyardagain Well-Known Member

    Stuff it in a mason jar? Help keep the smell down. I did it once with a quater in a masonjar and it worked fine. Just wrap up the mason jar in a short or somethinng buddy dropped his bag a lil hard and broke his.

    DO3SHA Well-Known Member

    jsut vaccum seal it, thats what i do when i fly, but i wouldnt take more than an oz
    Scrotie Mcboogerballs

    Scrotie Mcboogerballs Well-Known Member

    Hey bro, i wouldn't stress on it too much just don't put it with your checked luggage. Trains are notorious for having dogs smell your shit before you they load it. Keep it on you. And like the previous said, keep it in a vacuum jar or bag and you'll be straight.

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    An eigth is nothing, smoke it up and go home safe and buy another eigth when you get home. Why would someone risk travelling with an eigth, anywhere you end up you should be able to find some herb.

    I look at it this way, if I can pick up chicks in different town/state/country I can most likely pick up some herb.


    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    ^that guy is a bad ass

    micadesgns Well-Known Member

    buy a menan speed stick deoderant. screw it up till deoderant comes out. put 1/8 in case and screw deoderant back down some. it will hide all smells....

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    ^that guy is a smart ass ;)
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    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    Oh u from florida too!!

    Justin00 Active Member

    I tell my gf the same thing, why would i take you with me when i can, almost, be certain there will already be chicks where i'm going.

    She doesn't understand tho =S

    DO3SHA Well-Known Member

    Remember the dogs only smell I. Command I can walk up to a dog with bud in my pocket and he won't do nothing until the command is given

    DeeTee Well-Known Member

    Why take the risk?..is it worth it?...You could find yourself in a situation you'll regret. You won't die if you don't have any 'till you get home, get some when you are.

    FatMarty Well-Known Member

    Buy a bag of Big Red chewing tobacco and just lay the weed in there next to the tobacco, and reseal.
    The DEA and TSA do the trains pretty regular - have been since 9-11. They usually have dogs; so...

    srh88 Well-Known Member

    last time i was on amtrak i brought weed with me not knowing about the dogs, i was scared as shit.. ended up all they sniffed out was bombs, thought i was fucked. still better to be safe then sorry.. the chewing tobacco idea works pretty well

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    The last thing Amtrak etc would want to do is have drug sniffing dogs in passenger's faces.. It's just not good for business.. Alot of ppl are allergic to, or terrified of dogs regardless of their recreational possessions.. Granted I'm Canadian, but I've never seen a dog anywhere near passengers on any domestic bus/train trips aside from one seeing-eye dog.. If it's not detectable to humans even after it's warmed by body-heat, I have to assume the risk is no greater than any common-day possession risk.. If I'm wrong, I'm sure ppl with USA train-riding experience will correct me, but I don't see the threat as being even as high as having an 8th in your pocket while sitting in a car.. And as far as dogs reporting goes, one time in HS I was in a really crowded hallway at school once, with a really stinky gram in my pocket that even I could clearly smell.. There was a cop with a dog that I assume had been brought in for a locker search making their way through the crowd that I didn't see until they were right beside me.. The dog's nose literally brushed against that pocket, I put my hand down for him to sniff like you typically do with dogs, said "Hey pup.." and just kept walking like it was no big deal even though I was scared shitless.. Whether the dog was just too spooked by the massive crowd to signal, or it wasn't commanded to hunt I don't know.. Nice dog though..:)

    FatMarty Well-Known Member

    It's not AMTRAKs call man - Homeland Security does whatever the fuck they want.
    Read the other posts here - any of us who have riden AMTRAK since 9-11 know the dogs are trained for drugs too.

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    I get it.. They're afraid stoner terrorists are going to hijack a train and drive it into the White House.. I'd just like to know from frequent USA domestic train riders how often they personally come into contact with LEO dogs.. If it's in your pocket, then it's not in your baggage.. Well there may be residual odour, but I have a hunch that this is pretty common with train luggage..

    famicube64 Member

    Thanks for the answers guys. I had no problems having it on the train. I put it in the rain cover thing on my backpack because the pocket is on the bottom and it hid the smell completely (to me at least). It probably would not have gotten past dogs but there were no dogs. I would do it again.

    atidd11 Well-Known Member

    Fucking gangsta mane good job!! Stay trill

    BadAndy Well-Known Member

    I had wondered once if this was a decent way of traveling heavy. Instead of driving take the train across the country...just buy a room for yourself on the traveling cart of the train.

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