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Is It Possible to Send Weed in the Mail?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Potgrower3345, Sep 10, 2009.


    Potgrower3345 Well-Known Member

    OK my friend is sending me some weed from his state to the state im in he's sending me 10g how likely is it for it to be caught? ( were both in the same country)

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    it will prolly get through but its just a really stupid thing to do... it will get through or a cop will show up at yer door.... good luck

    Bosson26 Active Member

    10g? pretty stupid. try sending 2.5 g per package or tell him to ship a toy with that 10 G inside of it and seal it up good.

    let's say. a plastic toy doll. remove the battery cover and cut a hole thru it and put the 10G inside of the toy then put something in the battery tray to cover up the smell. then the cap back. bubble wrap it. in a box then tape it up real good all corners and edge. then ship.
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    northwoodsmoker New Member

    hope all goes well for you.. id be a little freaked out with it..

    Pistols&Crystals Member

    I had a friend who put it in a teddy bear and shipped it with a bag of coffee. It worked, but its sketchy

    ablepipeman Active Member

    you never wanna just put weed in a envelope and mail it....thats just begging for trouble! Always pack in something and like pistols said, put coffee around it or something to help cover up the odor. teddy bears work great or even go to a build-a-bear and get the empty carcus and tell them its a school or home project for the kids you can get pillow filling to fluff the bear up.

    jerkin247 Well-Known Member


    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    The PO needs a search warrant to open any package, so obvious delay in delivery might indicate trouble looming.
    The way I figure, it'd be ridiculously easy to set some enemy up by mailing them some unsolicited package, so unless the sender is caught, proving the receiver knew would be near impossible.

    Still, it's messing with the Feds and shouldn't be done lightly.

    ne14a420 Active Member

    You should be fine. I've send through the mail several times. One time to my sister just inside of a zip lock bag inside a plain white envelope. But to be safe, make up factious names for both the sender and the receiver. Also I does hurt to put it inside of some type of semi-solid matter such as peanut butter or hand loction. And use UPS, not the USPS.
    captain insaneo

    captain insaneo Well-Known Member

    go to like tj maxx or ross, one of those discount stores have him get some herbs and spices put it in a box and send it OVERNIGHT, less time in transit gives the cops less time to find it. If you do use the postoffice many of them have those automated postage machines use a prepaid card bought with cash and were a mask when using the machine.

    And remember don't admit knowledge of the shipment EVER. You cant be held responsible for what is sent to you in the mail only what you send,
    but if they know you have it and they come to your house and find it ... that is a whole different story.

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    buy a large candle, bore a hole out a couple inches deep in the bottom. insert your weed in a container of some sort. melt the remaining candle wax and fill the hole. i sent one of these with a quarter of weed from California to Iowa. my cousin received the packaged and all was well.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Overnight mail is always via airplane and much more heavily scrutinized. No, never overnight.
    And as was said earlier never USPS only fedex or ups etc.

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    sucks for the jackass 2 towns over from here. tried to send some weed to florida bout a year ago, UPS.... cops went to his house, found 80 plants in his basement.......... good times im sure

    Anonymiss1969 Active Member

    Everyone is going to think this is really dumb (because it is) but one time I sent an ounce and 50 pills of e by USPS from WA to my buddy in Montana. :wall:
    Got there safely but still... Could have been bad. I was REALLY high when I did it.

    nitroman Active Member

    hell yeah i have done this myself no prob sent a half o

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    haha right on man

    eyeCeleveneleven Active Member

    I know someone that received 14 grams flattened and vacuum sealed in a letter size envelope in the mail from the USPS. I swear thats all it took, and it looked like a "thick invoice" or "bill". I was skeptical that 14g would be inside, but sure enough. Food sealers are the bomb. PS, never use UPS or Fedex...I read a good reason not to, just can't recall the minutia.

    MartinezTree Active Member

    It should be all good I have known people who have done that and people who have worked at places like UPS, and they don't really check anything from what I have heard. However, the bud being in just an envelope and not disguised is kinda jank

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    That's not right to say you read a good reason not too but can't remember what the reason is. Dude, seriously, you posted don't do it you must back it up with why.

    What are you saying then USPS is preferrable or are you saying go with someone less well equipped like DHL or something?

    Info is great when it's not just rumor with zero evidence.

    There are a bunch of sites I thought would be closed in a heartbeat but are still shipping high priced weed all over the country and they use Fedex and UPS. I won't publicly say how they do it, but it's very very simple and if you want to know bad enough do a search, don't pm me asking about it.

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    There is a cazillion packages floating around at those places everday day. You can mail or send the shit no problem. Most of you never get packages. So you think its a big deal.

    What ya think they have a dog sniffing every package?
    Step #1 is donot mark weed inside on package.

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