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Is bag seed worth growing?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by puffpuffPASSEDOUT, Mar 21, 2010.


    puffpuffPASSEDOUT Well-Known Member

    Well to inform the curious, ive done 2 indoor closet grows, one DP white widow fem'd (took forever to grow), and one DP blueberry fem'd (much better grow, easy to overnute though).

    But anyways, Ive saved about 50 bagseed from all the good batches ive had. Im germinating them now (17 have cracked in 24 hours). I plan on planting them all together in a nice meadow far far away from anyone. I was thinking about doing a combo of peat moss, vermilicite, and pearlite...BUT after thinking about it i may just do some peat moss and compost if i can find some cheap enough, if not ill just go with some peat moss. .... Now for nutes i planned on doing some heavy harvest from advanced nutes. I figure i might as well spend a couple bucks on its food supply if i plan on yielding anything. Ill prob go light on it though since im not sure how the plants will turn out. Which brings me to another plan:

    Once i get them in pots and start growing them in my veg closet, im going to do alil bit of natural selection. Im going to pick out the best 20 or so and the rest ill just plant misc somewhere. So out of the 50 i should only be taking care of 20-25. Then after a month or so in the ground im going to do another selection and weed out the weakest. I hope to have atleast 15 plants in harvest. assuming atleast half of them are female.

    Now for my prized plants i have 5 super skunks from G13 labs that i got free with my order from attitude a few years ago. .... (But after rereading abou them i may just buy some nice kush or something that grows nice outdoors).... With these i plan on doing the peat moss/vermilicite/pearlite soil combo and taking very nice care of them. heavy harvest nutes, maybe some trantula, and something else to help my babies grow well and strong.

    .. ill make a grow journel once i get around to it.

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