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Is bag seed worth growing?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by puffpuffPASSEDOUT, Mar 21, 2010.


    puffpuffPASSEDOUT Well-Known Member

    So ive been saving som bag seed for a few months from the good batches of middies ive been getting. The high is good, so i figured i'd try to grow them outdoors... Thing is as i pull up the cost for each plant im starting to wonder if its worth it to plant bagseed. Im thinking of a few problems:

    1)will it go hermie? (the middies werent that seedy at all, so I hope not)
    2)will they grow well outdoors? (I assume these middies were grown outdoors, so i hope so)
    3)Will they yeild plenty thc, and budd.

    So thats a few things running through my mind with the bagseed.

    Do you think its worth the money to grow?

    connorbrown Well-Known Member

    Most of the weed that actually gets sold is neglected. I have had some shitty bag seed that I grew and she had the perfect high. They just need some tender loving care.

    puffpuffPASSEDOUT Well-Known Member

    Thats exactly what i was thinking. ... And just to be sure i have 5 super thai skunks from G13 labs. ...I hear good things about growing these outdoors ;)

    connorbrown Well-Known Member

    Personally, I haven't grown anything but bagseed. Lol.
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    puffpuffPASSEDOUT Well-Known Member

    Good shit bro good shit
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    i agree! i think the main problem with schwag, is that it wasn't grown/cured properly. i'd bet a shiny nickel that if you grow it out and cure it correctly, that you'll find it's great smoke.

    mjisgood21 Well-Known Member

    Theyres a chance that some will be hermie,male,& female.Its untelling what they will be unless you know who grew the bud you bought.But yeah it can be some of the best as long as you give em tlc & harvest properly.I heard people just cut the seeds off hermies while it grows & does just fine.My avatar is bagseed if that helps:eyesmoke:.Was a female grown indoors,never hermied,Grew fast & was strong!
    Just dont expect 50%+ of them to be female.I had 15,4 were female.

    SableZen Well-Known Member

    Man that's a crazy ratio - how many of the 11 hermaphrodites?
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    I grew a seed i got from some white rhino jack herrer cross bud. It was female and grew lovely i attached a pic sorry its bad but u can see nice massive main cola. It was amazing a nice smoke with killer indica stone.

    The way i see it if the bud it came from was a good smoke then go ahead if the weed is shit dont bother.


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    mrdrywall Active Member

    i started on bagseed over a yr ago so so weed and first grow pulled seeds off the bud dont know if it was herm or not pullin the males soon enough but the smoke was killer and been cloning it since to this day everybody that gets it says its the shit best around i agree its in the care u put into it now that my feet r wet have started on super skunk but im growin a male of the bagseed i had saved this summer just b cause its the shit gonna keep seeds around for emergency btw im in ohio not cali so not a lot of grade a smoke to compete with

    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    LOL, you took a picture of a picture on a camera, ROFL

    Anywho, bagseeds is worth growing if....Its your first grow....you are noid about ordering seeds or ordering seed is not a possibilty... at the time of my first grow, i did bag seed. got 3 fems and 1 late hermie. Too bad I dident have cloning down at the time becus one the bag seeds was almost like a pure Indica. VERY SHORT AND BUSHY !!.... Huge Wide Leaves...and something vary cool.... Bright Pink Pistils ...but alas, the two clones I took did not make it. If you find a hidden gem in your bagseed, you may not ever need to order seeds.

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    thats all i grow!! i planted 6 seeds and 4 were female and got 3-4 oz a pce from outdoors!! but i topped them! If the god damn male woulda been female I'd had damn near a pnd of that fucker!! it was huge! heres what it looked like! sorry but pic is from camera phone! .....DANK BALL!! ....corner pocket!! LOL

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    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    The best weed i have ever had i grew from some realy stoney Mexi bud i had, Better than anything ive had in my 25 yrs smoking. Better than all the kinds an Hashes also.
    I just germed 4 nirvana fems an 6 bag seeds, an the mexi bag seedlings are better growing seeds, bigger, faster wider leaves than the nirvana they look several days older.

    I believe if you grow your bag seed right it will be stronger (about 1/4), an taste better than the parents.

    But mexi bag seeds dont like the cold as well as the nirvana seeds, so keepem warm.

    mjisgood21 Well-Known Member

    3 died before they showed their sex.
    6 were male,2 were hermaphrodites.I thought hermies were worthless at the time so they were murdered with their bros lol.

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Bag seed is just has worth growing has any other kind of seed's infact sometime's bag seed can throw up a real gem.If a grower has been growing a few strains and a few have gone hermi on him you could be in with a real good strain.The only downside to growing bag seed is that the gender is not known untill you can get a clone of it and flower each one this is the best and only way to find out a plant's sex in my thinking.If you are new to growing then it is always good to start a the most difficult part of growing by growing regular seeds the plant's produced will be 100% female or 100% male.But if the seeds are from some weed that you know was nice then i would germanate them and start the grow op.But if it was from cannabis that was not that good then i would go for a better strain femanised so you don't have to mess around sexing it.But still do the others and get them out side in a month or two..........................tyke.....................................

    chopper260 Active Member


    McFonz Well-Known Member

    If your just experimenting you could do them outdoor with a very large ratio of compost in the soil (50% or so) and giving them just water.
    Shouldn't cost much at all. Compost is about the cheapest thing you can find in gardening and its everywhere.

    Give them plain water after mixing the compost in and your set.

    All left to do after planting them is watering and removing hermies \ males.

    Worth growing? yes. Worth growing in controlled enviroment and specialized nutrients? most likely no.

    If you'r planning on giving them more than compost (and other amendment you might have lying around) I think it would be better to just get proper seeds that you know what they will become.

    waz666 Active Member

    You may get lucky with the bag seed, but in my experiences bag seed is more inconsistant than seeds I have boughten. In my last grow I through in 4 bagseed plants, 2 male, 2 female. Both females were small and low yielders and the smoke was average. In addition one of the 2 fems hermied bad late into flower? Anyways I guess it just comes down to how good the original smoke was and your access to better beans, Good luck

    gogrow confused

    its all luck with bagseed.... though you can have a better idea if you know what kind of bag they came from. I've had some great successes with bagseed, but at the same time, I've also had some major disappointments with them as well.

    UNICRONLIVES Well-Known Member

    so in my opinion yes!! bagseed didint cos nothin and neither did raising it !! almost nothin but nutes!!

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