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Iranian Short Season (Iranian Auto-flower) Pics or Past Experiences?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by ClamDigger, Nov 28, 2010.


    chongsbuddy New Member

    they are extremely light sensitive,any less than 22 hour i believe and they will begin to flower

    kushmasta88 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone else confirm on whether or not these seeds are legit? A late July/early August harvest of 2-5 ounces per plant sounds phenomenal!

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    they are as legit as it gets i bought 110 of him this year i liked em so much. look for my journal in the journal section from last summer. 100-105 days from start. i harvested 7 by the first week of july. and it's top notch. if you can't find my journal i have plenty of photos from start to finish. 2-5 ounces is low i got 3-8 of mine, and i over ferted at the start. they do not like nitrogen in any normal ammount, go very light on them. people are anxious for more around here, it beats most in the outdoor dept.

    chongsbuddy New Member

    im just curious,every pic i have seen of this strain seems to show no visible trichs,it just does not seem to look very sugary at all.is this true?does anyone have any macro shots?

    Biggybuds Active Member

    iranian autos are as potent as anything i have ever smoked

    scaryt Member


    Budman420247 Member

    So what is the report? As you can see I am new and have not searched the entire board yet in regards to the Iranian Strains but so far all of them end at around the date this one does. Can someone give us a second opinion? The only journal or detailed experience has been by soda(thanks by the way). If there are posts of experiences with these strains from this summer and posted after May, please show us where they are. Thanks

    mr.mustard Member

    yeah the iranians are legit

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    totaly legit

    chongsbuddy New Member

    i got busted june 1st and lost them.......wanted to do a report.what i can say is that they stay in veg qt 24/0 and i puit out on may 3rd and by may 28th they had quite noticable buds,but thats as far as they went for me.hopefully i can test this year successfully,im in the middle of trying to change my license from indoor to indoor/outdoor

    zips16 Active Member

    Does Dr. Greenthumb ship to the US? Or any dealers that carry his seeds?

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    he ships to US and only sells through his own site. don't worry he will take care of you he is legit and you can call him if you have any questions he is easy to talk with.

    nightfun Well-Known Member

    yeah he doers but if you have a germ problem he won't do a thing for you. Other then tell you what you did was wrong and not his fault. Buyer beware with this seed seller.

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    doc has done me very well in the past. i can't believe so many have issues with him if i told you the seeds he has sent me for peanuts on the dollar you would all call me a liar or say i worked with him. when you communicate in a nice manner and don't just start calling names people respond better. i am not saying that you did this nightfun but i know many who do. also know quite a few who have no idea how to grow yet insist on buying top notch seeds and complain when they are not doing well. for those who say greenthumb sells bunk 2/3rds have never even bought from him. i have bought thousands in shity dutch seeds before realized dutch passion and paradise are junk but try to get a refund from them or attitude. attitude will tell you they are illegal to sprout and quit the conversation, doc will send out more if you have issues. or at least he used to maybe he had gotten tired of to many people scamming him over the years.

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