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Iranian autoflower new england (pics)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by chronic coinoisseur, Aug 22, 2011.

    chronic coinoisseur

    chronic coinoisseur Active Member

    Where my bitches at? ah sheet there they are
    DSC00383.jpg DSC00381.jpg DSC00380.jpg DSC00384.jpg DSC00382.jpg

    dr.greethumb iranian auto flower
    Vegged to roughly 8-10 inches under 24/hr. 3 inch pots.
    Transplanted into camouflage 5 gallon buckets mid/late may.
    Fed a couple of times with general organics lineup and blue mountain organics.
    Also fed with compost and alfalfa teas.

    Note: these pics were taken roughly 2 weeks ago, i harvested 1 main cola yesterday but left the bottom half to develop more. the other 7 plants im going to let go for at least another week
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    alwaystoken86 Well-Known Member

    nice man i was going to get these how old are they in top picks and did they come reg or fem + res very nice
    chronic coinoisseur

    chronic coinoisseur Active Member

    Thanks, there probably about 3 months old in those pics, vegged for about 3 weeks before tranplanting outside. they only come in fem, i got a pack of 11 only 10 popped and then 8 sprouted. I've been lucky this year and havent had a single one die, last year i got 2 out of 20 lol

    DanksME Active Member

    How much dry weight do you usually harvest per plant? Where abouts in NE?
    chronic coinoisseur

    chronic coinoisseur Active Member

    I'm currently in the great state of maine, as far as the weight well thats a tough question for this year as ive only just begun harvesting and its still wet but last year i got just a little over 1 and a half zips off one plant but it didnt really have the sunlight it needed in budding and i had to chop early, if it had more time to develop and i had planned better it easily could have pushed over 4 in my opinion

    DanksME Active Member

    Ahhh, and a great state it is!! Your babies are looking great this season so let's hope you're closer to 4 this season!

    TwistedGenetics Well-Known Member

    Looking great. It must be nice growing a lot of auto flowering cannabis in N.E.

    I am always pulling my hair out around the time when the leaves fall off the trees. Also all those dewy mornings in sept/oct..

    You are a lucky man!

    farmer2424 Well-Known Member

    Righteous buds!! lookin good chron, glad u haven't had any mold issues with those ladies. anchor them girls down, its gonna get windy this weekend!

    OGMan Well-Known Member

    Iranian Auto is one of the few strains that we can grow outside in Ireland. Now that I have her dialed in I get anywhere from 6-8 zips per al the time.

    TWS Well-Known Member

    Cool thread! I have some ISF seedlings going right now. Can't wait to see em take off. Gonna clone these babies out and run some this winter and another early haverst in the summer.

    lcs Well-Known Member

    yo nice plants you got there how many seeds do you get when ordering from dr greenthumb couldnt see it anywere on there site

    lcs Well-Known Member

    nvm 10 seeds a pack found it

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