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Iranian Auto Flower

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by grodrowithme, Feb 2, 2012.


    sodalite Well-Known Member

    the iranians will veg untill you put them in a cycle with some dark as long as they are in 24/7 they will veg. i would imagine at some point they would flower even with 24/7 after to long. but they are clonable. and are very nute sensitive. they like very little nitrogen, almost none at all. sounds funny but it is the truth. sorry to but in on your conversation but i have grown them a few times and know a thing or two about them. if you have any questions i will try to be of help.

    grodrowithme Well-Known Member

    thanks man and no apolgies needed thats what this thread is for is info on the iranians and other super autos were did you order yours from is dr.greenthumb the only place you can get em i was looking to do autos but i wanted really really good yielders and what problems did you have with the attitude ive used them for about 6 years and never had a problem with them at all

    sodalite Well-Known Member

    have bought them from greenthumb myself. for three years now, this summer will be my third year with iranians. my first year growing them i journalled on here. i believe i was the first to journal them as they were given to me before he started to sell them he was giving them away to test. that is why he got kicked from these boards they didn't like him giving seeds away.
    i bought a big order from attitude a couple years back. when they arrived i was stoked untill i opened them up i found two packs of seeds crushed good. both had nearly 10 out of ten crushed. when i complained they would never sprout they responded they sell souveneers and they are not for sprouting anyhow but novelty purposes. and to contact the breeder. which i did, only the breeder said they are illegal in my country and they can't do anything for me. so i got stuck. and on top of getting stuck i got threatened by some lady there at attitude. i have been ordering seeds since emery first started and have dealt with almost every company but never had dealt with such arrogant people as attitute. i have recieved bad seeds on more than a few occasions and every time have been satisfied in the end after talking it through but attitude refused to even talk. they wouldn't even listen.
    it is no biggy a couple packs of seeds is not worth more than this statement i am making but it's enough to give my buisiness to someone who deserves it. for those who like them that is good i myself won't deal with them or gypsy either. gypsy is a bad man also.
    Bonzo Mendoza

    Bonzo Mendoza New Member

    i agree with this dude.

    I want to see a pic of the kush ryder plant in grow phase - not a bunch of buds. wtf? those could be aanything.
    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    I grew out a few packs of the Himalayan Blue Diesel seeds and they are tasty little girls...

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    View attachment 2095150 0032.jpg View attachment 2095152 this a strain made from s.s. early bud x early wonder skunk and then worked with for 5 years now to pick the early hard budded pheno and these get 3-4 oz in 3 gallon bags alot more in bigger containers and are semi auto no matter what the hour after 35 days or so they will bud. we got a nice cross of the iranian x seawarp that is really quick . good luck in your seach

    Myroaches New Member

    nice setup

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    I've heard a rumor that the "Iranian Autoflower" is just Dr. Greenthumb's name for a pre-existing strain called "Guerilla Gold #3".

    Whether that's true or not, the GG#3 is supposedly fairly similar and might make a good alternative choice if you wanted non-feminized seeds or didn't want to pay Dr. G's relatively high seed prices.

    ohmy Well-Known Member

    Very nice. MMMmm Now ya really have me thinking. Is that all you grow is auto's ? Do you do two runs in a summer ?

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    we got alot of mid to end sept strains that we grow in maine and florida year round. been breeding early mold resistant strains for 15 yrs and guerilla and swamp grower for over 20 yrs. we run 5 strains a season with our strains with the first ones done in late august ,early sept . and every week another 100 of a different strain .check my thread of starting the babies for outdoor and ya will see the whole grow from now till harvest .

    ohmy Well-Known Member

    Cool. I am Going to try a swamp grow this year and will be checking urs out.
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    Howdy I'm curious about Seawarp... Is this a timewarp cross ?
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    While they have some similarities, I don't think they are the same thing.

    medMUser Active Member

    There is a video by a lady on YouTube about the Iranian Auto. At YT look it up.You can copy & past the following if ya want & use it to search @ YT.

    2011 Test Garden-Iranian Auto/OG Kush

    What is shown in the video is more like an early finisher rather than a true auto flower. The lady says some of hers were ready to harvest 90 days after she put them in the ground. But she says she had them inside her lab 1st.

    Still, it's a great looking plant! I wanna get some of the seeds.

    What was being discussed yield wise about auto flowers & big yields: If the yeild came from an early finish plant then a big yield would make sense. I have to say, after growing a few true auto flowers like Low Ryder & LR II, LR II X Blue Himalaya, yields are not super large. But if you have a situation that requires a lot of stealth then AF's are very good.

    The smoke from the LR II X BH was very good. The Low Ryders medicated me very well. I have serious insomnia & a back disease.

    A note of caution. Be sure the vendor you get AF's from is trusty. Also many new AF strains are not fully developed & tend to get tall. I have had serious germination problems with some sites. I know it's not my method, because seeds I made have a very high germ rate. I grow in soil & 100% organic.

    Good luck to all. Hope you are in the middle of sticky scissors season. I know us OD gardeners are.


    Trousers Well-Known Member

    That must make me the Jesus of Autos.
    I grew two super lemon haze autos and got 5 and 6 ounces off them.

    I used coco a modified lucas formula with a supplement and I added co2 about 4 weeks in.
    They were in 3 gallon superoots airpots.

    I posted some pictures of when I trimmed on this board.

    Anyone can do it. Autos are incredibly easy to grow, especially if you have been growing regular plants for a while.

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