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Inhaling Acetone

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Haywood Jablomi, Aug 14, 2011.


    direwolf71 Well-Known Member

    Knock yourself out dude! You must already be half-retarded, so why not go all the way.

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    You could, but I would be a man & just take shots with a chaser.

    kdub86 Member

    I'm pretty sure the OP was joking, but I am begging everyone to please not do inhalants at all... If you want to hit some nitrous once in a while then be my guest but only do it a little bit and do not keep going. I had a very close friend who was doing inhalants and none of our group of friends had any idea he was into that shit. Well long story short he was doing some one night and was about to take a shower and he passed out and fell into the tub and hit his head and it knocked him out pretty good, He landed face up directly underneath the water and it drowned him. It was very sad he was a very good standup guy with a very loving family and none of us even saw it coming. Anyway, he is gone forever... What a waste of an amazing friend... :cry:

    So please don't do inhalants, the high isn't worth it and you never know how high you are until its too late. I really hope I can keep at least one person from doing that shit, its just too dangerous. Shit I would rather see someone main line some white gurl before they do inhalants... its just way too dangerous so please don't do it. Just keep it herbal brothers! bongsmilie
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    Woe is me.... What childish shenanigans have I wandered amidst??

    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    Are you fuckin serious bro?? Why dont you go ahead and inject some brake fluid while your at it.

    cannawizard AMC Mod

    *im not even gonna go thru the thread.. just here for a common sense MSG... W --- T --- F.... thank you

    quebec budzz

    quebec budzz Active Member

    I heard you can sniff chloroform too.. a great buzz or getting in front of train,seriously come on man!!

    Lankster187 Member

    Whenever i hear of people doing inhalants, I picture Charles Darwin rubbing his hands together in anticipation. :D

    TogTokes Active Member

    Dude are you a retard???

    jonblaze420 Well-Known Member

    HE should use a screen because if a hot ash gets sucked into acetone won't it fucking make a fiery bong?!?!

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