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Ideal 420 Soil???

Discussion in 'Organics' started by tkowitha123, Oct 27, 2013.


    tkowitha123 Well-Known Member


    squarepush3r Well-Known Member

    based on the name, probably gimmicky, but can't say for sure. Moving thread to organic section

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    They don't say what's in it. It just sounds like marketing hype. Making your own soil mix is always better and cheaper.
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    WhiteRooster Active Member


    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    its a simple cheap organic mix that is WAY over priced and not for real grower. its marketed to new personal growers. $210 for "9 plants" (4.5 cubic feet, 36.7 US gallons) depending on where you are that can be ALOT for soil.

    my guess is subcools super soil or any Highly researched super soil will yeild MUCH better results. as a base for a super soil it could yeild a better product, but first you would have to do testing to see what exactly is in the soil, water retention, salt retention and overall aeration and bio-activity of the "420 recipe". there are some major no-no's in the soil that are easily spotted (Wood bark...highly acidic and acidic soil is deadly to marijuana and a cause of many problems in lower budget soils).

    spagnum moss: is usid in soil-less medium and yeilds little nutrisous value, it is mainly used ad a base because of its excelent water retention

    Pumice: is like perlite, but cheaper is heavier with more water retention. pimice hasn't been used much since perlite has exploded because it allows for better aeration and a lower chance of root rot.

    Coco-coir: used in mushroom farming, hygroponics and many other industries. provides the best aeration as well as a good base for growing. this is NEEDED with the two previous ingredients. if the pumice was switched with perlite they would not need this.

    Nutrient additives: these are OK additives, but this soil could be majorly improved apon with time release ingredients such as blood meal, bone meal, glacial rock dust, silica dioxide ect.

    TL;DR: This soil is OK, but for the price paid you can make better soils at home. if using it as a base (such as switching out your roots for 420) it would me an excelent product if amended properly.

    cbtbudz Well-Known Member

    corbat is so right! cheap simple mix with a huge price tag. I rcvd some free soil from them, its going ok but had better results with way cheaper mix. they seem super shady. what they sent me for free was their outdated/old mix they don't even sale with some bottles of 1 week till expired rhizostym. way to much @ $35 for .5 cf. also the bags arnt what they say as in size. they don't fill 5 gal containers only 3gal.lol skip this everyone.

    tkowitha123 Well-Known Member

    Good info guys I knew Somebody on here would pipe up and gimmie the lowdown. I'm not a newbie grower but don't consider myself a pro either, and honestly I stumbled across it and IMO it was a sham.

    tkowitha123 Well-Known Member

    I don't believe its the same soil as what you posted. Although I have been know to be wrong once or twice...

    yodabuds Well-Known Member

    I know when you call them it seems shady as hell! Some lady answers the phone does know any answers to any questions and says she's handling the calls for now and that she would take my name and number and someone call me ASAP. I don't know why but something in my gut says stay away.... The gut is usually right.

    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    Get a test bag of ideal 420 soil. It sucked. I used it next to TGA Super Soil, and even the cold soil from TGA kicked its ass. I stopped the ideal 429 from at week three, horrible drainage, terrible results. Do not mistake this for Just Right 420 soil, which is from another manufacturer (fromCorfu, NY I think) and that shit is very light and airy with rock wool mixed in. No nutes in the just Right, bad nutes in the Ideal 420.

    StrainMakersMark Member

    I am starting a side by side Grow Journal ideal420soil & water ONLY vs. Strainmaker Mark's Super Mix, molasses, Foxfarm as primary fert.and more. Check out my Journal soon by my profile. I am setting up. My strain is DCSC,(Deep Chunk Strawberry Cough). Veg under 2 65W Floro's and/or 400 MH. The flower tent: 600W HPS and 400W HPS in a 4x4x6.5 ft tent, charcoal filter air out via 440 CFM. See you soon.

    StrainMakersMark Member

    IMG00001-20140104-1124.jpg Strain: Deep Chunk Strawberry Cough, DCSC.
    I transplanted the larger clone(R) into ideal420soil and the clone on left into Strainmakers Mark power soil. I will give the 420 plant water only and Rhizo will be used with both plants. The texture is unique. This soil holds water like a sponge. After applying, the topsoil has a spongy foam feel, I can tell this is a perfect cloning soil. My next eight clones go into eight 3x3x2 inch clone cups in a tray. My first impression of ideal420soil is positive. We will see how the food compares to my offerings. I use the Foxfarm six, Dynatech(Silicate), molasses, lemon juice and/or apple cider to PH down, Epsom salts, guanos, Rhizostym, and a couple of secret ingrediants

    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    Check the expiration on the rhizostym

    Hudsonvalley82 Well-Known Member

    I have found the excessive vermiculite (which I'm assuming is what most of the soil aeration additive is) to be annoying, and the soil holds on to water forever in my experience. I took over a week for my next watering. The Super Soil drains much faster and behaves a bit more naturally. The root growth on the 420 soil was minor and I didn't get the whole "covered with myco" results I have come to expect with "just add water" soils. I get two 10 gallon pots out of 1 bag of cold super soil, and one bag of hot super soil. (Veg in 5 gal pots of cold transplant into 10 gal pots with hot soil surrounding the 5 gal root ball of the cold soil). After several weeks I transplanted out of the Ideal 420 soil into the super soil and the meager looking plant (with a cal def) took off like nothing happened. Mold or some mycelium of sorts started growing on the ideal 420 soil, presumably from staying saturated for days (or a week) after watering it. I really hope you get better results than I did, the company had a terrible website (at the time if it's changed) with faulty photos on their lab results page (multiple photos of the same plant being called different strains). The company (I spoke with them Several times) was out of New Hampshire and the rhizostym was expired that they gave me.

    StrainMakersMark Member

    LOL, I will. I am using for whole grow. Nothing wrong with stronger roots. Pics soon.

    Brotherdoses Active Member

    Hello hello all. Just wanted to see if anybody ever finished a full cycle with this soil. I think it stands a chance. The soil science they apply when building or mixing the soil makes a lot of sense to me. I.E. soil drainage, poor size, and the mediums used. Clay and organic matter have a high e.c. and can ADSORB positively charged nutrients so can vermiculite. Perlite on the other hand holds almost nothing. It has a e.c. of 3. The vermiculite has a high e.c. and can hold a charge for a very long time. This probably does help hold what is breaking down within the 4 month feed they say the soil will provide for. Its seems too that by info provided they probably have a very close ratio of balanced minerals. 65% Ca, 15% Mg, 4%K, 1-3% Na. If you can achieve this in bases of the mix it will leave for about 15% of the e.c. to be filled with other bases and hydrogen,H+ Because of this the soil should stay at a pH of 6.4 or so. Another issue I see often is overfeeding and under watering. Many many people do NOT keep the soil wet enough to support good bacteria, fungal or microbial life. Fungi however can live in drier soil or soil abundant in moisture, bacteria die off sooner. Too much, I think over 10% of potassium will cause mychorrhizae to become less active. So again I think the Ideal 420 Soil stands a chance.

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