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I Just Took My First Dosage Of Cannabutter

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by thegersman, Jan 12, 2011.


    thegersman Active Member

    So I made Cannabutter yesterday using 1 oz of white widow buds and 1 1/2 lbs of butter.

    This left me with about a pound of C'butter.

    0111011114.jpg 0111011121.jpg 0111011125.jpg 0111011135.jpg

    I spread about 1 teaspoon of C'butter on a toasted waffle and waiting to see it's effects before I use it in brownies.
    I will take a pic of the block I froze later.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to my ratio's and what I can expect from my first time ingesting?

    It's been about a half an hour and waiting.....

    thegersman Active Member

    been about an hour....nothing yet but a VERY SUBTLE body high...

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    A teaspoon probably isn't quite enough. Try double that next time... Looks good though!

    thegersman Active Member

    I vaped a little nugget a few hours ago...try again tomorrow...

    thegersman Active Member

    Oh ya, I am dissapointed...I thought the amount I put on the waffle, considering I used very good bud, was gonna be enough without getting me too baked. would anyone with experience with STRONG c'butter tell me if a teaspoon is generally too little, and what should my next step be ???

    dirtsurfr Well-Known Member

    I figure my dosages by the amount I put in divided by how many servings.
    1 oz of bud is 28 grams. divide that by 4 (1/2 cups or cubes) that = 1/4 oz or 7 grams per cube.
    Say you make brownies and divide the batch into 12 servings 7 grams divided by 12= .583
    or just over a 1/2 gram.
    When you roll a joint how much is in there? close to a gram??? more than 1/2 gram??

    Ps. I just made 1 lb of butter using 2 1/2 ozs WW and the brownies are in the oven as I
    You might try 2 brownies next time wait 2 hrs and consume more later if you feel you need it.
    I could eat 4 but I've a pretty hi tolerance
    How did you do your budder? I do mine in a crock pot 2 hrs on high 3-4 hrs on low
    strain, cool, (rince) divide store in the freezer till needed.
    When I thaw my budder for cooking I have it in a zip lock sandwichbag,
    I empty the contents into a pyrex measuring cup and set it in a pot of bloiling water to melt. NEVER USE A MICROWAVE!!!
    It will zap the thc and every thing thats good in your butter as soon as you hit the button.

    thegersman Active Member

    One half hour ago I spread 2 tablespoons of c'butter on a waffle........waiting...........................

    thegersman Active Member

    OK...starting to feel something......I hope it gets way more intense..................
    mayor juana

    mayor juana Active Member

    Butter isn't very intense for me, hash is about as intense as thc gets imo. Sounds like you used a good amount of bud to butter.

    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    When I make Canna Butter I use 9-14 grams of bud and 3 sticks of real butter. That leaves me with 2 sticks of canna butter. I make brownies with the 2 sticks and cut into 24 pieces.One brownie and 1 hour later POW straight stoned for 6-8 hours.

    WvMade Well-Known Member

    I think u shoulda used a crokpot because of the lid in shyt steam if is not your friend

    thegersman Active Member

    It's been about an hour and a half.....I am 1/3 baked...........I hope to figure brownie dosage by doing this......I hope this will creep up............

    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    Best way to make canna butter is to boil water and add butter, then reduce to a simmer. Once it's at a simmer add ganja and stir. After one hour strain through a cheese cloth into another pan/bowl that is big enough to hold all water. Squeeze cheesecloth so all butter comes out of material and throw away used material. Place bowl of water and butter in fridge for 12-24 hrs with out moving it. The butter will float to top and harden, the left over material will fall to bottom. Take solid butter out and quick rinse bottom with ice cold water. Butter will taste so dam good. I put a little on my toast for a all morning buzz.
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    thegersman Active Member

    OK... 2 and a half hours since eating......thinking I'm coming down.........

    tje22 Well-Known Member

    Maybe your like me and have a natural tollerance to eating it, I have amazed my friends with how much canna-oil i could drink without getting really fucked up lol

    EvolAlex Well-Known Member

    your not eating enough my friend. not nearly enough. and for the record the best way to make butter is a crock pot over night 8+ hours

    dirtsurfr Well-Known Member

    I eat around 3 grams worth and that does the trick!

    carl.burnette Well-Known Member

    I want to try making some but I get conflicting reports of the high. I have no shake so I would be using N.L. #5 buds. Perhaps an oz for 1/2 lb of butter? (2 sticks)

    My first experiment was a total fuck up. I made some a couple years ago & put in about 2 oz ground up bud ( not shake or anything else. ) into the brownie mix. It made them almost the same texture as haystacks there was so much bud in them & it came out green. They were probably as stong as hell (only used 1 box of mix so 2 oz in a 9X9 pan of brownie) but they tasted like absolute shit, the texture was shit, the taste was shit. I even tried covering them with chocolate or peanut butter to try to mask it but they were just too shitty to eat. What a waste.

    I would like to try the budder thing though. Use THAT for the brownies not actually grinding up the bud & baking it into the mix.

    Seriously, it was the worst tasting thing. I gave them away to a couple of the site laborers & they took em home. I asked them how they were & didn't get any real answer back from them so I don't think they managed to choke them down.. If they had I assume the buzz wou;d have been killer because of the quantity & quality of the buds I used.

    Sigh.. so sad..

    thegersman Active Member

    I am making brownies today, from an instant mix...I will double-triple the dosage from yesterday and hope for the best. I will take pictures.

    DB&ST Active Member

    i would just some all those buds (:
    if i get around an oz of buds i would never in my life think about making some edibles out of it..

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