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I grow Shrooms :)

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by nowstopwhining, Mar 16, 2008.


    Budda_Luva Well-Known Member

    can u join that site to ask questions and shit or can i juss ask u guys cuz it says fill the syrange but with wat the shit u put in the jar and twf there so much questions i got to ask

    AchillesLast Well-Known Member

    You can only lead a sheep so far....

    It's not hard to search "PF Tek" on shroomery.com is? The search function on their website works really well. Why don't you give it a shot with your questions?

    Budda_Luva Well-Known Member

    i dont know of the lingo ot wtf PF tek even is im new to this shit juss like growing weed all over again

    smokertoker Well-Known Member

    Thats too much typing man... If you ask a question we will answer. You may not like my growing technique... There is never just one way to do something.

    Sexologist420 Well-Known Member

    Sup, I grow shrooms and it is VERY EASY....the main thing is YOU MUST BE STERILE!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is cruicial...if your not clean ur gonna get fucked by contams. Anyone wanting to venture in the magical fungas hobby go to mycotopia.net Best site on the net for shrooms and absolutly amazing people. Were very helpful. Ask any question!! No question is stupid there unless you ask more then once!! Shrooms are so ez to grow and theres so many ways. You can even fruit them invitro in the jar:mrgreen: Innoculate and leave them be till u got shrooms growing in the jarkiss-ass You can spend 10$ on spores and never have to spend any more money for the rest of ur life for spores. jars cost about 5$ for a dozen 1/2 pint widemouth jars. Vermiculte and brownrice flour is the most common substrate material a 60/40 mix verm/BRFlour with equal ammounts brf/water. so 4 cups verm 2 cups 1 cup BRF/Water. Anyways I could go on forever but shrooms are very ez to grow and anyone who likes to shroom should definitly grow em...there very ez to hide if u grow invitro. Just go to Mycotopia.net and READ READ READ READ read some grow logs...read pf tek...read invitro. They have real good archives to read. I like mycotopia alot more then shroomery. Good luck and feel free to pm me any questions u might have about shrooms. I love the magic fungi!!!! Also my fav species are B+ and hillbilly.


    Masterofgenetics New Member

    Wtf??? lol.. But I understand what you mean friend


    ANC Well-Known Member

    I grow shrroms too... and I'm not analy sterile... I might loose a jar or 2 ina batch... but not recently...

    before you start learning how to grow these little shits (sorry I'm still comming down from ingesting a few grams earlier tonight, and they were a little rough on me tonight), look up how to make a glove box... now go to the shop and buy a large plastic tub you can make one out of, get some latex gloves for handleing things outside of the box, also some rubber gloves to ductape into your glovebox, while at the pharmacy to get the latex gloves, get some 3% peroxide, and the highest proof alcohol they have for wiping down syringes in between innoculating jars. Now all you still need is some Vermiculite and perlite from the nursery down the road... and maybe a brick of coco coir (coco peat)...

    NOW you are ready to start following just about any TEK online, as yo umade the needed commitment and got the right tools... (Oh yeah you probably want to get a presure cooker pot - I know PF tek can be done without, but I wouldn't - In fact I preffer using rye or popcorn... depending on which I can find when going to the shop... rye is quite scarce here, only available from health shops - (PS it has to be organic rye or it will likely be covered in fungicide).

    Good luck.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    I left out some things - don;t feel like the editing shit now....

    Get an extra, large tub to use a fruiting chamber (look up shotgun FC), and also two misting sprayer bottles (One small enough to keep alcohol or peroxide in for use inside your glovebox, and a larger one for misting your shrooms and tubs with water...

    jfgordon1 Well-Known Member

    i just joined the shroomery... i dont no much about shrooms.. figured i'd try to learn :-o

    Megax29 Active Member

    how big can the caps on shroomz get?

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