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humboldt nutes

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by fade409, Nov 6, 2010.


    fade409 Well-Known Member

    htgsupply has these guys as the best out there. im not looking forward to buying the entire line of nutes tho! if i wanted to try these guys out and have a hydro setup what should i get from them they have so many nutes im not quite sure on which ones to get. any help here would be nice +rep. :leaf:

    fade409 Well-Known Member

    lots of clicks but no replies...come on guys.

    SickSadLittleWorld Well-Known Member

    I used Master A/B and Ginormous on my last grow with fairly good results. There are better nutrient choices out there for the money IMO but if you are set on Humboldt, go with the Master A/B for the base nutrient, supplement with calmag and add Ginormous during flowering if you want to buy the least amount of products. If you have any specific questions about it, I can try to answer them for you.

    Oh and BTW, many members have posted that if you call up Humboldt, they don't know their own products and aren't helpful for shit. I never dealt with them personally, but I figured I'd relay the word on the street.

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Hydro, don't want to buy the whole line, got you.

    Do this.
    Buy "Oneness" 16oz for $13
    Buy "Ginormous" 16oz for $16

    Use Oneness during veg and the first half of bloom then drop it.
    Use Ginormous during the beginning of bloom and halfway through bloom, it will be the only thing in the reservoir.

    Ginormous doesn't have nitrogen, which isn't good to feed during hard flowering. The plant is supposed to use the stored nitrogen during that phase, so I like many others don't like giving nitrogen to flowering plants.

    Although they claim "Oneness" is be all end all of One-part nutrients, I've noticed there isn't calcium in it.

    Buy Equilibrium the cal mag supplement. 16oz for $13.

    Thats it. Everything a hydro system would need.

    Calcium has to be added first to prevent other nutrients from getting locked out. I make sure to identify the calcium containing nutrient bottle for each line I use and w/e that happens to be, gets first dibs getting into the mix.

    But I use both the Oneness in a DWC and I have a DWC testing out their Natural Line.
    The oneness I treat like my synthetic hydro, no beneficial bacteria, no mychorhizal, just oneness transfer to ginormous. (My equilibrium I ordered has been on back order for over a month... Thats why that hydro store is not my favorite hydro store. I should have just ordered from my favorite one, but I don't know what came over me.

    In my natural line DWC, I have Mayan Micro as my beneficial bacteria and White Widow as my beneficial fungus. The Bloom Natural has 10% calcium, so I have to add that first when making my bloom solutions. Makes me wonder why I even bought that equilibrium... Probably just to finish my collection or to have calcium to add to my oneness Dwc's.

    The nutrients I started on and learned on were General Hydroponics. I would have tried their General Organic line, but people were telling me it was bad for DWC.. So i went with Humboldts Organic Line, which was "for best results use in soil". I figured they only say that because they don't want people going out buying their organic; dropping it in sterile DWC and having no benefical organisms to break down the nutrients. Organic nutrients have to be broken down by beneficial organisms for the plant to be able to uptake them. So if you are using hydro stay away from organics, unless you feel like breeding microorganisms.
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    SickSadLittleWorld Well-Known Member

    Where are you finding oneness for $13 and ginormous for $16? Qt size?

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    I've heard bad things about their phone service as well, from the hydroshop where I order their products. But, I attribute it to their recent explosion of popularity. My local shops have all their new stuff on backorder. I'm waiting on my equilibrium to get in, and other people are waiting on the hydrodeuce and that other thing Royal Flush i think..

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Edit: i just read you said quart and I realized I picked the pints up off google.
    This is where I buy my nutrients, not exactly, I buy them from a retailer that buys from the hydrofarm wholesaler.
    Go there, look up a local store.

    I don't know where you live and what hydrostore sell the Humboldt Line in your area...

    But if you are asking me to google for you, here..




    Oneness starts at 1ml/gallon and works its way up to 5ml/gal... Using a 1 gallon reservoir thats like max 40ml/plant.
    Ginormous starts at like 4(I only veg 2 weeks so when i switch to bloom, my solution is 2:2 oneness to ginormous ratio. then like 2:3 the following week then like 1:4, untill I finally drop the oneness and have just Ginormous in there.
    Equilibrium is like 1ml/gal for like a months time, these bottles can go a long way in individual reservoirs.
    Putting seedlings to two week old plants in a 25gallon reservoir will waste a lot of nutients and RO water. I use individual reservoirs for that and for the purpose of feeding each plant their own special nutrient mixture, designed to fit the needs of their particular growth cycle. I have gallon jugs all over the place with ratio's labeled on them in sharpie to help me keep track.
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    SickSadLittleWorld Well-Known Member

    Oh, pints...that makes sense. If those prices were for quarts, that would be an incredible deal.

    Good input on this thread. I'm sure the op will find it really helpful. +rep
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    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    lol! I thought you were OP sicksadworld! That post makes so much more sense now. At first I thought OP was very strange asking me like that.

    Quarts are
    24 for Oneness
    30 for Ginormous
    Manufacturers Suggested retail value.

    SickSadLittleWorld Well-Known Member

    Haha, I thought you might have been confused given the response.

    According to Humboldt's feeding charts, you should continue feeding Oneness until harvest. Ginormous is a P-K bloom booster, not a base nutrient. You still need a source of N (among other things the base nutrient has that Ginormous doesn't) up to harvest.


    But I think everything else you mentioned was spot-on great advice. :bigjoint:

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Oh, nobody goes by the charts :p And before they updated their site, I think they used to have a moderate feeding chart where the Oneness was dropped three weeks before flush. Correct me on that if you can find the links to the old feed schedule. They used to still keep the old charts on their site...

    Hydroshop dude told me about using only oneness and dropping the PH to lock out the Nitrogen during the last half of bloom.
    He's the one that got me into dropping nitrogen during bloom and allowing the fan leaves to have their nitrogen absorbed naturally as they yellow and fall.

    And yeah Ginormous, isn't advertised as a base, but advertised as a bloom booster. I consider it a marketing ploy by Humboldt.
    Oneness and Ginormous are a two part and they just want to corner the market by releasing a "one-part" (Just what my crazy ass believes). A one part that doesn't have calcium in it:/ It's cool though, because I know they are constantly changing their formulas to make them better. Probably next year they will re-release oneness again. I think they have actually already changed the formula once since they made it... But not sure.

    patlpp New Member

    I have found this place: http://www.plantlightinghydroponics.com

    beats the hell out of anybody for Humboldt. Shipping is reasonable too. Example 70$ for G-M-B gallon jugs (3 gal total) of base nutes delivered, east coast!! 20$ for 1 qt Ginormous! Will not stick you on shipping.

    SickSadLittleWorld Well-Known Member

    Why wouldn't you go by the chart? It provides a solid ratio to start with even if the doses are way too high. I seem to recall the old feeding chart in my head but I don't remember dropping the base nutrient before flush but without them in front of either of us, who knows for sure? :-P

    I see what you're trying to say since you can't be using the same N-P-K for both veg and bloom but Ginormous is technically a bloom booster since it only contains P and K. If you cut off the Oneness, you are also cutting off the N, Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, and Zn since Ginormous alone doesn't provide any of those essential elements. It seems to me that the Ginormous is added only to boost the P and K values of the base nutrient to make them better suited for a flowering plant's needs, so yeah with the Oneness program, it is technically a two part once flowering begins.

    The pre-harvest flush should get the excess nutrients out of the plant. Starving the plant weeks before this is only going to adversely affect yield. Most of the advice thrown around by the burnt out stoners making minimum wage at the hydro shop is laughable at best.

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    You're right the ratio's are solid even if the doses are through the roof.

    Ginormous does have Fn, Mn, and Zn. Their website guaranteed analysis isn't the same on the bottles. Or at least a good portion of the bottles I have. Like I didn't know there was 10percent cal in Bloom Natural, until I read it on the bottle.

    I totally agree that plants need them micro nutes, but N... not so much during late flower. The plant starts to suck up nitrogen out of the fan leaves and they begin to fall off. I used to see ten threads a day with people freaking out that their fan leaves are falling off, when it's part of the natural cycle of life.

    If my equilibrium would come in some month, I'd just have 1ml/gal of it combined with (w/e)ml/gal of Ginormous during that last half of hard bloom.

    SickSadLittleWorld Well-Known Member

    You're right! I just dug out my bottle of Ginormous left over from last time around and it does have Fe, Mn, and Zn. Weird how its different on the website than the bottle. Its still missing quite a few essential elements that won't be present if the Oneness is discontinued late into flower.

    But I think we can agree to disagree about the leaf drop in late flower. I agree with Uncle Ben's opinion in that foliage should be maintained green and healthy until harvest. Deficiencies while the buds are still growing and packing on weight just isn't logical to me if one is looking to maximize yield.
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    MR.HEADY Member

    they are idiots to speak to and not helpful at all this is my frst time using them and i called to ask some specifics and was more confused after i got off the phone.

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Ok, SickSadLittleWorld, you are a cool guy. Uncle ben's a cool guy.
    Healthy green leaves probably provide an optimum, ideal, condition for the plant that it wouldn't normally get in an uncontrolled environment such as nature.

    But their website has been going through A LOT of updates. Maybe it's our responsibility to notify them? Or should we just let someone else do it?

    And you are right, deficiencies don't sound logical during the period where the finished product is being produced.
    But I step around that, by believing that consumption of nitrogen from the leaves is a perfectly normal natural order of life for the plant. Like how the pollonated plant sacrifices its resin production to concentrate its production of reproduction.

    SickSadLittleWorld Well-Known Member

    OK, I can see your point of view since I've seen it argued many times. Really I have seen no definitive answer, so we may both be right to some degree...

    Here's my reasoning to throw a metaphorical wrench in your spokes: if you feed it properly and it drops its leaves when its ready to harvest, its natural plant cycle...sure ok makes sense. Now, if you're depriving it of N and dropping the pH for some bizarre reason, that is no longer natural. You're forcing the plant to drop its leaves because it has no choice, not really a natural plant cycle IMO.

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    The meta monkey wrench!!!

    Naturally the leaves would have fallen, unless I unnaturally intervene and give the plant nitrogen. EH, eh? lol
    Like indoors being a controlled experiment and outdoors being an uncontrolled experiment!?! eh I know you see what I'm getting at and you know I see what you are getting at. But we can still be friends.

    SickSad, are you joining the DWC group? I didn't know there were groups on here, but it's under the Community tab on the top.
    We can be teammates trying help people out and bumping heads along the way :D

    Edit: I thought the Groups were new, but apparently there are like over 9000 of them

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Humboldt nutes are garbage. They may not be actual garbage but I've called humboldt before with questions about one of their products and they literally told me to 'google it'. I've called several other nutrient companies in the past and always get someone on the phone who is extremely knowledgeable about their own products and growing in general.

    If a nute company can't tell you anything about THEIR OWN products, who are you supposed to believe? Total garbage bro.

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