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humboldt county's bushmaster

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CALIGIRL, Aug 11, 2008.


    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    I just went to the hydro store and bought some bushmaster and boy is it expensive!

    The directions say for the first 3 days of flower use this about 1tsp per gallon, then stop using and start using bloom.

    The reason i bought this is because my plants are stretching like crazy and are already a month into flower, so my question is can i use this with my bloom nutes and will it work this far into flower?

    Anybody got any experince with this?

    pigpen Well-Known Member

    hey cali I used it with my bloom nutes at the very begining. Plants never grew anymore after I put it in. Be very carefull though because it is very strong. My plants got a phosphourous toxsisty from it.its speeds up the budding processes in a whole I think. I used 6 ml per Gal of water In a ebb and flow system and they still got burnt

    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    thanks pigpen
    How long did you use it for with your bloom nutes?

    Sonofcockzilla Active Member

    Yeah I used it Cali Girl, I got some Avalanche and the suckers got upwards to 4 feet 9 inches... Your supposed to use Bushmaster to stop upward growth. The way you know that it is working is that your leaves will noticeably curl some. Thing is your soil is basically trashed because you wont be able to reuse your soil because plants from now on in that soil will not grow upwards. The directions I got were 1 teaspoon per gallon then if growth still occurs do it again 5 days later. Hope this helps Cali girl.
    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    Hey sweetie---don't go over the recommended dose--mayby even under a hair---make sure your plants are real healthy and use sugar and silica to help with the stress at least three days befor use----The stuff works

    pigpen Well-Known Member

    used it for 3 days. Deff streses the shit out of your plants but does seem to work well at speeding up the process of determening sex and your girls will stay short.

    Sonofcockzilla Active Member

    Also your doing ebb and flow so after watering it in by hand you should probably change your water and nutrients after a day or so, since the bushmaster is supposed to cause nutrient lockout with regular nutrients (thats why its recommended to water it in by hand)

    shenagen Well-Known Member

    I use it as a foliar spray...never had any burning issues...slowed the growth too. It was just a bit too late though, as I got it when they were into flowering. The guy at the hydro shop said I could use it up to the second week if I remember right. He said it works best right before you switch to flower. Also put that stuff in the fridge so it stays fresh longer(they told me to at the store)
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    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    shenagen for the foliar did you use 1ml. per gallon? Thats what the instructions say, but it seems like such a small amount?

    thanks for everyones help

    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    Oh, and how often did you foliar spray?

    shenagen Well-Known Member

    Yeah I follwed the bottle instructions. Only spray it once a week....I was told more is NOT better with this stuff. Its kinda weird how the bottle talks about playing around to find what works best...thats their job lol

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    I use it. It's great and allows for accurate planning of crop size. Here's a link where you can read a LOT more about it.

    1/4 tsp = 1.25 ml and so on.
    On soil, I used 3.75 mls, which stopped 12" plants upward growth. Some took two consecutive apps to work. At 3.75, whitish spots appear on the leaves and a nute-like burn appears on some outer edges, but the plants don't seem to mind this, and these never progress to anything I consider hugely bad. It happened every time on soil. I believe it's a result to be expected.
    As a foliage feed, 1 ml. 3X's over 12 days didn't work for me. Ended up taking 2.5ml 2-3X's over one week to stop upward growth.
    I might have a pic of the spots here . . . also, when in soil @3.75, plant got a eerie greenish-blue hue shortly after treatment, like the next day.
    I tried spraying them in the evening vs morning, etc. Sprayed 36 hours b4 first 12/12, 24 hours b4, after, etc.
    I think it's on this thread I posted?
    BushMaster Information Thread - The Garden's Cure
    Because of the expense, and my being pretty frugal, I had buyer's remorse the second I hit send on whatever site I bought mine from, but after messing with it and seeing the results, I like it a bunch and suspect I'll be posting some amazingly small plant, huge sativa buds in the future.

    This one's helpful, too.
    Humbolt's Own product test grow - Bushmaster, Purple Maxx, Gravity - WeedBay Forums
    As you can see in these pics, the soil fed plant has much tighter top nodes than the sprayed (1st pic)
    Also, the browning on the 2nd is from BMaster and didn't seem to affect anything. Can't recall the harvests, 30 gms or less, each/dry/12"

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    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008

    CALIGIRL Well-Known Member

    thanks mr fishy!

    shenagen Well-Known Member

    Man that sounds way way too much...I have only used it this crop but I trust my guys at the hydro shop when they say not to do it more than once a week. Have you grown to finish after using that dosage? If so lets see some pics. I don't know how I missed your thread...I was looking for some info a while back.

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008

    shenagen Well-Known Member

    Oh...how'd I miss that...coolio

    pigpen Well-Known Member

    yes make sure to flush your plants no later tha 3 days after using it

    sagensour Active Member

    Seems like Bushmaster works for some applications. Doesnt seem like snake oil to me. LOOK @ page 2

    RichED Well-Known Member

    maybe this can help you out ma

    ususlly first three weeks stretch plant grows second three buds grow last three they fatten up usually guess you just split it ito thirds if its a eight monther ha ha
    correct way to use Bush master,gravity,purpple maxx.

    i wrote an email to the guys that make this stuff and they told me that this is the correct way to use their stuff.

    this is the actual email i recived

    There have been reports that the products can burn under some
    conditions. With the BushMaster and Gravity we have found that over the
    last 4 years or so, the strains that people are usually growing are now more
    sensitive than the strains that were popular 4 years ago. We have recently
    changed the dose on BushMaster to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. If that doesn't
    work then perhaps one more dose of 1/2 teaspoon per gallon can be added a
    week later. A newer method reported to us is the use of 4 ml. per gallon,
    allowing it to sit for about 6 hours and then thoroughly washing it out.
    Some of the best results ever obtained have been with this method.
    Sometimes, though, it's not the plants or the product but simply that people
    are going hog wild with their nutrients. Most of the time, if there's a
    problem it's because of over fertilizing. If you think you've been over
    doing it, simply water well with just plain water a couple of days before
    applying BushMaster and apply it with water only. When used one of the
    above ways there should never be a problem with watering.
    With Gravity, we now recommend 1/2 teaspoon per gallon for 2-4
    consecutive waterings although it almost always works well with 2 doses.
    Again, 99% of the time the problem is heavy over-fertilizing during bloom.
    With Purple Maxx, it states on the label that it causes a sudden uptake
    of nutrients when applied so definitely cut back the nutes. If you are
    using it the last 2 weeks, a lot of people hardly use nutes at all, just the
    Maxx. If you are using it through out bloom you can easily cut back and use
    about 2/3 of the recommended fertilizer dose and the plants will still
    We have outdoor growers who run their nutrients at about 500 ppm in a
    drip systems with 2 ml. of Purple Maxx per gallon and do it all summer and
    get way better results than using heavy fertilizer with out the Maxx.
    Light intensity does have something to do with the burning when it
    occurs. That's why we recommend raising the lights when using Gravity.
    Using a 400 Watt light gives you a better margin for safety than a 1000W.
    The above info should get you on the right path. These products are all
    very potent compared to a lot of the swill on the market and they really
    work. We sell huge amounts of these products in our store. If they didn't
    do what they're supposed to do someone would have shot me or burned down my
    store by now!

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    WolfScott Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the bushmaster info. I will be using it myself for the first time on a bag seed crop, tomorrow. Wish me luck....:bigjoint:

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