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HUGE indoor JACK HERER plants...8ft tall with pics

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by M Blaze, Mar 17, 2009.

    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Well as promised here are some pics of the massive 7-8 feet tall Jack Herer. They are so big that I cant really get into the room to take a decent overall pic of them. It is an 8 foot high ceiling and they have grown past the lights.

    The room is about 6x4 metres and the plants have grown from wall to wall.

    Most of these pics were taken by standing on a chair and others are taken by kneeling down under the canopy.

    There is only 4 plants here








    Instead of putting it next to a normal soda can to compare size I got someone to hold up a 10 litre watering can.

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    AKRevo47 Well-Known Member

    wow. thats lookin great!

    what you runnin?
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    nickfury510 Well-Known Member

    nice....i love jack herer...i hate seeds but if i dontfind a decent cut of it soon im gonna break down and order some....very nice monsters
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    sb101 Well-Known Member

    waaay nice! how long did you veg em for? under what?
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    Blazer500 Well-Known Member

    wow! that is no joke!
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    joshranwest Well-Known Member

    nice trees!
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    GrowKindNugs Well-Known Member

    wow blaze, those are fucking insane!! def some of the biggest i've seen indoors! nice job man, and i can't wait to see how much they'll yield. :mrgreen::joint:
    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone,

    They are grown in Coco in 60 litre pots under a few 600 watt HPS lights lol but I will let you count the number of lights :mrgreen:. Veg was about 8 weeks and they were turned about 3 weeks ago.

    This same setup with a different strain yielded just over 14 pound so we are hoping for around the same result from this grow.
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    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Nobody has ever been able to show me bigger indoor plants than we have produced so if anyone has a link or pics of some then id luv to see them :blsmoke:. Im guessing at least 12 pound from the 4 plants but these girls just keep growing so we will see. Also I think they may be starting to get a root problem.

    scaredspliffless Well-Known Member

    You pushin about 3600 watts in there? If thats all you are pushin and you yield around 14 pounds then that makes you a brilliant mofo!
    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Just a lil bit more wattage than that :mrgreen:
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    scaredspliffless Well-Known Member

    .............................Well you're still the man...or woman whatever the case may be...peace and may your harvest be plentiful my friend.:eyesmoke:
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    skybike Well-Known Member

    Those look delicious, will be checking out your 'latest grow' after this.. i'm becoming a fan of your work! +1rep

    <3 skybike

    odbsmydog Well-Known Member

    you should of held a soda can too it cause the 10 liter water can makes it look small. the can would of been tiny next to it...
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    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    I will do that for ya.

    I got someone to stand behind the plants with their hands raised in the air and i could just see their hands but they didnt show up in the pics because the lights were off. I will get some lights on pics for yall soon.

    fureelz Guest

    i love the duct tape on that stem...those are massive. how old are they?
    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    It needed that duct tape to stop it from splitting the stem from the weight and that is something that must be done on FIMmed plants, especially ones of this size!

    They are about 11 weeks from when we recieved the clones. That about 8 weeks veg and 3 weeks since turned to 12/12.

    Whats everyones thoughts on the flowering time of Jack Herer? Im thinking these will take about 9-11 weeks total so maybe these plants have another 8 weeks left?

    davalaban Active Member

    Holy shit. And you have 8 weeks left? Bravo, sir. That's some serious poundage right there.

    M Blaze

    M Blaze Well-Known Member

    Yeah thats what im thinking.

    Cheers bro

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    See what can come with a little patience.the plants in the pictures are some of the best ive seen.just had a ak47 up to same height lovely jubbly.

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