How to Sell Your Weed

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    This sounds like the best advice I've gotten. I don't want to be a dealer, just grow some good shit for fun and profit. It costs a lot of money to grow this stuff and I would like to get my investment back. I used to sell to my friends (back in the day) but I've moved and have new friends - and none of them smoke that I know of and I don't want anyone knowing my business. Hooking up with a dealer sounds like the best thing to do. Thanks! +rep

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    try to find a local seller who you know can produce the cash and will continue to be able to buy bulk (1/2 to 5 bows) and just push the weed through make few transactions for high dollars thats the key to pushin bud that you grow
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    Depending on what strain, how much, and what location you are in depends how much you can sell your bud for. NEVER TRUST ANYONE! Everyone's a thief and a rat. But most importantly NEVER EVER make a deal at your house for a large amount (lb. or kilo). You're closest friends are the ones you better keep your eye on. Friendship doesn't mean shit if you've got a lb. or kilo of good high quality bud.

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    Join your local NORML chapter and network.

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