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how to protect your crop?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by 420greendream, May 23, 2012.


    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Lemme guess, you purchased the armadillo repellant?. If you read the site, they don't make an all-in-one product.

    Trauma687 Member

    Pee and dog hair should do the trick against most critters.

    chickenpoop Well-Known Member

    deer and rabbit

    shizz Well-Known Member

    first liquid fence needs to be mixed right if you dont put enough water in it dont work as well. also you dont spray the ground with it. skunks a racoons dont eat or dig that shit up. it rabbits ground hog and squirrels they dig up the peet. for the salt and minerals. and id also us the chicken wire cage also.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Then use these...lol

    hic Well-Known Member

    Dig your holes a week before planting. The fresh dug up earth brings in the deer. You dig a big hole and when you come back just dig enough up to plant your ladies. I am from MI as well and that is the best natural way to do it. Also do not forget the copper rings for slugs. Good luck

    sonar Well-Known Member

    I don't have a problem with deer. Just small rodents and this seems to work. They get really curious about the freshly turned soil and like to dig at the base of the stem looking for food. I make my own "liquid fence" out of cayenne and garlic and spray it all around the plants. I might by some liquid fence just to try it out this year.

    420greendream Active Member

    thats funny but thats actually pretty smart. make a bunch of those planks and put some vegetation over them to camo them, so if anyone or anything wants to fuck with my shit, shits going down

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Make sure you space the 3" drywall screws far enough apart to provide for penetration into heavy boots...lol's again. Just keep in mind, anyone caught using booby traps on illegal grows will get enhanced charges...aggravated cultivation I believe is the proper legal term. And for good reason, those are hazards for innocent hikers or more likely their dogs. I almost used them once in an area that was hit by rippers, just plant a few shitty bag seeds fems as bait and never go back.

    If you have to consider using these as anti-personnel devices, then whatever site you chose was poor to begin with.

    Also, twine placed at 18" and 36" height will deter most deer...don't use fishing line as it can be easily spotted on sunny days from a long way off.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Why too hard sweety? If you dont then expect to get eaten year after year.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Cant you get those sachets of ratsak, they are biodegradeble and wont kill the birds.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Bro, i could never punch 6 " nails into the feet of wild animals have them suffer and maybe die when a fence just blocks them and will be there for years. Look after the bush and it will look after you.

    lighting New Member

    get a real pet


    Geronimo420 Well-Known Member

    i have one that is a little disgusting but it work. you pee in a small plastic bottle up to 1/3 of content ( a small coke ) block the neck with a sponge & leave it around your plant in contact of the sun the smell is so bad it might even kept you away from the plant.

    hic Well-Known Member

    My grandma puts baby powder on her vegetables to detour pests and critters.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah OK, I'll just go and build a fence in the nearest forest preserve...shall I mark it with landing lights as well?.

    Twine works just as well on deer, they are creatures of habit. I re-routed a deer path once using only twine placed at 18 and 36" heights. Of course they didn't see it at first and tripped, but upon re-securing it they made another path around the barrier. I've had deer living among my plants on 2 occasions, not once have they eaten...it's their clumsy hooves that cause problems.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    interesting...never heard this before

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    yeah i have never had deer eating them...but have walked and laid on some and killed them....but that was a few years ago..now i leave the empty hole sit for a week or so and animals seem to avoid the holes once they inspect them..after i put plants in the holes they are left pretty much alone by animals..insects is another story.

    Myroaches New Member


    Geronimo420 Well-Known Member

    Fertilizing with blood bone meal repeal deer

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