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How to make the BEST hash oil!!!

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by hayzeheven, Aug 4, 2009.

    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    Wrong. Depending on quality of the herb(trimmings or actually whole buds and of course potency) and how many cans you use (you can usually do each ounce twice(as in repeat the process twice on the same oz)) and also the size of cans you use. You ALSO WANT TO USE CALIBIRI BUTANE OR SOMETHING SIMILAR! Cheap ass butane from your local gas station IS NOT GOOD TO USE as it contains a TON of chemical additives like smells etc..and can make you oil very gross and almost unbarable to smoke. Stay away from anything that isn't at least 5x purified. Bernzomatic etc is bad news and a complete waste.

    EDIT: I am going to start a proper oil thread with pictures. I think I am gonna head to my local hardware store tomorrow and see what I can put together on the cheap. With using proper materials of course. Just a "build your own oil extraction setup on the cheap" type of deal with real detailed pictures and actually readable writing with punctuation etc. cause you're info was good just not as accurate or informative as you could've made it. Copper is bad to use. So is all plastic. Stainless steal or glass tubes....but even glass tubes are harder to clean because it's more porous material then stainless steel. Doing more then an ounce or 2 at a time is a waste also because you can't get the butane to cover such a large area efficiently. The smaller the batches the better chances at getting higher grade oil.


    mconn333 Well-Known Member

    Somebody call the amberlance..........(ur avitar is the shit...love that vid.)

    B2GROW Member

    I use reusable stainless steel water bottles; can be found at walmart etc... The kind with the screw on cap for a good seal. Drill the appropriate holes and voila. A <5 minute job with the proper tools. I saw a guy on another site that kept his butane in the freezer so that it came out completely liquid. He would then fill up a container ( i'd assume a big pyrex beaker would be best) with whatever material you'll be using and pour the still liquid butane over it. After a few moments, dump out the butane through some sort of gauze or coffe filter into the evaporation vessel you'll be using. Sounds super efficient to me. Have yet to try it, but i will report back.

    Benassi Well-Known Member

    Mixing kief with oil isn't how you make earwax/ budder. Earwax is a failed attempted at whipping up budder. All it is, is whipping up the oil with oxygen. That makes it stable, unless it's not that good of a strain, you get stable-ish earwax.

    Good thread nonetheless.

    GeneticArcheology Member

    yeaaaaaa. i was like cool imma learn something here... reading, reading, reading... COPPER?!? back button.. no wait, post.

    ouch guy. i'd rather smoke pvc particles any day over stripped off copper.

    stainless steel or go home.

    brnt Member

    What about using galvanized water pipe?

    manofhydro Member

    I know this thread is old but I would have thought plastic would be ok to use! I'm sure lighters like clippers are made from standard plastics? Just a thought...

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    You'll hear both sides of this one argued passionately. It depends mostly on if the plastic is hard (unplasticized) or soft (plasticized with oily fillers). I've used the white ABS pipe with good results, and been laughed at for it here. cn

    mattnikki Member

    open empty butane bottom with can opener, tap valve back into can, fill with product, cap off, and proceed.

    Robfather Active Member

    I've actually been using my clippings, grinding them in an electric buster to obtain the crystals, then doing a run of just the crystals. I won't say what happens, I'll leave it to you guys to try and report back :blsmoke:

    SpectatorFernFirm Active Member

    Omfg Bro I've been reading and reading and was just about to post that fukn question. This whole fukn time all I been thinking is why not use the bottle it already comes in!?!?!? It's stored in there why wouldn't it work. Then I wondered if it would really be pressure free once butane was fully out or if it would still burst. Was planning on shooting a BB thru an empty can after work to find out lmfao! I'm so fukn stoked to try this shit.

    Now just gotta figure out how to set a rig up to be able to dab! I want to dab damn it!!! My boy said to do the nail thing or something about a knife Just have no Clue wtf I would do with a knife!?!? Or a nail, only thing I can think of is sticking a nail in my slide and torching that then dabbing on that but all the nails I have are bigger then the hole in my bowl. If I just try in a bare slide the shit falls in the damn bong!!! I don't want to smoke it with flower I just want the wax in my life so I know what it really taste like.

    Also HUUUGE issue with the butane. Where the hell do you guys find this 5x refined stuff????? The best I can find is 1x refined and normal crap! Where can I get this wonder butane that no where in my town or neighboring one can I find!?!?! Any help would be great on locating the correct butane. Didnt want to order online cause I have to wait for it but had I ordered it a month ago when I first started learning bout this I'da had it by now. So I guess any place other then the web where I can locate it. Would like to make this tasty treat today if at all possible :).

    minnesmoker ɹoʇɐɹəpoɯ

    If you have head shops or tobacco shops with glass and pipes you should be able to find it there.

    SpectatorFernFirm Active Member

    Thasswassup!!! Idk why I never thought of a smoke shop. Trying ALL them mofos TODAY! Thanks!

    Shatter New Member

    I'm haveing trouble making shatter...? Why dose it turn to shatter and how and at what temp..? And why and how dose it turn to wax..?? I have watch alote of videos but ain't really helping.?? Someone help me out...?

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    inb4move. cn

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    You just necroed a very old thread that was in the wrong forum to begin with. Time to change pipes, Q.E.D.
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    rshackleferd Well-Known Member

    Is there a policy against responding to threads older than four years old? I still use rollitup search for info, should i disregard info older than a few months? What is the cut off point to responding to threads? Someone revived one of my old threads a few weeks ago, should i report?

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    You missed the part about wrong forum, which was the important part assuming you wanted relevant and current information about the potential harm smoking from PVC. Further this thread was initially from 2009 and the title was hash oil, so again odd you would choose this thread.

    I would think this forum might be better for your query:
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    rshackleferd Well-Known Member

    It is what came up in search and i responded the best way i know how after i read the post "not the title", however you didnt answer my questions. I would like to know these things so i dont offend or go against policy.

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