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How to make the BEST hash oil!!!

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by hayzeheven, Aug 4, 2009.


    hayzeheven Well-Known Member

    NO!! if your thinking of making a hash oil pipe out of PVC u r on crack.. i've done my own studies that have shown significant deterioration of PVC from butane... even at as little as a second use, the inside of the pipe begins to break down... u dont want to smoke that... people complain about lumps in their mouths, throat, and on their tongues... after much research, it was because of the pvc breakdown... theres another method of butane hash oil.. and its the most efficient way i have ever found. i might have even found it on RIU, a year or so ago, but i've seen a few posts about hash and hash oil recently and people are still talking about PVC... don't use it... unless u want dime sized lumps in ur throat... ouch..

    oil is definately the way to go, a lot of people like bubble hash, and a lot of people have absolutely no problem with poor mans hash, but oil is the most potent form of thc... hash oil will not only stomp your colon, but the colons of distant relatives of the human species such as lagomorphs, and hypothetical colons of children you haven't even had yet... it is more potent than the strongest weed known to man... go get urself a 1/2" or 1" thick tube of copper about a foot or two long.. weld a cap on one end... drill a hole in the center of that cap (about as large as a butane nozzle tip) then drill 5 "pepper-shaker" like holes in the other cap, fill it and PACK with plant matter grinded down into POWDER, then put a paper towel or coffee filter over the other end, and slip on that 5-hole cap, now go OUTSIDE, be careful not to stand on carpet, due to electric shock NO LIGHTERS, CIGGARETTES, or ANYYYYYY form of heat or anything that could cause a spark... one spark.. and that thing in ur hand is an active pipe bomb that will explode and possibly blow your fucking head off!! BE CAREFUL, and wear a winter glove or put a towel around the tube cuz it will get awfully cold.. now that you are away from anything that could cause a spark, you are ready to fill, try to use the biggest pyrex container that you have, (the larger the flat surface, the better, like a casserole dish, rectangle much better than circle by far, but it needs to have sides cuz it will FILL with butane) and slowly start adding the butane.. use about 12 ounces of butane for every ounce of grinded up trimmings leaves, etc...squeeze for about 4 seconds on n wait another 4 or 5, then 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off, keep at this pattern so that the pipe doesnt become filled with too much pressure and blow the cap off the bottom, all your plant matter will blow out and u can say goodbye hash oil.. as u fill it, the butane will freeze the pipe, and make it's way down thru the powder, literally grabbing the thc and binding it with the butane, liquid butane will eventually start pouring into your glass container.. as it does this u will notice it should be a yellowish color, the more yellow it is when still in liquid form, the more oil that will remain once the butane has evaporated. once u have made your way through all your butane, the casserole dish will be full of liquid butane with thc basically attached to it.. the butane will ALL eventually evaporate.. give it about 10-15 min.. sources of low heat are a great way to evaporate it much faster, NOT A FIRE THO!!! i hope no one is that dumb lol, more like your hands under it and blow on the top of it.. but only if u r extremely impatient... i would just let it sit for roughly 20 min.. just incase.. once it is ready to smoke, there will be absolutely NO liquid left in the bottom, only a thick honey like residue stuck to the bottom of the dish, and around the outsides... if there is even a drop of any actual liquid in it still, wait longer, it will eventually bubble n boil away... u do not want to smoke butane.. obviously... take a razor, or something similar, and scrape the sides n bottom of that dish... yum honey hash oil... nothings better... tastes delicious, and knocks u on your ASSSSSSSS... just play it safe and remember all precautions mentioned... now go out and put ur own oil pipe together and let the good times roll!!

    me and a bucnh of my friends, if we arent using plants that we had recently harvested, we save up every stem from ounces that we pick up, or even outta the good old twenty bag... it seems a little ridiculous, but after a week or two theres a oil session that we have where we all get absolutely bombed off the shit... sprinkle some high quality kief in the oil, and bang, EARWAX!!!! makes it easier to pack into bongs n bowls... take that bong rip.... yea... now sit down.. you'll b there for a while..:hump:

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    ShroomZoom22 Member

    Very informative. Thank You! :D

    Melangwanja Active Member

    Might I suggest, if possible, to use a glass tube, if you're able to find one. Best would be a tempered glass, since it can usually withstand cold and hold temperature. I personally wuld go with the copper tubes, since those too might break down, or have some coating on the inside to prevent erosion from water and such.

    Otherwise, very informative, very accurate.

    Other suggestion would also be:
    -when you actually have all of your oil poured into your receptacle, you can quite easily skim the surface with a chopping knife, or a spatula, to remove a certain amount of the oil, and obviously still let it stand. This will ensure you doN't accidently get food residue in your hash oil, and make you want to cough your lungs out when you inhale!
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    How about stainless steel. I have an old pepper grinder I'm thinking about modifying

    hayzeheven Well-Known Member

    that should be perfectly fine.. i mean, the butane can is made of steel lol.. just make sure to thoroughly clean it
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    That was so obvious it went right over my head LMFAO :joint:


    stanklin420 Member

    what about a wood pepper grinder? would that work also?

    hayzeheven Well-Known Member

    no, not really dude, i wouldnt go with wood.. tempered glass, steel, or copper

    SmokeyMcChokey Well-Known Member

    yea copper is a reactive vessel. i'd steer clear of it but other than that very nice thread.
    one quick question for ya though. Do i ABSOLUTELY have to wait for the trimmings to be dry. i just chopped a runtish wonder woman that for some reason didnt feel like puting more than a quarter or so of bud mass on. I also have the dried trims of a few of the last crops left and i was gunna mix these up for a small batch of oil. do i have to wait til its all dry. if so im just gunna wrap it in newspaper an put it on top of my dvd player for a few hours to get it dry faster.

    CdnBud Well-Known Member

    Great article.

    You can actually use CPVC ( Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride)
    As well.
    Cheap copper (CHINA)does have some metal in it as well.

    d.s.m. Well-Known Member

    Copper is reactive and full of fail.

    I've yet to come across anything but anecdotal evidence that suggests PVC is broken down by butane.

    Melangwanja Active Member

    Well, to confirm a few things said, here are a few no-nos for making hash-oil:
    -NO Copper, as it is usually quite reactive is quite oxydative, as in it'll create a layer of oxide quite fast. So I'd stay away from it.
    -No Wood, Plastic, or rubber, idealy, since those will also probably react with the butane and/or contain certain chemicals that'll be harmful (more that the smoking :P)

    And as for the PVC subject, I haven't really found anything either that actually proved it being bad, but I'd still stay away from it, if you have the choice, as it CAN be possibly bad.

    The best choices up to now are:
    1- Tempered Glass tube (Regular glass may become excessively brittle and even crack/snap/pop (ho ho ho!) in the sudden change of temp.)
    2- Stainless steel - Usually is made strong and won't cause any oxidation (unless it's chinese, cheaply made fake SS)

    That's about it.
    Oh! And just to answer, I wouldn't think you really need to wait for your stuff to dry off before doing this while process, but it could maybe help with decreasing the possible chances of accidently dragging some chlorophyl into your oil.
    Dopeless Hopefiend

    Dopeless Hopefiend Active Member

    Small, (9/12") stainless steel thermos made a great, inexpensive, (bought in 2nd hand store) extraction tube. holds about 100G. happy BHOing

    ReelFiles Well-Known Member

    Any metal that changes a flame's color is a big no, no to me, especially copper. Get some brass or steel.

    four2zerOallday Well-Known Member

    Great thread! How much oil would one expect from 12oz of Butane/1 oz of trim?
    Secret Jardin

    Secret Jardin Well-Known Member

    .5 grams

    ultimate buds

    ultimate buds Well-Known Member

    sweet info gotta try this out

    poplars Well-Known Member

    I get dank ass hash oil out of my herbalaire without even trying . . . . I guarantee it's just as good or better than the oil you get from butane ;).

    I'll upload a pic soon to prove my point.

    edit: herbalaire is a bag vaporizer. the herbalaire has a teflon tube going up to the bag, this tube accumulates large amounts of hash oil after just 3-5 sessions. to extract it I heat the herbalaire up to 375, turn on the pump and flip it over to drip the hash oil on my container. it works remarkably well and I don't have to do ANYTHING other than vape!

    Zeplike Active Member

    mmmm. a few weeks ago I made some oil the same way with an oz of regs. did it in 1/2 batches.

    for the second one once the butane evaporated put the kief from 4g of ground dank with a little finely ground bud. soo good

    B2GROW Member

    That's a good fucking idea bro. I'm going to be making my first batch tomorrow, and this solves one of my problems.

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