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How to make dense buds

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by iNSANEBlindKid, Jun 4, 2011.


    iNSANEBlindKid Member


    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    Dence buds come from many factors, and they go in this order. your NOT going to get perfect buds first time around, you have to master Each and every one of the things on the list to get TRULY dence buds.

    #1 Lumens. 4500 Lumens+/Sq foot duering flowering
    #2 soil composition. roots must be able to grow as solid as possible.
    #3 fertalizer composition. your plants need 13 vital bnutrients to grow perfectly.
    #4 Temperature. 27 Degrees Celsius. period.
    #4 Thickness of stem. Wind movment and turning your plants adds to stronger, thicker stems, and thus more movment of the chemicals the plants need.

    lthopkins Active Member

    and get a hps instead of the mh also will help

    woodsmaneh! Well-Known Member

    The most important thing to have is good genitics

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    this is a term people use entirly out of context... you think just because it comes from a specific place it will grow better pot, thats a complete misconception. you can grow some of the best weed you will ever smoke from ditch weed, whether it comes from north america, europe or asia. genetics are used to define specific traits of the plant and further enhance those traits, such as taste, smell, THC>THCV>CBD production and the spicific form of high one person wants.... NOT how good the pot is, that comes down to how good the grower is. period.

    a MH light for vagatative growth and starting seedlings/clones and a HPS is the only way to go when growing for density. it CAN be done with a pure HPS setup, but the buds arn't nearly as dense.

    cannaboy Well-Known Member

    I lovin the info this thread has. Would sunlight create more dense buds than a 150 watt hps?..I'm talking like May-August sunlight?

    heathaa Well-Known Member

    use molasses and water it will really help plump them up. the first time i tried it my buds doubled in size over three days......individual results may vary....lol

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    Yes sunlight will Produce denser buds than a 150 watt HPS. alltho a 150 watt can produce a solid dense top bud, the over all bud structure of the outdoor plant will be denser (AKA, the bottom and top buds will be more uniformly dense).

    Specifically: Organic Black Strap Molassis is what you want for organic grows. its the carbohydrates (sugers) that the plant needs to produce energy, it allso feeds the bacteria in the soil and fixes the nitrogen :)
    molassis is a MUST for any fertalizer regime unless you are using Carbohydrates such as Advanced Nutrients Carbo Load (my personal choice of carbs :) )
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    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    best way to grow dense buds is to read and learn how to grow dense buds
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    cannaboy Well-Known Member

    Awesome Corbat420! and I'm glad you mentioned molasses. I have to go run to the store and get some..It did a killer job on my last grow. +rep

    jjwalker717 Active Member

    This is a very good question. The first thing you have to ask your self is "Why are some buds so dense?". To answer this, let's break this down into three different but relating parts.

    1. Internode Spacing:
    Internode spacing is what makes buds dense when it comes down to it. What does it mean, you may ask? The internode spacing is the distance between each node. Buds grow out of the nodes, so the tighter the internodes are together the more tightly packed the bud clusters will be in the end.

    2. Strains/Varieties:
    Certain strains have very tight internode spaces while others have very loose ones. Generally, tight spacing occurs on plants that have a lot of Indica in their genetics, however most hybrids show both indica and sativa traits. Breeders generally always know what traits their plants have so don't hesitate to find out from them. Knowing the strain and breeder of your plants is a fountain of knowledge.

    3. The Effort of the Botanist
    Even if you have a strain that you know forms tightly packed clusters with tight internode spacing, it may not always end up perfect (or dense). There is only way you can ensure that you will get what that strains potential is. You must simply grow the plant how it is supposed to be grown. You have to, Give them the light they require in the correct time frames; you need to give them the 13 elements they need at the right dose; you must keep an ideal pedosphere; The humidity/temperature in the area must be correct; the pH should be checked and balanced often; and most importantly – you must truly care about the plants (they are LIVING things).

    Good luck with your plants!!!

    woodsmaneh! Well-Known Member

    with reference to hard buds genetics plays a big part. There are fluffy buds and every thing in between and it is all because of a particular genetic code. Excuse me
    so if you want hard nugs start with a plant that is known to give you them. It does take some basic growing ability, but it's not rocket science.

    Molasses is a great way to feed your microb army and fungi but most people don't know how to create the food web in soil so molasses is a wast of time as plants can't use the sugars as the molecules are to large. IMHO look up "The 3LB Molasses"

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    #1 any marijuana can yeild you Dense buds, MANY people on this site have proven that time and time again.
    #2 Sugers arn't only needed in the soil to feed the bacteria for nitrogen fixing as i mentioned earlier, they are also needed to produce chlorophyll in the plant and allow the plant to feed its self. in case you didnt know, this is how a plant works it realy is this simple. 2n CO2 + 2n H2O + photons → 2(ch2O2) + 2n O. see 2(ch2O2) those are carbohydrates and they feed the plant.

    ^ this. this is the largest factor in bud density, everything else it just to achieve this.

    P.S. woodsmaneh! dont take it personaly, i just dont like some of the info spread around here in the past couple of years. i've heard everything from peeing in plants, to sprite as fertalizer.... some prighty crude things.

    oh, and i figured i would add, if we can try and keep it nice and calm, with a good Q&A we might make a realy nice, helpful thread :) that is, if we work together on this!

    attached thumbs for viewing pleasure.
    #1 is my second run of New York City Diesel. my personal Favorite.
    #2 is the first harvest of the NYCD


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    jjwalker717 Active Member

    I agree Corbat420! this site is for people with the knowledge to help those without it. Not to troll around all day shitting on peoples operations
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    newby1 knewby

    newby1 knewby Member

    morning all. i have used molasses before but was my first grow so i dont really have anything to compare. but i am curious, is it ok to feed molasses with my normal nutes at the same time? btw im using rockwool formula one.

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    Rockwool Formula is naturaly PH ballanced, so you dont want to lower the PH too much when feeding. yes you can use molassis at the same time, but dont use too much molasis as it sould drop your PH and cause problems.
    newby1 knewby

    newby1 knewby Member

    ty corbat. tbls. per gallon?

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    full dose:
    Soil: 2 tablespoons (30 ML). dont use molassis for pure hydroponic opporations, get a Hydro Carbohydrate nutrient supliment instead. molassis inside a resivour is a bad idea ;)
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    I use PVA and asbestos

    Corbat420 Well-Known Member

    me to, its great for surfacing the floors in your grow room and fireproofing it to :)


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