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How to Grow Super Lemon Haze

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by GrowinBigRed, Mar 13, 2009.


    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    Hey Everyone im a first time grower attempting something very risky. For my first time grow i chose the Super Lemon Haze Cannibus Cup 2008 winner.

    I have a 600w HPS and MH bulbs with large Aircool Reflector, 600w Ballast, and Bucket Hydroponic system. All for my one little seedling. lol call it ubsessed, call it over done, but i call it devotion! lol

    The point is ive been searching and searching for how to grow the beatiful plant, tips, about the plant but cant find anything!

    Im lookin for some help by professional growers, people who know what they are talkin about. Give me some help, pointers, tips, step-by-steps, etc.....anything helps!


    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    start by reading here in the growfaqs. there is alot of great info in there.


    you can also search the grow journals and see if anyone has grown it and posted.

    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    Again that didnt help. im lookin for grow specifics. anything some body can give me about the plant. because its farily new it doesnt have any information.

    Agagin if heres any info someone can give me to growing SLH or specifics about the plant post away!~

    Username420 Active Member

    Phase 1: Collect underpants

    Phase 2: ?

    Phase 3: Profit

    picturemerollin Well-Known Member

    Wow. Am I stoned or something?

    shapeless Active Member

    just a little heads up, you may want to plant more than one seedling. cus if that one turns out to be a male...yea...
    grape swisha

    grape swisha Well-Known Member

    i say you check out the grow faq and just learn from experience. also some advice i would give you is grow more than one plant.

    seejay Well-Known Member

    Sorry to be like everybody else here, But there is no exact information to give for that one Strain. It is no different from any other Marijuana plant grown today.
    Except I think it requirs a longer flower period.

    So just like everybody else says, Check out the growfaq, Then when you have a more detailed specific question Come and ask.

    But just simply asking "How do I grow Super Lemon Haze"

    There is on exact answer.

    Keep your temps and ph in check and you should be in for a good start.

    Patience is virtue. :weed:

    superman27nc Well-Known Member

    yeah i agree with Seejay..i mean i know its your first grow and I am not a veteran by far..but its a lil similar to being a parent the first time i guess..your way over excited and overcautious..but its all good cause your trying to raise the perfect lil plant.. :-)..but with Super Lemon Haze being such a new strain your right along with other's probably growing it..but hey check out grows from it's genetics like oh Super Silver Haze grows or Lemon SKunk grows..btw..my next grow I am growing Lemon Skunk...i also have thought about growing some Super Lemon Haze or Utopia Haze outside this summer..still debating..

    but some basic pointers is the fact that your dealing with a Haze which is probably going to get more tall than bushy..so it might be worth your while to try topping it to keep it under more control..especially if you are limited on your grow space height..btw 600 HPS or MH is a lil over doing it for one plant..but you will get addicted like the rest of us and before you know it you will have 5 or so plants growing under that baby..just keep your distance with that light.. but just check out some of the faqs though...here is a link that really helped me with overall growing..


    hope that helps..i will be watching this for sure..hope you post some pics my friend..and anything i can help i will try for sure!

    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    I have to say this one helped the most. yeah my Light is in a Euro INline cooler reflector so i run a lil 6" inline fan venting the heat and Co2 out helpin the plant alot.

    Ill try and keep u posted on things for sure! Hieght isnt a problem really im growin in a decent size walkin closet in the basement so we are good. also i choose the 600 cause it came in a nice bundel and was cheaper than the 400w also the more watt=more foot candels =more yeild.....at least what i figure...

    superman27nc Well-Known Member

    awesome dude! glad I could help...yeah getting the 600W vs the 400w was a good move as long as you dont mind a little higher power bill..like I said..before you know it you will be growing a small forest.. :-)..but I am glad that height isnt a problem..and good move using a room in the basement..its a lot easier to control temps in a basement than an outside building were my grow location is..if i could do it in my basement and get away with it i would..but i am trying to remain completely stealth..but I will be watching for sure..you definetly selected a great strain for sure!

    WWgrower Well-Known Member

    Still trying to figure out the risky part? Anyway the best way to learn to grow is to read and do it. You can get the basics down but it doesn't sink in till you grow. It's like being a first time expected parent and remember don't over think or over do it. Patience Is the hardest part and freaking out at the prospect there is the smallest thing wrong. Anyway problems whether actual or not is the way to learn. Sometimes it is a bumpy ride but it helps getting on here and find out the solution. The rewards are the best with a harvest in glass and knoking your friend out with killer bud!!!!!

    haze2 Well-Known Member

    Im growing 2 fem super lemon haze rite now I dont know much info about it but you can pick my brain. Rite now they are 2 weeks old from seed.

    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    you should definetly put some pics on this forum!

    Yeah ive been doing all the reading i possible can, probably putting more time into grow reading than school. lol

    Now Another question to everyone if i use my 600w on my young-in im sure to fry him, so is it sugjested to get like 4 60w florecents and do a cross light-up on her? Or how should i go about lighting for the first 3ishdays of poping outve soil?


    haze2 Well-Known Member

    Actually you dont even need light till it pops from the soil I used 1000w on my babys but like 3 feet away and then brought them closer and closer. Now Im using to veg for my Lemon Haze and the rest are 6 40w flouros Natural Sunlight and they seem to be doing great.

    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    ok thats legit.

    I think what im going to do is the following
    Start plant in dark closet and have a four cross floro light up. 4 50w bulbs, u know nothing expensive just average floros so i can get almost touching the plant allowing for gentle yet powerful light

    after 2or3 days move it into the center of my room and switch to my 600 MH on top while keeping the floros on the sides. giving it maximum light

    haze2 Well-Known Member

    That sounds good. They carry some natural sunlight bulbs at home depot 2200 lumens per bulb and they are only 6$ each. Thats what Im using.

    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    ok so now i have an edition!! including all of the plans i already have i was reading about leds...
    now im not 100% positive about this but its looking clean...

    now for some background so u dnt all think im crazy, i make all these plans on paper do the math and numbers there. i ahve weilding expirence lots of electrical expirence so it should be easy...

    We are all fimiliar with the track lights that move your HIDs back and forth or in circles...well same thing....
    Imma find or build a circular track depending on how big the plant is around the out side....
    Then place a track runner
    place an led light on the end around the mid point of the plant or where ever you need.
    this ensures the best lighting

    Anyone who has LED lights might not have yield as much as HIDs but produce extremly dank products. i have HIDs and that led is gonna give me a chronic pound!


    haze2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah Im not convinced witht the LEDs but I guess if you using them to accomodate the other light thats not so bad.

    GrowinBigRed Active Member

    idk really some ppl love em some ppl dnt?
    wats the pros cons?

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