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How to get a thicker stem

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by JakeStoner, Jul 12, 2008.


    JakeStoner Active Member

    I am growing Jack the Ripper, and it's growing so fast! I have a fan blowing in the room but is there any way to help thicken the stalk?

    THCwaterXD Active Member

    well if it's not thick enough, it could be your light is a incandensent light, which makes the stem grow to fast for how strong it is.. if not then make sure theres enough potasium in your fertilizer.

    human8 Well-Known Member

    silica blast!

    sirus17 Active Member

    my girl had a thin stem as well so i got some computer fans on her, put them pretty close and only took a week for the stem to dubble in thickness

    techhead420 Well-Known Member

    Topping the plant to have it bush out may help with you problem. Using a light with a higher blue content (metal halide or CFL with a high color temperature) will also help keep your plant compact. If all else fails you can stake your plant to support it.

    JakeStoner Active Member

    thank you .

    RadioKills Well-Known Member

    To thicken the stem a fan helps but so does placing the stem between your index finger and thumb and rolling it back and forth ever so slightly till the plant becomes bendy, this causes a stress on the stem and it will release enzymes to strengthen the stem because the plant will think it's not strong enough in it's conditions.

    -DO NOT bend the stem so it breaks, or bend it too much that it creates a lean, you want to make it slightly more rubbery than rigid but don't bend too much.

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