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[How To]: Butane Honey Hash Oil (Videos and Pictures)

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Benassi, Mar 4, 2011.


    Benassi Well-Known Member

    Went ape shit on an oil extravaganza today and figured what better way to show the goods then to show people how to make liquid gold at the same time! :clap:

    So here we are... first off. My butane honey oil vacuum purge technique (in 1080p) :clap:

    This video was, surprisingly, at first for my parents to learn how hahahahaha they love oil

    Equipment you will need:
    Bud or trim (Good nugs will result in highest quality and yield)
    Extraction tube
    Pyrex dish that's easily scrapable
    5x refined Butane (Vector or Colibri brand)
    Coffee filter or Cheese Cloth
    Parchment Paper (NOT Wax)
    Hose clamp/ fastener
    MityVac hand vacuum
    Foodsaver jar or Mason jar (cut a slit on top and use the suction cup attachment for Mason)
    Trial and error :)

    and the goods!;

    Started with a half ounce of Trainwreck outdoor nugs and a half ounce of Berry White x OG underbuds and frost trim. The eighth is Fire OG I picked up for me to smoke :bigjoint: $130 for 31.5g :weed:


    Right after scraping, no purge;
    The Berry

    The Trainwreck

    Berry White under first vacuum pull @ -25hg

    Trainwreck under first vacuum

    A victory dab of some razor bho hash!

    Fourth vac, I did them both in one

    Trainwreck after last vac

    Berry White x OG after last vac

    Final calmed down stable honey oil;

    Berry White x OG


    Vacuum pump I used is just a hand vacuum pump for bleeding brakes. Was like $25 at Sears and it has attachments to hook up to food saver jars.

    You cannot vacuum purge oil without it being heated into a molten state. Hence why I put it in the oven for a little while before vac'ing.

    You can use an oil dish instead of smearing your errl onto parchment paper. I however don't have a dish, and like the mobility of PP so that's what I use and recommend. Remember never use wax paper, as it comes off and contaminates your oil.

    ALWAYS spray your butane outdoors with no open flame or heat source nearby. It's so easy to end up another asshat on the news because of butanes flammability. Bring it inside for purging once it's no longer runny in the pyrex, just sticky and bubbly.

    BEWARE of using materials for your extraction tube. GLASS and STAINLESS STEEL are the best for extracting with no contaminates. Next best is copper BUT ONLY if you thoroughly clean it before every extraction and know how to properly clean copper residue. Last resort is PVC, BUT you need to make sure the grade of PVC will not have compounds going into your oil. Certain types are for chemicals or solvents I believe.

    Never use crappy butane like Rosslin or what you find in your garage. Go to a fine cigar shop and they will most likely have a 5x refined butane. Ask specifically for Colibri or Vector... those are the most widely used amongst us shat-heads for making BHO.

    General yield estimate
    Plant Material-|-Recommended amount Butane-|-Estimated Yield
    1oz High quality bud-|-12oz-|-3-6g
    1oz Average bud-|-10oz-|-2-4g
    1oz low grade bud-|-9oz-|-2-3g
    1oz high quality trim leaves-|-12oz-|-3-5g
    1oz trim & leaves-|-10oz-|-2-4g
    1oz fan leaves-|-8oz-|-1-2g

    For my cans of Vector it takes roughly 30 seconds to get through half of the can. Those are Mississippi seconds ;)

    StonedPony Well-Known Member

    says video unavailable.

    This video is not yet processed. Sorry, please try again later.

    akgrown Well-Known Member

    awseome video, is your extractor a metal turkey baster?

    Benassi Well-Known Member

    Yes my extraction method is known as the BBBSSTB AKA the Bed BAth & Beyond Stainless Steel Turkey Baster :lol:

    Actually one of the best tubes around online for only $9.99 :) Doing a bigger run? Buy multiple turkey basters and rig them together side by side

    TheElkTreeFunk Well-Known Member

    Can you post what type of equipment you're using??

    bobbypyn Well-Known Member

    I've never vac'd before so this is awesome. BHO is the shit!!! I mix kief with mine & make temple balls. mmmmmm... temple balls (and NO; not a monks testicles!)

    I had a bonghit the other day that will never be topped. I tried to light my BHO chunk with a magnifying glass (which does work) but all i did was melt the chunk down like a fucking crack rock, then i went inside & put fire to it. I choked. I gagged. I broke out in a sweat. I thought i was gonna fucking die. It was amazing!
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    Benassi Well-Known Member

    I edited my original post with the equipment

    I love and hate the sweats. I love it because I know that I'm going to be retarded in a few minutes... but I hate the feeling of coughing up nothing an gasping for air hahahahahaha

    canibud Active Member

    I used to do this a while back but i used white 1 1/2" pvc pipe and end caps.. one hole in the top for the butane a coffee filter in the bottom then the end cap with five or six holes, once done the end caps come off and the leftover falls out. mine was about 16" long and would hold about 1 oz, for the best return use bud.. If ya want after you can warm isopropanol mix it in and it will be more of an oil than a rock, but it does change the taste a bit.
    I would go with glass and pvc over steel, this is not a good time for a spark.. if ever a time to be paranoid this is it, also makes great pipe bomb

    Benassi Well-Known Member

    I trust myself not to drop the stainless steel tube a lot more than I trust plastic compounds contaminating my oil from pvc.

    Still searching for a good glass extraction tube.
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    Benassi Well-Known Member

    I probably should have... but seeing as how little people on this forum deal with BHO, I figured I'd put it in a section where I know some people get down on it.

    RIU needs a damn Hash & Oil section... I can mod it! =P

    r1tony New Member

    Awesome OP. Definitely gonna try this couple questions as I have read about this briefly but never had a harvest till now to do any.

    Couple Questions:

    1. What is this used for cooking/smoking? If so how on each?

    2. Where you get parchment paper at?

    3. Do you need to do the vacumn? if so what does it accomplish?

    4. I have seen the PVC mod too is home depot pvc safe? They use it for drinking water etc...

    Supgee3 Well-Known Member

    I'm back from the abyss!
    Looks good brotha, do you notice any difference in taste after the purge??

    I'm still waiting' for ya to make a 'supgee3' style tek and yield over a half ounce of primo BHO.
    If you remember that shit, I'm still hazing on it. About 3.5 grams of BHO left from 17g and I sold a couple grams
    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    I can answer some PVC type questions. Ok so...PVC is used to a bunch of shit. Mostly plumbing. Water is not a solvent meaning its not going to breakdown the chemicals made to form the PVC. Butane however IS a powerful solvent. It could cause a chemical reaction and leech nasty chems into your oil. Check out bed bath and beyond online and order the stainless steel turkey baster or check your local store. It's $10 and its safe.

    Good luck. Also doing smaller batches give you better yield and quality. The baster holds about an ounce.

    Benassi Well-Known Member

    This is straight up honey hash oil. It's intended use is for smoking but it can VERY easily be melted down into medibles as well. Even easier than cannabutter. You can melt this down right in your pyrex with a double boiler method and mix milk chocolate right into the BHO. The heat will activate the THC and bind it to the chocolate, redying it for consumption.

    However the best way to smoke your hash oil is by vaporization. No, not a volcano... but a vapor dome or TI skillet (or knife hits).
    For example; this is my vapor globe. Heat the glass nail, put on the dome, and drop a little dab of oil onto the heated nail.

    Parchment paper can be bought at any grocery store. It's usually found right next to Wax Paper and Saran Wrap. I got mine at Ralphs, heard other's getting theirs at Walmart and so on. It's Reynolds brand and the Parchment Paper doesn't stand out. Look closely, make sure it says Parchment.

    No, you don't need a vacuum... this is simply another method of purging the butane out of your oil. My new favorite method to be exact as it cuts down a lot of labor and time and creates very nice quality oil with the least amount of heat applied. Less heat, less thc broken down. The main way is to put your pyrex on a heat source and purge the butane out that way, by scraping and mixing constantly. If you whip and stir your oil on a double boil you can whip air into it and eventually it gets very dry and turns to butter. Depending on the strain it might stay waxy

    Water is not Butane, and Butane is a solvent. Ask someone at Homedepot what different types of PVC they have, look up the one that is most safe to use with chemicals and solvents. Say you're running a DIY sprinkler system that delivers nutrients and/ or insecticides through your water stream and CANNOT have contaminants in the water.

    BUT, I would still avoid ALL plastics, brass, steel and galvanized steel pipe, these all can contaminate your oil and make you sick.
    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    By steel he means everything BUT stainless steel lol...thought I'd clear that up. Stainless steel and glass are your best extracting tube materials.

    r1tony New Member

    Can you do this with fresh trimmings or do you let them dry like your normal nugs? Should the leaves have some sort of visible sugar *trichs* on them?
    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    With oil...what ever kind of material you use is what you get. Visible frostyness is always crucial but some things work. The dryer the better. Never use fresh trim. Let it dry up with your smoke. When the smoke is ready use the trim. I recommend using actual buds. But trim and sugar leaf work. Using fan leaves etc is no bueno.

    Benassi Well-Known Member

    You want the frostiest shit you can find. Because that creates the best quality and best yield. The less trich coverage the the less oil I find... as butane extracts a little differently then anything else. Actually, after you run the buds through tane it doesn't even look like it extracted anything until you macro the trichs and see that they're empty casings.

    Try for trim your first run so you get the gist of things and dont ruin good nugs. My third BHO run I finally went with nugs. First two was shake for testing.
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    Kodank Moment

    Kodank Moment Well-Known Member

    Hey Benassi I didn't watch the vid BUT did you put up the desired consistency? Should people grind it up or break it apart with your fingers or leave the bud whole? I've always put the bud into the extractor then used a fondoo fork that has the sharp pointing blade like ends and mashed it gently to break it all down while keeping all the trichs in the extractor with no loss.

    Benassi Well-Known Member

    I figured you were in a BHO coma hahahaha

    I'm trying to step it up and make some supgee style BHO runs but don't need to make so much at once. Plus I like different oils and strains.

    The vacuum purge I found to make my oil taste WAY better than anything I've ever made. Every dab is like a perfectly pure representation of it's strain in taste. It's like each strain had it's own flavored soda and I'm taking mouthful chugs and swishing it around with every hit.

    So delicious. The best I've ever made

    In the vid I shove the leafy underbuds in as they are. The Trainwreck nugs were a little more dense so I broke them up by hand to about the size you would when rolling a blunt. Airy nugs, don't break up. Dense nugs, bust them a little bit JUST to make sure.

    Then again if you want the most pure oil ever and dont care for a little extra 0.4g... put them it whole, and cut down your exposure time to butane.

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