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How to build a simple lightbulb vaporizer

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by mogie, Mar 23, 2007.


    mogie Well-Known Member

    Contributed by: gizzmo
    Images archived 2004

    [Editor's note: the lightbulb can break during construction - wear gloves! Glass straws are highly advised, as plastics can emit harmful vapors]

    [​IMG]There are a lot of really expensive vaporizers available, but there are cheaper ways? This might not work as good as the $200 ones, but it does work well.

    Parts list:

    Normal light bulb (100 watts if possible; the glass is more heat resistant than 40/60 watters. The bulb should be clear and not frosted)

    2 straws or glass tubes (glass tubes are better since they can't melt)
    Cap of a 0.5 liter bottle (US: 16 fl. Ounce bottle cap)

    First if all, we start off with preparing the buld by cutting off the lower part like this:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG]You might want to sand off those nasty metal edges since they are really sharp, like this:

    Now, in step 2, we need to get the wire and all that out: (Remove them either with a small wrench or break them out with something else like a pair of pliers)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG]In step three, unscrew the cap of the bottle, and try to fit it on the metal part of the bulb, if it doesn't fit because it's too small, get another cap, it's ok if its too big. Now take a knife and make two holes into the cap, like this:

    Now we have to make the straws the right size, take the scissors. If you are using glasstubes, take a wrench to break them at the right point, and take fine sand paper to make the edges smooth.

    [​IMG]If the cap is a bit too big, just take the tape and fix it. Even though its easy to do this, every time you want to fill or empty it you have to tape it again. So try to get a cap that fits! There is another way you can tape it, like this, that's easier:

    [​IMG]Before you use it for the first time take cold water and wrinse it out, glass and dust might be left inside, and you don't want that in your lungs....DONE!

    To use it, unscrew the cap, put whatever you want to smoke inside (careful, you don't need as much as you need in a normal joint), take a lighter or candle and heat it, inhale, and when you taste something, its working.
    Don't wait until it smokes, because that will leave stains. In the best case, you will take out the weed, for example, looking just like you put it in, but smelling like hay after you are done.

    [​IMG]Here is a version with one glasstube instead of a straw, and how it actually looks when being used. Thanks DoobieScoo.

    [Editor's note: to see other people's variations, see the original faq thread]

    Vlad the Impaler's modifications
    Submitted: 04-06-2004

    There is, I believe, a way to make it better: While most of the vapor created is kept inside, I was still losing vapor. This was my fault as I did not tape the cap on as suggested. After a bit, I made some modifications, and found that not only was it easier to use, but it worked quite a bit better as well.

    I took the bottle that the cap came from (a US 20 oz bottle), and cut it off at the neck, so that the cut end of the upper portion (the part with the thread for the cap) would fit well over the screw part of the lightbulb. I then hot-glued (though duct tape works) the top portion of bottle onto the light bulb do I could screw the cap on and off.

    [​IMG]The first pic shows the unit assembled. The duct tape does not actually hold anything on, it is just insulation against the glass; it makes a good handle. You can make out the hot glue I used to put the bottle end onto the cap. It has just been used and is dirty.

    [​IMG]The second pic shows the cap unscrewed. You can see the threaded part of the bottle attached to the bulb. You can also see that I used a pen as the intake tube and two straws as a mouth peice. When you end the moutpiece tube as far up as I have, you need a filter to keep particles out. I used a nylon mesh (the kind on a screen door/window). All of this is sealed with hot glue (although duct tape works well too, I just had a glue gun around the house so I used it)

    [​IMG]The third pic is a close up of the cap assembly. You can clearly see where the bottle has been attached, on the cut portion of the bulb, on the right of the duct tape, with hot glue.

    [​IMG]The fourth pic shows you where I cut the bottle. I cut it larger than needed, and cut it down to size after (much easier that way).

    MoN3yb4Gs Well-Known Member

    Got meth??
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    J DizZle

    J DizZle Member

    a bulb that is clear (not frosted) is recommended. The only bulb in my house was frosted one. i know its best clear because there is less argon, and its less argon to remove with salt.

    My bulb wasn't clear and i filled it with salt and did that step twice, then rinsed it with rubbing alcohol, and water a few times. and then did the salt step again, its much more clear than earlier, but not transparent, the glass is at best translucent. it was opaque before, so is this as clean as the bulb will get, or am i not cleaning it good enough?

    did anyone else use a bulb like mine and if so did you get any argon smoke, cause its tasteless and i heard you can die from smoking it.

    Teclcly Member

    Well I was gonna try it and let you know... But now I'm a little scared I could die from trying to. Anyone else got more info on this?

    I'm super poor and rarely even have the chance to steal my parents weed. I can't possibly buy anything. I have old frosted bulbs.. 100 watt. I think I can clean it out just like Dizzle instructed. I'm going to do more research on this death part, but if anyone has additional info, that would be better. Thanks. (No I won't be stupid and go die from argon poisoning tomorrow, I'll wait for a definitive answer. Just tell me more)

    ThomasJeffersonDidit Active Member

    110% safe to smoke chemicals used to make lightbulbs and or the frosted glass..... knock yourself out....

    Of course I'm totally being sarcastic, do not try this at home. I mean... I dont wanna sound like mr asshole dad here, but... is getting a little high off your stolen parents middies really worth potentially dying? Or serious lung problems?

    Lets use a little common sense, and morals as well. Stop stealing your parents weed and go get a job at kroger. This will give you some freedom and maybe even respect from your parents... and then what do you know! You'll have the money for a quarter a week, and even a $10 pipe from the flea market.

    If you insist on thieving weed (you'll learn as you get older... this will get your ass beat, in a hurry.) At least have the decency and respect for your lungs to use a simple pop can, apple, or tin foil. Please don't freebase argon.
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    Teclcly Member

    I tend to use the word "Steal" too loosely. In this case.. No I do not take my parents weed without their permission. I ask straight to their face "Can I steal some of your weed?" It's an interesting oxymoronic question. Sorry for the confusion.

    But either way.. I'm not going to go smoke argon. Because you're right if it doesn't kill me.. it will destroy my lungs.

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    wow no one knows how to wire a house hold light dimmer switch to a soldering iron and mount the iron to the inside of the lid from a glass jar? with a intake and a tube to inhale from?

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    then get a stainless steel thimble to attach to the iron as a bowl?

    MrS1ck Member


    NukeEm Member

    Now when I look at this, I see a sick looking mini water bong. That could be made. I've tried to make it but no luck but I think the instructional has made it clear to me how i can make it better. Thank you very much!

    NukeEm Member

    I like your idea. lightbulbs sound a little too dangerous but look fucking sweet but a small mason jar could have the same effect right?

    michomikhail Active Member

    i have come to the decision that smoking devices like this are why marijuana is considered a gateway drug. lol

    SeanIzen Active Member

    haha yeah and I would figure a mason jar would be much safer and its made with a sealable metal lid. I like the idea of using it to make a mini bong though... going to make one right now!!

    ulnair Member

    I made one of these about a week ago, works pretty well, but takes a little while to get going. I didn't use an intake straw though, just cut the second hole in the cap and put one straw in to inhale through. The air comes through the second hole to keep air circulating without it.

    Happy smoking,


    NukeEm Member

    i made one last night, it works alright although a few changes need to be made to mine:-|

    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    Can you post pics? I want a vape and have been trying to figure out the best way to make one myself. I''''d like to see yours.

    bobsgreen Active Member

    aka how to make a crack pipe
  18. might be dead in a min...i had a frosted bulb and rinsed it with water then smoked out of it....i only took a small little inhale but it hurt more than i was expecting so i stopped...im a lil faded tho..dunno if this is good or bad haha

    boabbymac Well-Known Member

    if you just add salt too the frosted bulb it makes it clear instantly atleast it did with the brand of lightbulbs im using

    mouthmeetsoap Active Member

    This is in no way a vaporizer. Just a homemade bong. You are inhaling smoke, not vapor. Read back to svchop889's post. That's vaporizing it. Can't believe nobody has said this yet.
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