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How much do you pay for a pound of trim?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by cdub5, Jul 24, 2012.


    cdub5 Well-Known Member

    So Ive been buying a lot of trim lately to make hash and some edibles. One of my friends is the manager of one of the clubs here in town and I was getting pounds of pretty good outdoor trim for 40 dollars. Recently, that connect has dried up and i have been buying pounds of really good indoor trim for 100 dollars each, or 3 pounds for 200. I was just wondering what you think would be acceptable for trim, and also if i am paying too much for it.
    Generally each pound of trim yields me about an ounce and a half of hash and one good batch of edibles. Thoughts?

    SFguy Well-Known Member

    Are you making a profit? Better pay ure taxes hahahaha

    RollupRick Active Member

    No idea tbh. From the amount of hash you get from a load of trim, I'd imagine that the grower selling trim would make more money selling the trim, than selling the hash the trim creates.


    How good is the hash?

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    let me get this clear .. you pay 200$ for 3 pound of good trim ... witch you can make 4½ Oz out of (= 132 gram)

    sumthing not right here ? thats less then 2$ a gram of hash .. even poor standard hash is wort atlest 8$ wher I come from ..

    but sure if they dont want to bother and maybe dont know how much you actualy get out of it (dont tell .. tell half) or maybe they sucks at makeing the hash ? maybe they dont use dry ice (do you ?) or do you make buble hash ? do you use ice cubes ? do you keep it in the freezer before you make it ?

    I personaly would make Kif and then oil on all the remanings .. but thats just me ..

    but sure .. I would buy it .. hell its more easy then to grow your self .. and I would prefere hash over buds anyday .. atlest the stuff I get ..



    RollupRick Active Member

    Where do you get dry ice from?

    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

    i think your getting a good deal when u work it all out

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Look for ice distributors. Ice plants invariably make dry ice as it is used extensively for shipments of fresh stuff like fish. They might not stock boxes at 7-11 with it but they have it. Expensive too.

    cdub5 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, i end up getting about an 8% return to the amount of trim i put in the bubble bags. So between an ounce to an ounce and a half per each pound, depending on how good the trim is. It ends up costing me between 2-5 dollars per gram. Making bubble hash is a lot of work and im sure the club that im getting it from makes hash also, they just have more than they can deal with. And no i dont sell it, i just smoke a lot of hash. I usually end up with a few grades of almost full melt bubble, and more than enough sandy dry looking hash that doesnt bubble but still gets you nice and high.

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