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How long to dry out trim B4 freezing to make bubble hash???

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by re510, Feb 1, 2008.


    re510 Well-Known Member

    How long do you let the trimmings dry out before freezing to make bubble hash? I ordered the bags and i'm harvesting this weekend and was curious if you can freeze the trimmings right away or do they have to somewhat cure before? Also how long should you freeze them? (i guess it depends on how wet they are)

    Any suggestions?

    dankforall New Member

    Let me start by saying I have not made bubble hash, but have watched several you tube videos on it. The bags say to let it dry good before you use it. The people in the videos siad it worked better for them wile it was still wet. I dont think you HAVE to pre freeze the tip. the first step will be to add ice to some cold water to the trip amd let it sit for 40 min. this freezes the trichs and when you spin it they break off. You may get better results if you freeze, but the guy in the video i watched was living out of a tent on the beach no power fresh trim and got tons and tons of hash!

    re510 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I saw that video too. That's what made me get the bubblebag setup.

    I'll play it safe and dry out the trim for a week and then freeze for a couple hours before i pour it in the bucket.

    re510 Well-Known Member

    Any expert hash makers care to chime-in???

    LilDre12 Active Member

    U have to dry out the trim first. check out jorge cevantes dvd its pretty cool he tells u how to do it.First time grower was wondering if anyone knew anything about this homebox shitt? I was looking at it and wondered if it was good or not

    MattBuddin420 Active Member

    does it have 2 be dry

    Mystery420 Active Member

    the trim doesn't need to be dry. But when using fresh trim make sure you freeze it well first. You will get less hash with fresh trim but it will be of a higher quality.:peace:
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    northeastern lights

    northeastern lights Well-Known Member

    Go check FDD's thread on hash making. When i make it if it's to dry, too many conatminates. It has to be just dry enough.

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