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How long do plants stay in veg stage? how big can you get them?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CHT, Jan 22, 2010.


    CHT Member

    I was wondering how long you can keep your plants in the veg stage.. Ive heard of people taking clones and straight flowering them, (lights 12/12), but what if i grew my plant on a (18/6) hour light timer for 3 months alone and then flowered them

    connorbrown Well-Known Member

    You can keep em in veg as long as you want. They will get huge though. I actually had a plant in veg for 2 weeks and flowered em. Just one big cola lol

    snowwhitebudman Active Member

    you can keep them in veg for as long as you want 1 month to years. you can make them mothers 2

    CHT Member

    Thanks a lot guys! This site is always helpful.. So if i veg it for 6 months and then flower they will produce more bud?
    mr solo dolo

    mr solo dolo Member

    Would this work with plants not being cloned; being grow right from the seed?

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    They will grow to whatever size your space and their genetics allow. Some plants can grow 20' tall, some can put out 10 pounds. None will get that big if they only have 5 gallons of root space and normal amounts of light.

    If you stick 4kw or more of light on a single plant and it has the right environment you can fill a small bedroom with one plant easily. But doing that may not be the best use of your lights. You could have flowered a sea of little guys twice or three times and gotten more with the same light because you wouldn't waste time in veg.
    420 swede

    420 swede Active Member

    Most cannabis plants that has normal genetics can be grown into trees :P...as said a good example is mothers but i guess there is a point when it get too big or too old.

    from what i've read ppl tend to keep a mother for max 3 years or so and then just cloning it into a new permanent mother. plants that old looks pretty interesting, they dont have a green stem anymore and start looking more like a small tree :P no idea if they even have something that could be similar to bark.

    Allso seen a grower doing some alternative methods like regrowing the same plants over and over again.
    He harvested them and then recycle the plants by going back to 18/6 or 24 hours of light and then they start veging again still being all females without stressing them going all hermies. He said that he had been using the same plants for about 2 years, haven't seen many doing it tho.

    CHT Member

    grown straight from SUPER SILVER HAZE SEEDS

    bigdre2727 Member

    ive been growing my plant for about 7 weeks it has 2 sets of 5 leaves how tall should it get before i start the 12 hour process

    dray86man Active Member

    how tall is it now?

    General advice that I've seen on these boards says to flower when plants are about 16-18" tall.

    timbo123 Active Member

    I suppose that depends on the constraints of your grow space.

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